Sherman County eNews #142


  1. Sherman School Baseball Update, May 16

  2. Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society OrGenWeb Program, June 10

  3. Graduation Time

  4. Oregon Farm Bureau Statement on LandWatch Water Report

  5. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

  6. Reminder! Tonight! Free Class on Composting

Integrity is one’s firm adherence to a code or set of values. Codes and values may be adopted by an organization or group in by-laws, policies, code of conduct, work schedules or job descriptions. One person – one – can compromise the integrity of the group by complaining, criticizing, not carrying a fair share of the load, failing to understand the code or values, having unexplained melt-downs, not asking questions or raising concerns, not speaking up, not taking part in group activities, and going along to get along. ~ Q.E. McGillicuddy.

1. Sherman School Baseball Update, May 16


May 16, 2017 – League Playoff at Sherman County School vs Culver starting at 4:00


2. Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society OrGenWeb Program, June 10

Jan Bony, OrGenWeb state coordinator will be our speaker at the next CGGS meeting and program on June 10, 2017.   Jan  is well known in the genealogy community and volunteers for RAGK (Random Acts Of Genealogy Kindness) and hosts several counties on OrGenWeb. Jan is from eastern Oregon but lives in Vancouver, Washington, and is well versed in Washington state genealogy news as well. She is a volunteer for various historical groups and is currently volunteering on the Champoeg 175th Anniversary Celebration “Birth Of Oregon.”  She is also scheduled to attend our Genealogy Jamboree in October as one of the key speakers for the event. As a lover of history & genealogy, Jan will be presenting a power point on the USGenWeb Project, with an emphasis on some Special Projects, along with the ORGenWeb and WAGenWeb projects, to help those searching for their families and histories on the internet. She will also be sharing information on genealogy research through Social Media.

The Columbia Gorge Genealogy Society meets the second Saturday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, 5000 Discovery Drive, The Dalles Oregon. For information or questions, please call Georga Foster at 541-296-2882 or the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center at 541-296-8600.  

3. Graduation Time

graduation1It is getting to be that time of year again, the warm-up to high school and college graduations, at least here in the northern hemisphere. Here are a few thoughts directed toward young people heading into “graduation season,” about education and about being successful after they graduate from school. 

First of all, it helps to remember that as we near the achievement of our goals, we begin to lose the drive to finish. The gap between our starting point and the goal we want to achieve has become quite small, and the amount of energy and creativity that was so great when we started, is now on the wane. In order to boost up your energy, it’s time to re-set the goal toward an even greater end. Once you do, you will find yourself energized and full of anticipation of the next journey to come.

Regardless of your field or interests, education by and of itself is not going to be enough to get you where you want to go. You have done a lot of work in school and you rightfully want to reap some rewards for that work. But the rewards that you earn, both material and otherwise, will not come from the knowledge you have, but rather the uses to which you put that knowledge. 

The world will not pay you for what you know. It will, however, pay you for what you can do with what you know. This means that you need to have the courage to act on your knowledge – to think creatively, risk criticism and failure, and to curb your anxiety level when the pressure is on. This is where your positive and re-affirming self-talk comes into play. The things you say and think to yourself can either undermine or enhance your efforts.

Taking risks means moving out of your comfort zone. The things you say to yourself and the pictures you hold in your mind will be critical to how successfully you make that move. Believe in yourself and see yourself succeeding, no matter what happens, and reality will bear you out. You have done this before, with each new school year and each new class.

And if you’ve done it once, you can do it again! ~The Pacific Institute 

4. Oregon Farm Bureau Statement on LandWatch Water Report

raindropSALEM, OREGON, May 15 2017 — “On May 11, Central Oregon LandWatch issued a report about water efficiency that compared irrigated agriculture in Deschutes and Jefferson Counties.

“Different crops and animals thrive in different regions of the state and have different water needs. But all of Oregon’s 225+ ag commodities, from carrot seed to cattle, are valuable and essential to the strength and diversity of Oregon agriculture. Oregon Farm Bureau opposes water management proposals that seek to pick winners and losers among different commodities or farming methods, or attempt to limit farmers’ and ranchers’ productive use of farmland.

“Farm Bureau has long supported the proactive work by the Central Oregon irrigation districts to protect local farmers and ranchers, while also emphasizing water conservation and wildlife preservation. We appreciate the districts’ collaborative process for tackling tough water management issues by involving and respecting all stakeholders, including families involved in agriculture.”

5. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

bird.owl[Sherman] County may press for quarantine of an organic farm

Oregon Department of Ag, Weed Control Programs 

Sherman County Court

How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse

UN agency helps North Korea with patent application for banned nerve gas chemical

A Modern Framework for Internet Freedom

6. Reminder! Tonight! Free Class on Composting

Reminder….free class tonight on composting!  “Make Compost to Improve Your Soil” will be presented by OSU Sherman County Extension at 6pm Tuesday May 16 at the Extension Office in Moro.  Come learn about composting…nature’s way of recycling…and a thrifty, home-grown way to improve soil of any type.  If you can’t make the class but would like the information, email

Cindy Brown | Educator

4-H Youth Development & Healthy Living

OSU Extension Service – Sherman County

College of Public Health & Human Sciences

Oregon State University

66365 Lonerock Rd

Moro, Oregon 97039

P: 541-565-3230 | C: 541-993-5291