Sherman County eNews #116


  1. Sherman County School Athletic Schedule: Tennis Update

  2. Sherman 4-H Club News Report: “Pans on Fire” Cooking Club

  3. Frontier Regional 911 Agency Special Board Meeting Notice, May 2

  4. Fairy and Folktales Family Literacy Night with Robin Hood, April 27

  5. 1st Annual Shaniko Silent Movie Festival, April 28-30

  6. 2017 Starry Night at the Museum – Star Party & Campout, July 15

  7. Sherman County Court Notes, April 19

1. Sherman County School Athletic Schedule: Tennis Update

Logo.Sherman High SchoolSHS Tennis 

April 27, 2017 – CANCELLED



2. Sherman 4-H Club News Report: “Pans on Fire” Cooking Club

4-H clover1The “Pans on Fire” 4-H club met on April 21 at 3:45pm at the Sherman Extension Office.  Attending were:  Emma, Maddie, Pyeper, Ben, Hunter, Calvin, Josh and Antone.  Excused absence:  Bella.  Pledge of Allegience led by Hunter, 4-H Pledge by Ben.  We cooked eggs, bacon and toast on “buddy burners.”  We talked about primitive stoves.  Emma taught us how to use buddy burners.  We made breakfast sandwiches.  Next meeting will be May. Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.   Signed, Pyeper Walker, News Reporter

3. Frontier Regional 911 Agency Special Board Meeting Notice, May 2

May 2, 2017   1:00 p.m.  Gilliam County Courthouse – Courtroom

Special Meeting to discuss Burns/Paiute Tribe Joining Frontier Regional Dispatch.

If necessary, Executive Session may be held in accordance with ORS 192.660 (1)

(e) Property

(h) Legal Rights


As this is a regular meeting of the Frontier Regional 911 Board, other matters may be addressed as deemed appropriate by the Board.

4. Fairy and Folktales Family Literacy Night with Robin Hood, April 27

Logo.ShermanPub.School.Library2017Sherman County Public/School Library presents Fairy and Folktale Family Literacy Night with a special “Robin Hood” performance by Traveling Lantern Theatre Company on Thursday, April 27 at 6:30pm. All ages are welcome to come and enjoy a fun-filled night of games and activities! Attendees will be sent home with a free book! For more information contact the library at 541-565-3279 or email

5. 1st Annual Shaniko Silent Movie Festival, April 28-30

moviesApril 28th at the *Senior Center, Madras, OR


April 29-30 at the Shaniko Schoolhouse, Shaniko, OR

Piano Accompaniment by Keith Taylor


The Son of the Sheik (Friday)

The Sheik (Saturday)

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Sunday)

Show Times 3 p.m. each day

Jam Sessions after the movieFor Further Information call 541-489-3434

Fund Raising Event for the Shaniko Preservation Guild

*Seniors of Jefferson County, 860 SW Madison St. Madras, OR

 6. 2017 Starry Night at the Museum – Star Party & Campout, July 15

Join us for an amazing night of star gazing on the grounds of Maryhill Museum of Art!

Pitch a tent on Saturday, July 15, 2017 and experience awe-inspiring views of the summer night sky. Catch glimpses of the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy, Sagittarius, and even some meteors if we are lucky! Volunteers from Rose City Astronomers and Troy Carpenter from the Goldendale Observatory will be here with telescopes and knowledge to inspire and inform our special views.

Register here:

7. Sherman County Court Notes, April 19

ShermanCoLogo~ By Administrative Assistant Lauren Hernandez

(This is a brief summary of topics addressed and is not official minutes. For official minutes and details, please see the official approved minutes posted after the May 3 court session on the Sherman County website at

The Sherman County Court met in regular session on April 19, 2017, and in conducting the business of the county,

  • heard a quarterly report from Jenine McDermid, Clerk; the clerk’s office has transitioned to Helion, streamlining the document recording and archiving process; preparations are underway for the May 16 special district elections; the 2017-2018 insurance renewal is in progress; Jenine presented the County Assessment Function Funding Assistance Grant application; the grant supports assessment and evaluation functions including tax collection and tax distribution; the court approved the 2017-2018 County Assessment Function Funding Assistance Grant Resolution and authorized Judge Thompson to sign;
  • heard a quarterly report from Ron McDermid, Justice of the Peace; revenues for the third quarter were above the projected level; a change in staffing at the sheriff’s office may have an effect, but revenue is currently stable; Ron will present at County College regarding Justice Court and the court’s interaction with the public; the new Weed Department building is almost complete; the courthouse facilities project team is seeking information about the cupola;
  • heard a quarterly report from Jan Byram, Senior Center Director; Pizza Nite and the silent auction fundraiser were successful; a two-day silent auction is being planned for October; a prime rib fundraiser will take place in September; Emergency Services requested the Senior Center purchase a Knox Box; the center accepted a donation of an electric wheelchair to loan out, but batteries need to be purchased; batteries will be provided by those using the chair; the kitchen staff is preparing fresh food and has expanded the salad bar, which has resulted in an increased work load; Jan requested the kitchen assistant’s time be increased from 2 hours to 2.5 hours per day, and the court approved the request;
  • heard a quarterly report from Wes Owens, Sherman County School District Superintendent; the school consolidation is going well; the school is working with the City of Grass Valley on how to best utilize the empty school facility; the school safety proposal is temporarily on hold; budget meetings will be held in May; state testing is currently underway; the school is moving forward with Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and Response to Intervention programs for students k-12; a second Hall of Honor class will be inducted in the fall; the Class of 2017 will graduate in June, and the ceremony will include a special tribute to the class of 1957; Ruralite will feature Sherman County School in an article covering the consolidation;
  • heard a quarterly report from Nate Stice, Regional Solutions Coordinator; Governor Kate Brown will be meeting with Regional Solutions, and discussion will be held on agriculture business, issues facing agriculture, and opportunities for solutions; Nate has been speaking with housing developers about the possibility of housing in Sherman County and the tools available (like the rental incentive program and the attainable housing loan fund); a Regional Solutions full-team outreach meeting will be held in June;
  • held a public hearing to consider an Amendment to the Sherman County Comprehensive Plan Map to rezone approximately 1.5 acres from Commercial (C-1) to Residential (R-1) for a Single Family Dwelling and declaring an emergency; no public comment was heard; the court approved an Ordinance Amending the Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map to Redesignate Certain Tax Lots in the County from Commercial C-1 to Residential and Declaring an Emergency;
  • heard a quarterly report from Georgia Macnab, Planner; Georgia presented a list of permits granted and hearings that have been held or will be held; the Cottonwood Canyon complaint was discussed; an amendment to the existing plan or a Conditional Use Permit will likely be needed for Oregon State Parks to develop a boat launch and restroom on park land at Starvation Lane; the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy project list was finalized and sent to Mid-Columbia Economic Development District; work on the roof at the laundry room/restroom at the RV Park will begin soon;
  • heard a quarterly report from Rod Asher, Weed District Director; the Weed Department is working on contract spraying work; the weather could have impacts on spraying; the Lower Deschutes Cooperative Weed Management Area seasonal crew started in mid-March; Dan Sun has been hired as Lower Deschutes Cooperative Weed Management Area Coordinator; the new Weed Department building is close to being finished;
  • heard a quarterly report from Bryan Hunt, Tri-County Veterans Service Officer; Bryan presented Sherman County totals, Tri-County totals, outreach/enhancement/expansion hours, and purchases and costs;
  • heard a quarterly report from Jessica Metta, Mid-Columbia Economic Development District; Jessica will begin to advertise the rental housing incentive program; South Sherman Fire & Rescue is working on door-to-door surveys, and approximately 65 more survey responses are needed; Jessica is working with Senator Merkley’s staff on avenues for moving forward with improving Giles French Park.
  • met with Dan Spatz, Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) Community Outreach Coordinator; discussion was held about if CGCC should explore furthering its relationship with Sherman County and expanding its role in the county; an Intergovernmental Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding could be developed to promote a relationship that could provide CGCC space in Sherman County to provide distance learning opportunities; Dan suggested forming an advisory committee to develop this idea; Dan will present this idea to all three counties in Tri-County Court;
  • entered into executive session in accordance with ORS 192.660 (2) (h) Legal Rights to discuss weed control statutes and the legal process of dealing with the weed ordinance violation;
  • opened a discussion about the Ecclesia of Sinai at Dufur weed ordinance violation; Will Carey, County Counsel, explained the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) determine a county’s rights and obligations regarding eradication of noxious weeds; the weed director/inspector can make a report to the district attorney if a violation occurs, notification is given, and an opportunity is given to correct the violation but no corrective action is taken; Ecclesia, notified by Rod Asher, Weed District Director, has refused to correct the violation; ORS state the weed director/inspector can spray the land to eradicate the weeds, can get an injunction, or can notify the Department of Agriculture, which may quarantine the farm until the weeds are taken care of; Chris Moore, Moore Brothers, stated this weed violation has been ongoing, and he would appreciate follow through on the matter; Robert Olsen, Olsen Farms, agreed the problem has been ongoing and will only get worse if not solved; Judge Thompson stated some Ecclesia property has now been mowed, but this only scatters the weeds; mowing is listed in the ORS, but in this case, is not a sufficient solution; Judge Thompson instructed Mark Coles, Road Master, to start spraying all county right-of-ways by Ecclesia property, as the contract specifies the right-of-ways are to be maintained, and they have not been; John English, City of Moro Public Works Director, stated the weed violation issue is a safety issue at the top of town; Bryan Cranston, Cranston Farms LLC, stated if nothing is done, Sherman County will be known for tolerating noxious weeds, and this will not be favorable to grain exporters; Pat Powell, Powell Farms LLC, stated Canada Thistle has become a serious problem, and it is a shame to see productive fields losing acreage to this weed; Judge Thompson stated other organic certified farmers control their weeds in a responsible manner; he asked the audience if at this point, anyone thought there was another way of controlling the weed violation aside from using chemicals; Will suggested contacting the Department of Agriculture to alert them of the problem, and if no solution can be found, asking the department to quarantine the farm; Will stated Rod should meet with Wade McLeod, District Attorney, to get the go-ahead to take care of the weeds; any cost associated with correcting the weed violation will be applied as a tax lien; a letter will be written to the Department of Agriculture to inform them of the situation; Will stated a diplomatic letter was written to notify Ecclesia of the violation, and the response received was not appropriate; the Right to Farm does not give the right to go against state statutes, and ORS states the county has the right to terminate noxious weeds; Sherman County farmers and other concerned citizens can submit letters to the County Court in support of taking action against the weed violation to be included in the letter sent to the Department of Agriculture;
  • met with Amber DeGrange, Four River’s Early Learning Hub (4REL Hub); an agreement has been drawn up with Columbia Gorge Education Service District (CGESD) to distribute School Readiness and Historic Coordination funds; the preschools do not meet the insurance requirement set by the state, and this agreement will allow funds to be distributed; Sherman County, as 4REL Hub fiscal backbone, will send $84,054.07 to CGESD to be distributed; the state is developing a waiver to the insurance requirement, though the waiver will not apply to entities dealing with children or transportation, so will not apply to the preschools; the court approved the funding agreement between Sherman County, the backbone organization of the Four Rivers Early Learning Hub, and Columbia Gorge Education Service District for the dispersal of School Readiness and Historic Coordination funds;
  • approved A Resolution in support of a Transportation Funding Package in the 2017 Legislative Session pending approval of county counsel;
  • approved payment of the following invoices for the Biggs Service District Water System Improvements Project: invoice 59251 in the amount of $5,000 for design engineering and invoice 59250 in the amount of $1,636 for United States Department of Agriculture funding assistance application;
  • approved the Sherman County Emergency Action Plan revised in April 2017 and authorized Judge Thompson to sign;
  • approve of Sherman County being listed as a Sanctuary Trauma Informed Community of Practice as specified within the Columbia Gorge Health Council’s Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities plan;
  • authorized the Soil Sample Contract between Sherman County and Soil Solutions for soil testing at the Wasco Annex;
  • authorized up to $350 dollars for transportation through Mid-Columbia Bus Company to the County College barbeque;
  • discussed quarterly report frequency, Sherman County property in Wasco, and a funding request for the County College barbeque;
  • heard reports from court members about regional board activities.