Sherman County eNews #110


  1. Mid-Columbia Council of Governments & Area Agency on Aging Services

  2. Fairy and Folktale Family Literacy Night, April 27

  3. Sherman County Courthouse Cupola Request for Information

  4. Lasting Happiness

  5. Extra 1,000 state park eclipse sites sold out

  6. Project Management Master Certification Course, June 27-30

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Mid-Columbia Council of Governments & Area Agency on Aging Services

Mid Columbia Council of Governments (MCCOG) meets the 4th Tue monthly 1:15-3 pm at 1113 Kelly Ave., The Dalles The public is welcome where elected officials discuss services of Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman, Wasco, and Wheeler counties.  These include the Area Agency on Aging, Building and Codes, StRUT, Transportation, and Workforce 541-298-4101

Area Agency on Aging, Senior Advisory Council (SAC) meets the 1st Tue monthly 10 am – Noon at 1113 Kelly Ave., The Dalles.  The public is welcome where community members discuss senior programs, services, budget, and area plan for the counties of Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman, Wasco, and Wheeler.  541-298-1166

2. Fairy and Folktale Family Literacy Night, April 27

Sherman County Public/School Library presents Fairy and Folktale Family Literacy Night with a special “Robin Hood” performance by Traveling Lantern Theatre Company on Thursday, April 27 at 6:30pm. All ages are welcome to come and enjoy a fun-filled night of games and activities! Attendees will be sent home with a free book! For more information contact the library at 541-565-3279 or email

3. Sherman County Courthouse Cupola Request for Information

The Sherman County Courthouse Project Team is interested in hearing from anyone with information to share regarding the original courthouse cupola structure that was reportedly removed in the late 1950’s after receiving storm damage. There are several unresolved questions regarding the cupola: Did the cupola contain a bell, and if so, was there a rope attached to allow for its operation from ground level? If there was a bell, does anyone know what became of it? Is there anyone who recalls witnessing the removal of the cupola structure? Is there any documented information as to the exact year of its removal?

An important and exciting part of the Sherman County Courthouse Addition and Renovation Project is the installation of a replica of the original cupola. Any information that helps to document the history of the original structure will be greatly appreciated. Those with information to share are encouraged to contact Ron McDermid at 541-565-5008 or Debbie Hayden at 541-565-3623. Emails will also be gladly accepted. Please send to 

4. Lasting Happiness

Everyone likes to feel good. But, sometimes, postponing those good feelings will get you more of what you want in the end.

All of us know what it’s like to be impatient for good things to happen. When we’re kids, we say we “can’t wait” for the holidays or some other special occasion we’ve been anticipating. But the ability to wait is an important part of becoming an adult. In fact, the ability to delay our need for immediate gratification, so that we can enjoy something even better down the road, is a critical part of nearly every success story.

What’s more, there are very few overnight successes. When success does happen, it is usually a product of sustained effort over the long haul. The rewards we receive in life are usually a direct result of the contributions we make, and parents who teach their children otherwise are doing them no favor.

If our toddlers believe that the world owes them a living, or that they are entitled to feel happiness and pleasure without having to do anything to earn it, why are we so surprised when they turn to drugs or alcohol when they get a little older? Or when they marry and then quickly divorce because they aren’t having as much fun as they had hoped?

Stop and think for a minute. Do you find that you value more what you have worked to make happen? When you have really worked to make a goal come true, is your level of satisfaction higher or lower? Persistence in working toward worthwhile long-term goals is one of the best ways to guarantee lasting happiness. ~ The Pacific Institute

5. Extra 1,000 state park eclipse sites sold out

Salem OR — An extra 1,018 state park campsites were available for reservation starting 8 a.m. this morning, April 19, and by shortly after 9 a.m., they were all reserved. This includes all sites at 16 parks inside the “path of totality” plus space at 13 parks outside the path, where visitors will experience a partial eclipse. The eclipse will occur in the morning on August 21, 2017 and campsite reservations cover the nights of August 18, 19, and 20.

All reservations were completed within an hour and a half. A glitch at one park — Unity Lake in Eastern Oregon — caused problems for those 32 sites for about an hour. All state park sites available by reservation are now reserved, though cancellations may return a few sites to the pool. There is no waiting list, but campers can visit a state park’s web page on and sign up to receive a notification about cancellations, then go online or call to try and reserve a space.

These extra 1,000+ sites were added to the reservation system by converting existing first-come/first-served campsites, parking areas, and other open spaces into reservable individual campsites just for the event. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department does not expect to release any more new sites for reservations during the eclipse.

Campers who have a reservation along and near the path should continue to watch for updates and planning tips.

6. Project Management Master Certification Course, June 27-30

The Project Management Master Certification course will be offered June 27-30, 2017 at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. Project management professionals, business and technology professionals, students, and educators are invited to register at the Project Management Academy USA website.

June 27-30, 2017
University of Washington
8:00am – 5:00pm

The Project Management Master Certification course is designed for those seeking professional project management certification. It serves as a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of project management. Those seeking additional credentials such as the PMP®/PgMP®, PMI-SP®, and PMI-RMP® will benefit from this dynamic and interactive work session, while those currently holding credentials will find the certification to be an enhancement as well as the most up to date advanced professional development.

Project Management Master Certification course provides 36 hours of project management education hours for both PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) ® and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications. Additionally, the Master Certification provides 36 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for current holders of PMP®/PgMP®, PMI-SP®, and PMI-RMP® credentials. Additionally, the program awards 3.6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon request.

Program Description
Our certificate program teaches technical and business professionals how to master the critical skills of project management techniques as part of their technical career development.

The skills developed in the Project Management Master Certification course apply to large and small projects, product design and development efforts, construction projects, IT projects, software development, and any project with critical performance, time, and budget targets.

Our approach to project management education offers proven, results-focused learning.

Courses are developed and facilitated by professional subject experts with extensive industrial experience. Course emphasis is on providing practical skills and tools supported by relevant case examples.


Tuition for the four-day Project Management Master Certification course is $995.00

Program Schedule and Content

  1. Project Initiation, Costing, and Selection, Day 1
  2. Project Organization and Leadership, Day 1
  3. Detailed Project Planning, Day 2
  4. Project Monitoring and Control, Day 3
  5. Project Risk and Stakeholder Management, Day 4


  • A Project Management Academy Certificate of Completion is awarded upon completion of the four day program.
    · Our instructors have extensive industrial experience. They focus on providing you with practical skills and tools using relevant case examples.
    ·   Each class is highly focused and promotes maximum interaction.
    ·   You can network with other project management professionals from a variety of industries.
    ·   Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) for maintenance of certification under the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements Program.
    ·    Applicants for PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications will receive 36 project management education hours towards the requirements for eligibility.


Participants may reserve a seat online at the Project Management Academy USA website, by calling the Program Office toll-free at (800) 325-1354, or by sending their name and contact information via email to the Program Registrar.

Upon receiving your registration, a confirmation email is sent to registrants that include session site information, travel information, program description, and details on how to confirm attendance and make payment arrangements.

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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