Sherman County eNews #164


  1. Notice. Schedule Update for Hans, the Produce Guy

  2. Cattle Vaccine & Nutrition Clinic, June 21

  3. Healthy Democracy – Community Oregon – Series of Opportunities

  4. History Tidbits: Rollins Obituary Rich in Local History

  5. Guide to Writing an Obituary

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do 

1. Notice. Schedule Update for Hans, the Produce Guy

food.peasHans, the Produce Guy, will not be able to make it to Moro on Tuesday, June 6th, due to an emergency.


2. Cattle Vaccine & Nutrition Clinic, June 21

cow.blueNorth Central Livestock Association will be hosting a Cattle Vaccine and Nutrition Clinic on Wednesday, June 21st, 7 p.m., at the Sherman County Extension Office. Guest Speakers are Carl Conroy and Jana von Borstel from Mid Columbia Veterinary Clinic in Goldendale. The public is welcome,  and we hope to see you there.

3. Healthy Democracy – Community Oregon – Series of Opportunities

The Community Oregon program will offer a series of opportunities to create stronger and more resilient relationships among Oregon’s citizenry in a way that aims to build and sustain a healthier democracy in Oregon through citizen to citizen dialogue. The first Community Oregon cohort will consist of approximately 20-25 participants. The ideal program participant will be an active community member who has an interest in and the courage needed to engage in the sometimes difficult but rewarding process of re-building a sense of community across the state. Participants are not expected to be representative of any organization or company – just themselves. The program seeks participants from a wide geographic area, and who are reflective of the diversity of Oregon’s population, including such aspects as political perspective, employment sector (e.g. agriculture, high tech, etc.), age, religion, national origin, etc. College students, retirees and unemployed persons are all welcome.

1st  A 3-day Community Oregon Camp retreat taking place from noon on Thursday, July 13 to noon on Sunday, July 16 at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort in Warm Springs, Oregon. A fun and challenging camp-like experience getting to know folks from all walks of life, led by facilitators from both urban and rural communities.

2nd  An opportunity for immersion in a community significantly different than yours. One urban to rural, and one rural to urban community visit will take place between 6-10 weeks following the Community Oregon Camp retreat.

3rd A one day exposition to take place in the Portland area in the fall that will include all Community Oregon participants and special invitees to showcase what you’ve learned and invite support for projects you wish to develop or support as a result of your experience with the program.

A couple of key points:

  • There is no fee for this program. It is 100% grant-funded, and includes room and board for the July retreat as well as travel reimbursement to and from each program activity. In short, there is no financial barrier to participation, except for the need to take a couple of days off work to attend the 3-day retreat in July 13-16 at KahNeeTa Resort in Warm Springs.
  • The program is designed to be both fun and challenging – in all the ways you may expect an experience like this with people who come from very different backgrounds and areas of the state. We seek people who are willing to describe their values and worldview to others, and are also willing to listen to the values and worldviews of others. The initial retreat in July will be guided by 2 experienced group facilitators, one from rural Oregon, and one from urban Oregon, who have designed a well thought-out process in order that meaningful and productive conversations can take place. We also intend to have a lot of fun!
  • Questions? Contact Healthy Democracy at 503-841-6865.

 Healthy Democracy is nonprofit and nonpartisan. We work to elevate the voice of citizens and improve public discourse for the benefit of all voters.  ~

4. History Tidbits: Rollins Obituary Rich in Local History

Grass Valley Journal  October 5, 1917

typewriterDr. C.R. Rollins was born June 2d, 1829, in New Hampshire, died in The Dalles, Oregon, Thursday September 27th, 1917, aged 88 years, 3 months and 25 days. In 1878 Dr. Rollins took up a homestead, a portion of which Grass Valley is now located, and at that time there was only forty two white people in the now Sherman county boundary; he was a practicing physician here for many years and had an extensive practice, being the only physician between Antelope and the Columbia River.  His wife died in Grass Valley in 1886.  There were five children born, George H., of Union, Edward of Seaside, Nena, (dec.), Spokane, Charles M., of Oswego, and Eva L. Moore of The Dalles.  Dr. Rollins was a member of the A.F.&A.M. The funeral was held at the Crandell undertaking parlors Saturday, September 29th, the Rev. Frank Maples officiating, the burial took place in the IOOF cemetery at The Dalles, and the following acted as pallbearers: M.Z. Donnell, N.M. Eastwood, J.E. Forbes, Henry Steers and Robert Eslinger.  The following friends from Grass Valley attended the funeral: Roy J. Baker and wife, D.E. Vintin and wife, Mrs. W.J. Davis, Mrs. O.P. King and Mrs. W.I. Westerfield.

5. Guide to Writing an Obituary



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