Sherman County eNews #86


  1. Sherman County Court, April 5

  2. Condon, Oregon, Summer Concerts & Artisans Markets

  3. Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society Day Trip, April 8

  4. History Tidbits: John Day Dam 1998

  5. Opportunities

  6. Oregon Paleo Lands Center Interpretive Park Host Opportunity

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Sherman County Court, April 5

The Sherman County Court session scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. will take place in the Circuit Courtroom at the Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street, Moro, Oregon, 97039.

CoCourt.Agenda April 5 2017_Page_1

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2. Condon, Oregon, Summer Concerts & Artisans Markets

Artisans Markets 4-7 pm/Summer Concerts 6:30-9:90
June 9th-Wasteland Kings

July 3rd-Countryfied (HUGE FIREWORKS DISPLAY)

August 4th-Buffalo Kin

August 26th-HYATUS

Total Solar Eclipse Party
August 20th-Condon Oregon
Camping, Food, Beer & Wine
Featuring Brewers Grade
For more information visit

3. Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society Day Trip, April 8

Columbia Gorge Genealogical Society has planned a day trip to the Genealogical Forum of Oregon (GFO) on April 8, 2017. This trip is for members and former members of the society. We plan to leave the Home Depot parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Carpooling or self driving is the mode of transportation for the day. If you need a ride or additional information please contact Georga Foster at 541.296.2882 or email

There is no admission fee for members and former members attending. Lunch is on your own with 3 eateries within a block of GFO or you can bring sack lunch.

Visitor and parking information and maps can be found on GFO’s website at  .

GFO waived admission fees for our group and we will be given a tour and use of the facilities for the day. The GFO opens at 10:00 a.m., however the library opens at 12:00. Cameras and laptops are permitted, phones on silent. We may use computers, copiers and other equipment in their facility.

Please RSVP  so we know how many to expect and we can advise GFO on the number of members that will be attending. It’s going to be a great genealogy adventure! See you there!

4. History Tidbits: John Day Dam 1998

The Dalles Chronicle, July 17, 1998

“John Day now 30 years old

“By Bruce Allen of the Chronicle

“Thirty years ago today, engineers energized a relay a the newly-built John Day Dam and power began to flow from the last major dam built on the lower Columbia mainstem.

“On July 17, 1968, the dam’s first power generation, 135,000 kilowatts, was ut into the Bonneville Power Administration grid, culminating ten years of construction effort.

“New generators at the dam continued to come on line until 1971.

“Official dedication ceremonies, including then-U.S. vice-president Hubert Humphrey, were held in September 1968.

“Soon after, record-sized barge loads began to traverse the 675-foot lock and navigate the newly-formed Lake Umatilla reservoir upriver of the new dam.

“Today, the John Day Dam continues to be an integral part of the Northwest’s power production infrastructure, capable of producing up to 2.2 million kilowatts, enough to power two cities the size of Seattle.

“However, environmental advocates, including the Seattle Times, are today calling for a ‘deep drawdown’ of the dam in an effort to help restore dwindling salmon runs.

“The Corps of Engineers did preliminary study of the scope of that measure, but funding for further study of the proposal has stalled in Congress.

“Implementation of deep drawdown would eliminate power production, navigation, flood control and irrigation benefits of the dam.

“When the 1,975-foot-long power house was completed in 1971, it was the second largest in the world.

“Unlike other dams on the mid-Columbia, John Day is operated for flood control. When high runoff in the Columbia basin is forecast, the Lake Umatilla pool can be lowered to provide space for about 500,000-acre feet to control floods.”

5. Opportunities

StarPurpleArtOpportunity wastes no effort looking for the person who is wasting time through idleness or destructive action.
Opportunities somehow always seem to gravitate toward busy people who can hardly keep up with those they already have. Logically, it would seem that opportunities would make an effort to seek out individuals who have an abundance of time available, but instead opportunities appear for those who have goals and dreams and a plan for achieving them. We often think of opportunity as a living, moving thing, something that actively seeks out a willing recipient. In fact, the reverse is true. Opportunities are ideas or concepts that exist only in the minds of those who recognize them. When you have no goals or plans, opportunities mean nothing to you. They become opportunities only when you recognize them as ideas that you can implement to help you move toward your goal. ~ Napoleon Hill

6. Oregon Paleo Lands Center Interpretive Park Host Opportunity

Interpretive Park Host Opportunity

Oregon Paleo Lands Center, Fossil, Oregon

April-Sept 2017

Oregon Paleo Lands Institute (OPLI) in Fossil, Oregon, is seeking qualified volunteers for two- month assignments as Park Hosts at Oregon Paleo Lands Center: April-May, June-July, Aug-Sept.  2017.

See job description and application at

The Interpretive Park Host will:

  1. Inform, educate, assist visitors and school groups about John Day Basin natural/cultural history
  2. Assist visitors to enjoy the Total Solar Eclipse August 21st, and other special   events including the Memorial weekend Spray Rodeo, 4th of July Fossil Bluegrass Festival, August County Fair and Rodeo
  3. Keep Center open for the public 4-5 days a week (Thursday-Sunday)
  4. Orient visitors to John Day Basin attractions, services, lodging, campgrounds using the Center’s extensive hand-outs (including  State Parks, Scenic Bikeways and Byways, John Day River, National Monument, BLM lands)
  5. Lead short talks & occasional in-town tours: Fossil Museum, Fossil historic sites, Wheeler High School Fossil Beds.

OPLI developed this Interpretive Park Host position with advice from Oregon State Parks. OPLI welcomes volunteers who have served at State Parks or  similar sites and also encourages potential OPLI hosts to also check out the State Parks Park Host program:

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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