Sherman County eNews #57


  1. Urban-Rural Gathering: Melting Mountains, March 4

  2. Kids, Free Admission, Columbia Gorge Discovery Center Activities, March 25-April 23

  3. Conversation is a Two-Way Street – Part 2 Parents and Teens

  4. Sherman High School Track Schedule

  5. Sherman High School Baseball Schedule

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

 1. Urban-Rural Gathering: Melting Mountains, March 4

Sherman County was selected by a group from Seattle wanting to learn more about the differences between rural and urban areas. The primary mover was the recent elections where Seattlites voted 74% for Hillary Clinton while Sherman County voted 74% for Donald Trump.

We are looking for 12-15 Sherman County folks willing to meet with the urban group from Washington on Saturday, March 4 at the OSU Extension Office in Moro. The Sherman County participants are asked to be there at 11:30 a.m. The Seattle group will be treated to a short tour of the County then return to the Extension office where they will join Sherman County folks for a lunch and discussion to learn about the factors that lead to differences. Because of travel rules for their driver, they will need to leave about 3 p.m.

Persons wishing to contribute a few hours from 11:30 to 3 p.m. are asked to contact the Extension Office (541-565-3230). Lunch will be provided for all and it will be interesting to see where and why the regions seem to differ.

2. Kids, Free Admission, Columbia Gorge Discovery Center Activities, March 25-April 23

Kids receive free museum admission during Oregon and Washington Spring Break with paid adult admission from March 25 through April 23 at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, 5000 Discovery Drive, The Dalles, Oregon. Enjoy the Kids Explorer room craft activities, and a fun scavenger hunt. See the new Chinatown exhibit, and live raptor presentations. The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, phone (541) 296-8600 ext. 201, or visit

 3. Conversation is a Two-Way Street – Part 2 Parents and Teens

Building on yesterday’s “Conversation is a Two-Way Street,” parents of teenagers often complain that they can’t get their kids to communicate. Sometimes there are good reasons why.

Teenagers really want to be able to talk to their parents. In fact, in some cases, they’re dying because they can’t. A large number of teens who commit suicide are those who feel they can’t talk to either parent, and their feelings of loneliness, isolation and despair take over. (Take a moment and remember how the major issues of your life become much smaller and easier to manage when you can get them out in the open and talk about them.)

Parents, without realizing it, do things that stop their teen-aged children from confiding in them. What sorts of things? Well, they interrupt to give reprimands and lectures instead of just listening, giving support and saving the moral lesson for another time. Or, they discount what the teen is feeling by making it seem trivial or unimportant, especially when compared to the grown-up responsibilities parents must cope with.

If you catch yourself behaving in these ways when your teenagers try to talk with you, perhaps it’s time to stop and apologize, or at least clear the air. Your teenager will appreciate your efforts to change your behavior to gain a closer relationship, and he or she will give you another chance – maybe not on the spot, but soon.

If your communications have broken down completely, a few visits to a good family therapist can help get you back on track. Few things in life are as important as your relationship with your children, whatever their ages. Why not make it as good as it can possibly be?

4. Sherman High School Track Schedule

Time would seem to be a finite commodity, but investing some of it in the children around us pays dividends for a very long time. ~ The Pacific Institute

 2017 Sherman High School Track 

February 22, 2017

Date Day Opponent Site Time
March 4 Sat HRV Learn By Doing Clinic Hood River 8:00
March 18 Sat Estacada Small School Inv. Estacada 10:00
March 23 Thurs Buck Track Classic Pendleton 11:00
April 8 Sat Dick Horyna Inv. Stanfield 10:00
April 14 Fri Rivers Edge The Dalles 12:00
April 21 Fri Bruin Invite White Salmon TBD
April 22 Sat 11th Annual Pepsi Inv. Union 11:00
April 29 Sat Nike Sherman Inv. Moro 11:00
May 6 Sat Madras Inv. Madras TBD
May 13 Sat 1A District 3 Championships Moro 10:30

Coach:  Kyle Pfeifer                Asst. Coaches:             Samantha Coons, Ethan Moore, Kristin Whitley

Supt.:  Wes Owens                 Principal:  Bill Blevins                              AD:  Gary Lewis 

 5. Sherman High School Baseball Schedule 

March 17 Friday St. Paul SCS 11:00 DH
March 30 –April 1 Thurs-Sat Grant Union Invitational John Day TBA DH
April 8 Saturday Heppner v SCS 11:00 DH
April 11 Tuesday Weston McEwen v Athena 2:00 DH
April 15 Saturday Union v SCS 11:00 DH
April 18 Tuesday Pilot Rock v Pilot Rock 2:00 DH
April 22 Saturday Grant Union v SCS 11:00 DH
April 25 Tuesday Culver v SCS 2:00 DH
May 6 Saturday Dufur v Dufur 11:00 DH
May 13 Saturday Elgin v Elgin 11:00 DH


v = League Game

                        DH = Double Header

   Head Coach: Joe Justesen                      Asst.: Shawn Troutman            

   AD/Principal (SJSHS): Gary Lewis        AD (CHS): Ron Kopp

   AD/Principal (AHS): Kevin Hunking       Principal (CHS): Michelle Geer           

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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