Sherman County eNews #123


  1. Sherman County School District Athletic Schedule Update

  2. Weather: May Outlook & April Monthly Climate Summary

  3. Honesty

  4. Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society Program: “A Grave Situation,” May 13

  5. Cascade Singers’ Concerts, May 6 & 7

  6. North Central Education Service District Board Meeting Minutes, April 6

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Sherman County School District Athletic Schedule Update

sports.fastBBSherman/Condon/Arlington Baseball 

May 2, 2017 – This game is on Tuesday, not Friday at Pilot Rock starting at 4:00, bus departs at 12:45 from SCS, class dismissal at 12:35.


2. Weather: May Outlook & April Monthly Climate Summary

sun.circleYou can find the May outlook and the April monthly climate summary AND GRAPHS (toggle between color and gray) for Moro at
— Dennis Hull- KB0NYC
Warning Coordination Meteorologist

3. Honesty

eye2Honesty is a spiritual quality that cannot be evaluated in terms of money. There are many practical reasons to practice honesty. It requires far less effort to be truthful than to be deceitful, and in the long term the risks are fewer and the rewards greater. But in today’s complex society, the boundaries of acceptable behavior have been blurred until they are sometimes indistinguishable. Laws and codes of ethics establish minimum standards of behavior. Make sure you establish standards for yourself that exceed such minimums, a standard below which you will not allow yourself to fall, regardless of what others may do or say. Your own set of standards will allow you to decide quickly and easily upon an appropriate course of action when faced with a difficult problem. ~Napoleon Hill

4. Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society Program: “A Grave Situation,” May 13

The Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society’s May Program will be “A Grave Situation” ,   a historic overview of Oregon’s asylum cemeteries and the current recovery programs to find lost family members. 

Oregon’s cemeteries hold thousands of forgotten or lost patients of asylums, hospitals and care facilities that were cremated or buried upon death because of no family members or after care. Highlights will include the story of Morningside Hospital facility in Portland Oregon  and the Oregon State Hospital Museum Project. 

The program will be presented by Georga Foster. The May 13th program will begin at 1:00 pm at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in the downstairs meeting room.  Public Welcome. A 1.00 donation is appreciated to cover rental of presentation room. 

Georga Foster, President, Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society 541.296.2882

5. Cascade Singers’ Concerts, May 6 & 7

music.notes (2)Native flute music will be featured at the Cascade Singers’ concert May 6 and 7.  James Edmund Greeley from Warm Springs will accompany the choir on three Lakota songs expressing hope for the renewal of the earth.  He will also play several solos from his CD “Before America.”  The concert takes place at Zion Lutheran Church, 10th and Union Streets, The Dalles, Saturday, May 6, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, May 7 at 3 p.m.  Donations gladly accepted at the door.

“Blessings on Earth” is the theme for music focusing on blessings received and blessings to come.  Cascade Singers and  Cascade Youth Choir will bring Native American, world music, and traditional songs to the program.  Cascade Singers’ Ensemble, a small group within the larger group, will sing two pieces in jazz idiom accompanied by jazz pianist Rule Beasley.

6. North Central Education Service District Board Meeting Minutes, April 6


The North Central ESD Board of Directors met in regular session in the NCESD Conference Room, Thursday, April 6, 2017.


P—Amy Derby, Chair-June 2019

P—Jim Doherty-June 2017

P—Geremy Shull-June 2017

P—Kristen Neuberger-June 2019

P—Sarah Rucker-June 2017

P—Jeff Schott -June 2017                                                      

P—Robert Waltenburg, Superintendent

P—Kim Domenighini, Bus. Mgr.



Amy opened the Board Meeting at 3:03 p.m.

Public Input: None


The minutes from the March 2, 2017 regular board meeting were distributed for review via email March 8, 2017.

Motion—Jim, seconded Kristen, to approve the minutes.

VOTING—Unanimously approved.


Fiscal Receipts and Claims

The financial report detailing revenue and expenditures for the period ending March 29, 2017 was distributed for review.  

Motion—Kristen seconded Geremy, to approve the financial report.

VOTING—Unanimously approved.

  • The board had questions regarding claims.
  • Discussed Rob Myers and what he does for our ESD and region. Robert stated that Rob has helped the ESD and component districts for many years at the state level when legislation is in progress. He has been an advocate for our small schools and getting more funding. Jim confirmed the work that Rob has done for the districts and the ESD.


  • The Resolution Services are signed and sent back from the component districts.
  • Special Education is costing more than in previous year, not just in our region but all over the state. There are advocacy groups and parents that are helping the cause.
  • In the 2017-18 budget, the ESD will be adding three part-time aides in Sherman, Condon, and Arlington: Three hours a day for the school year.
  • ODE has sent out estimates for the ESD funding, projected next year the ESD will received $1,258,234 and we can spend 90%. The increase will be about $55,000 from 2016-17.
  • Measure 98 will be effective in the 2017-18 budget. At this time ODE does not have an accurate cost per student that they will give to each school. The amount that was intended for each student was $800 but it may be as low as $200.
  • The ESD has had no response on the RFP for internet that was sent out in March. Robert will do an addendum for an extension.
  • Angie Thompson, EI/ECSE Director has given her resignation, effective June 30, 2017. Robert is talking with someone regarding the position for next year.
  • Jeff Schott, Early Education Liaison, discussed the program with Brooke. Brooke Ansotegui, Early Education Director, has one full time employee and one part-time employee for her program, OPK, Healthy Families, and GOBHI. The program may be reducing FTE due to lack of grant funding.

Old Business:

  • Robert went through the policies ING, ING-AR, JOC, GBAA, GCL, GCL-AR for the second reading.

Motion—Sarah, seconded Jeff, to approve the policies as presented.

VOTING—Unanimously approved.

Building Improvements

  • Robert has called Eagle Roofing, Brown Roofing and Pacific Crest Roofing. Two of the roofing companies have not contacted him as of today. Robert will call again next week to see if they can give us a bid. Dave Adams, Contractor will give a bid for the sheet rock damage that occurred during the winter months, due to the snow and ice.

New Business:

Healthy Families Resolution 1617-03

  • Healthy Families is receiving more money than expected.

Motion—Sarah, seconded Jeff, to accept the Healthy Families Resolution 1617-03 as presented.

VOTING—Unanimously approved

Bridges to Kindergarten

  • The Bridges to Kindergarten program is for in-coming Project GRAD kindergarten students and their parents, offering educational, enrichment, and support services to not only ease the transition into kindergarten, but also to deliver knowledge, skills, and school engagement activities with long-term benefits.
  • The Early HUB Division is putting out applications for the program. Robert and Brooke have contacted the six districts: Sherman and Condon are doing their own program. Spray, Mitchell, and Fossil will be part of our application, but never heard from Arlington. The grant will consist of Back Packs with school supplies for each child, a lunch with the parent and child at the school district. The total grant amount is $2,430.

Executive Session:

Amy declares to go into executive session, 192.660. (2)(a)

Amy declares to exit executive session. 192.660. (2) (a)

Motion—Jeff, seconded Geremy, to advertise until filled for a .40 FTE Superintendent.

VOTING—Unanimously approved


  • Jeff has concerns about ERATE and having no bids for the new RFP. Robert will put together an addendum on Monday.
  • The ESD will be putting radios from the ESD to Condon School District which will help with cost.

Next meeting: May 4, 5:00pm – Budget Meeting will be at 6:00

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:04 p.m.


AMY DERBY , CHAIR                                              KIM DOMENGIHINI, BUS. MGR.

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do 

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