Sherman County eNews #165


  1. Sherman County School District: View & Comment on Science Textbook Adoption

  2. Sherman County Emergency Services May 2017 Activity Report

  3. Tourism Marketing Session for Region, June 15

  4. ODOT Plans US97 Support For Eclipse

  5. Program: “The Vogt Opera House: The Sequel” 

  6. Editorial. Request for Frontier TeleNet Records: A Progress Report

  7. History Tidbits: Legislator W.H. Biggs & Railroad Sidings

1. Sherman County School District: View & Comment on Science Textbook Adoption

Logo.Sherman High SchoolThe Sherman County School District is considering adopting the following curriculum for Science. These texts have been approved for adoption by the Oregon Department of Education and meet the Next Generation Science Standards.



Cengage / National Geographic

  • Exploring Science
  • Exploring Sceince through Literacy


McGraw-Hill / Glencoe iScience

  • Earth & Space iScience
  • Life iScience
  • Physica iScience


McGraw-Hill / Glencoe

  • Glencoe Biology
  • Blencoe Chemistry

books.boyMaterials will be in the Sherman County Public Library for public review from June 5th – June 12th.  Public comments regarding the Science textbooks may be made at the June 12th school board meeting.

Bill Blevins, Principal

Sherman County School 541-565-3500

2. Sherman County Emergency Services May 2017 Activity Report

~ Shawn Payne, Sherman County Emergency Services

Emergency ServicesSherman County Ambulance

May 2017 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
5-02 12:32 AM Unknown Illness – CPR Rufus
5-03 2:41 PM Dizziness Moro
5-05 3:09 AM Chest Pain Wasco
5-07 8:45 AM Seizure Moro
5-09 2:40 PM Abdominal Pain Wasco
5-10 1:22 AM 2 Semi Trucks Crashed I-84  MP# 110
5-10 5:39 AM Nose Bleed Rufus
5-11 9:52 AM Back Pain Moro
5-13 3:54 PM Motor Vehicle Crash – Fatality US 97  MP# 51
5-14 10:16 AM Injured Foot Rufus
5-14 5:50 PM Motor Vehicle Crash – Rollover US 97  MP# 31
5-18 1:04 AM Breathing Problem Wasco
5-19 3:36 PM Fall Victim Pilot in Biggs
5-20 3:34 PM Sick Person Moro
5-21 8:18 AM Sick Person Moro
5-23 1:47 PM Sick Person Moro
5-23 6:18 PM Heat Exhaustion Deschutes River Trail  Rivermile 1
5-25 3:05 PM Motor Vehicle Crash I-84  MP# 101
5-27 11:21 AM Motor Vehicle Crash – Rollover US 97  MP# 37
5-28 7:38 AM Chest Pain Kent
5-28 10:31 AM Bicycle Crash Deschutes River Trail  Rivermile 3
5-29 8:29 AM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 17
5-29 1:30 PM Unresponsive Patient Lean To in Wasco
5-30 12:51 PM Sick Person Shaniko

North Sherman County RFPD

May 2017 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
5/05 3:00AM Assist Ambulance Wasco
5/07 —- Grass Fire from Burn Barrel Rufus
5/14 10:15 AM Assist Ambulance Rufus
5/14 5:50 PM Standby for Crash Fire Station in Moro
5/18 5:47 AM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 2.5
5/20 11:32 AM Grass Fire I-84  MP# 109
5/20 10:45 AM Fire US 97 & Clark St. in Wasco
5/22 3:25 PM Grass Fire Hay Canyon
5/23 6:18 PM Heat Exhaustion Deschutes River Trail Mile #1
5/23 2:43 PM Medical Call Wasco
5/25 3:05 PM Motor Vehicle Crash I-84  MP# 101
5/28 10:35 AM Bicycle Crash Deschutes River Trail Mile #3
5/29 1:30 PM Assist Ambulance Lean To in Wasco

firetruck.redMoro Fire Department

May 2017 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
5/22 3:25 PM Grass Fire Hay Canyon
5/22 4:10 PM Burn pile reignited 407 Main in Moro
5/29 8:31 AM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 17


 3. Tourism Marketing Session for Region, June 15

wheel.rimEveryone is invited to the Travel Oregon Marketing Session for the John Day River Territory (Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler and Grant Counties) on June 15th, 2017 from 1:00 PM-4:30 PM at the new Fire Hall at 200 North Main Street in Condon. 

Spurred by the Oregon Rural Tourism Studio that was held in the region five years ago, the session will focus on marketing opportunities and programs the John Day River Territory area can put into action over the course of the next year. Those currently involved or interested in supporting tourism aims in the area are welcome to join us for a chance to network and brainstorm.  


  • Continue to familiarize partners with marketing successes, common issues, areas of need facing John Day River Territory
  • Identify marketing opportunities and resources for businesses and partners to implement
  • Introduce marketing guide and Visitor Lifecycle Management (VLM) process
  • Brainstorm opportunities for partners and businesses how and where these groups can implement the VLM and what actionable steps can be taken.
  • Give partners and businesses an opportunity for content and creative review of marketing materials.

Light refreshments will be available. Please RSVP by adding your name and email to this list:

Feel free to share this invitation with other community business leaders within Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler, and Grant counties. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Metta at 541-296-2266. We look forward to seeing you soon!

4. ODOT Plans US97 Support For Eclipse

car.vacationBEND – While the eclipse may be months away (August 21), ODOT highway managers are already planning how to keep traffic moving on US97.

Much of Central Oregon, about Madras through Prineville and Mitchell, will be in the path of totality during the eclipse. Those communities will be magnets for eclipse visitors. The population of the Tri-County area (Deschutes, Jefferson and Cook) is expected to double during the eclipse event and that means many more travelers are expected to be visiting the area…and driving on local highways.

In anticipation of a much greater volume of traffic locally on US97 during the event period, ODOT is staffing up. “It’s our intent to keep the highways open”, says Jim Scholtes, Assistant District Manager in the Bend area. He adds, “We’ll be having an all – hands effort with resources spread out across the highway system to handle any trouble that may arise” with the primary mission of keeping the HWYs flowing.

ODOT is advising motorists to be prepared for adverse driving conditions and to expect the unexpected as well as possible delays. Please plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to get to your intended destination.

5. Program: “The Vogt Opera House: The Sequel” 

The Wasco County Historical Society  first summer program will be at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at the Moody/Rorick House, 300 W. 13th Street in The Dalles.  Karl Vercouteren will present  “The Vogt Opera House:The Sequel”  The Sequel adds new information about Maximillian Vogt and events at the Vogt Opera House. The program builds upon research, including photos of this almost forgotten cultural center that hosted traveling troupes and locally- produced entertainment from 1890 to 1916.  Historical Society programs are free to the public.

6. Editorial. Request for Frontier TeleNet Records: A Progress Report

constitution-wethepeopleOur October 20, 2016, request for Frontier TeleNet [FT] public records, shown next below, was sent to the board of directors, Sherman County Judge Gary Thompson, Gilliam County Judge Steve Shaffer, Wheeler County Judge Lynn Morley and North Central ESD Superintendent Robert Waltenburg, and staff General Manager Rob Myers and Jeanne Burch.

“All Legal Notices, Requests for Qualifications/Proposals, Agreements and Contracts regarding and/or between Windwave Communications and/or Windwave Technologies, Inc., Inland Development Corporation, Management Resources and Sherman County or Frontier TeleNet.

“All Legal Notices, Requests for Qualifications/Proposals, Agreements and Contracts regarding and/or between Rural Technology Group and Frontier TeleNet, Sherman County, Windwave Technologies, Inc., and/or Inland Development Corporation.”

It’s time for a progress report. As of May 22, 2017, here are the results, summarized, sent by Frontier TeleNet General Manager Rob Myers:

  • 3/4/17 & 4/28/17 (twice) Telecommunications Consulting and Agency Agreement between Frontier TeleNet and Management Resource LLC/Dan Devlin – for evaluating, negotiating, engaging participants… 2011, Management Resources agrees to negotiate telecommunications service agreements, assist in selection of equipment necessary to deliver services, ongoing administration of those services, conduct negotiations on behalf of FT but not be acting as FT’s agent and without binding authority… resulting FT new telecommunications service agreements that will generate revenue… in full force until cancelled by either party…
  • 4/17/17 Memorandum of Agreement between Sherman County and Frontier TeleNet dated 20 January 2016 recites what Frontier TeleNet will provide the county. [same as the second document sent by the county clerk]

We expected these and other records would answer our questions and concerns about process, transparency and ethics in hiring practices, procurement, public meeting law and disbursement of public money. Aside from these two documents, Frontier TeleNet continues a deliberate and calculated delay going on 8 months. 

In a separate request, the Sherman County Clerk’s office promptly provided these:

  • Windwave Communications, Pat Lauritsen, General Manager: Utility Property Tax Statement 2016-2017.
  • Memorandum of Agreement between Sherman County and Frontier TeleNet; FRONTIER will provide COUNTY by definitive agreements the following: wholesale Intrastate Private Line transport agreement which will include service level and operation and maintenance standards; Dark Fiber-Optic cable license, operations and maintenance agreement; Escrow disbursement agreement; and the term shall be for 20 years, plus the right to a renewal term for the economic useful life of the fiber-optic cable and the right to request FRONTIER to negotiate with INLAND for maintaining continuity of service by replacing fiber-optic cable. County agrees to escrow the total amount of ONE MILLION, FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED NINETY-NINE and NO/100 DOLLARS to Frontier to be disbursed as provided in the definitive agreement… … 20 January 2016 /s/ Gary Thompson, Michael Smith, Thomas McCoy for Sherman County and Gary Thompson, Steve Shaffer and Patrick C. Perry and Robert Waltenburg for Frontier TeleNet.
  • Telecommunications Services Agreement by and between Sherman County, Oregon and Management Resource LLC, a Washington State LLC 2011.
  • Personal Services Consulting Agreement: Frontier TeleNet and Rob Myers
  • Resolution: Sherman County Court, a member of Frontier TeleNet… supports Frontier TeleNet purchasing radio equipment for the purpose of constructing a wireless telecommunication system serving the public interest and the citizens of Gilliam, Sherman and Wheeler counties. /s/ Sherman County Judge Mike McArthur and commissioners Sherry Kaseberg and Gary Thompson, 6 August 2003.
  • Agreement to Purchase Services from Frontier TeleNet by Sherman County in the form of a membership in NOANET through Frontier TeleNet $66,666… a loan from Gilliam County to Frontier TeleNet, to be repaid to Gilliam County… and Sherman County remains obligated as a member of Frontier TeleNet to pay its share of any dedicated bandwidth and other telecommunications services from Frontier TeleNet… revised in a second agreement. 13 November 2002.

On April 7th we sent an appeal to the district attorneys in our three counties asking for assistance with our request for Frontier TeleNet public records as outlined in Oregon’s Citizen’s Guide to Public Records and Meetings. We’re taking the next steps in the legal process while we wait. Imagine how this story would unfold if the characters followed the rules!  

7. History Tidbits: Legislator W.H. Biggs & Railroad Sidings

cowboy2The Wasco News, October 18, 1907

Hon. W.H. Biggs is Dead.  Deep gloom was spread over the community last Wednesday by the report of the death of W.H. Biggs.  Mr. Biggs died at his home in Wasco at 11:40 o’clock, a.m., Wednesday.  The funeral services will be held today at the M.E. church at 11 o’clock.  Mr. Biggs’ health has been poor for some time but he was not confined to his bed until Sunday. Mr. Biggs was the father of two children, both of which died in infancy.  In his father’s family were five sons and one daughter.  Three of the sons, Leonard C., Joseph, and James D., and the daughter, Laura C., are deceased.  His wife also preceded him to the other shore, having been laid to rest on Christmas day, 1905.  Mr. Biggs won a multitude of friends and admirers where ever he went. Hon. William H. Biggs was born in Belmont county, Ohio, May 12, 1831.  He was the son of an old and honorable Southern family.  His father, John, was a native of Kentucky.  His mother, Charlotte Coleman, a native of Pennsylvania. A boy when the West was new and a son of one of those pioneer families who led the way in the westward movement of our nation, Hon. W.H. Biggs was often a frontiersman.  When but nine years old his father’s family moved to Missouri, where he was educated in a country school and grew to manhood on a farm.  In 1850, at the age of 19, he crossed the plains with an ox team to the California gold fields where he remained two years.  Meeting with little fortune in that place he returned to Missouri and engaged in business with good success.  At this period of his life, being yet young and unmarried, he engaged his time in various occupations.  He came to Colorado when the gold excitement broke out at Pike’s Peak.  Later he was on the Mississippi river as a pilot.  At another time he was engaged in the stock business both in Missouri and Montana.  This line of business led him westward, and about the year 1876, he settled at Dixon, California, where he carried on a profitable grocery business. In 1880 Mr. Biggs moved to Oregon and settled on the old Biggs homestead which is now one of the most picturesque homes in Wasco, since which time he has been a leading citizen of Oregon and Sherman county. Mr. Biggs was married March 10, 1859, to Martha E. Ellis, born in Lewiston [Lewistown, Lewis] county, Missouri.  To this union was born two sons, both dying in infancy. Deceased, at different times held public office, both in Missouri and Oregon.  In 1886 he was elected a member of the Oregon legislature, and was author of the maximum rates bill introduced at that session, which was, however, defeated in the senate after having passed the house.  In 1888 he was a candidate for a seat in the state senate but was defeated by the Republican candidate.  While a member of the house he was appointed as railroad commissioner, but owing to a change in the law never served.  Mr. Biggs was author and secured the passage of the bill compelling railroads in Oregon to build sidings where needed.  Under this law two sidings were at once built in Sherman county on the O.R. & N. line  — one at Biggs, named in honor of the author of the bill, and the other at Rufus. Throughout his life he was a staunch Democrat. In 1893 he was appointed receiver of The Dalles Land Office by President Cleveland.  In this capacity he served four years and four months.  After this he took little part in public life.  [William Harrison]