Sherman County eNews #41


  1. Incredible Years Parenting Series, April & May

  2. Sherman Senior Center St. Patrick’s Day Silent Auction, March 15

  3. Lunar Eclipse, Feb. 10

  4. “King of Roads,” documentary film premiere, Feb. 24

  5. Sherman County School District Board of Directors Meeting, Feb. 13

  6. Genealogical Resources for Sherman County, Oregon

  7. Accepting Authentic Compliments

  8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Incredible Years Parenting Series, April & May

Parents with children ages 2-8 (inquire if younger)

When: April 5-May 17, Wednesdays, 5-7pm

Where: Moro Community Presbyterian Church (204 4th St.)

Topics: social/emotional coaching, praise, limits, time-out

Daycare & dinner provided

**Sign-up: Katie (541) 980-8674

Funded by Sherman County Community Outreach 

2. Sherman Senior Center St. Patrick’s Day Silent Auction, March 15


Sherman County Senior & Community Center

Meal Program Benefit

Wednesday, March 15

12 Noon

Lunch & Auction

Please join us to celebrate an early St. Patrick’s Day!  We will have a Silent Auction and lunch with proceeds to the Sherman County Senior & Community Center meal program.

The auction will include donated items and homemade delicacies.  Please contact us to donate or for further information.  Please bring your donations to the Senior Center by 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

3. Lunar Eclipse, Feb. 10

LUNAR ECLIPSE THIS FRIDAY NIGHT: The full Moon will lose some of its usual luster on Friday night as a dusky shadow creeps across the lunar disk.  It’s a penumbral lunar eclipse, visible from parts of every continent except Australia. The uneven dimming of the Moon will be easy to see if you know when to look. Visit today’s edition of for observing tips and more information.  Remember, is on Facebook!

4. “King of Roads,” documentary film premiere, Feb. 24

car.oldblue“King of Roads,” a 47-minute film documentary, premieres Friday, February 24, at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum, 5000 Discovery Drive, The Dalles, Oregon. Cost for 6 p.m. dinner and program are $16, 7 p.m. program only is $5.  Reservations are required by February 22. For more information, call 541-296-8600 x 201 or visit

5. Sherman County School District Board of Directors Meeting, Feb. 13 

The Sherman County School District Board of Directors will hold its Regular Board Meeting on Monday, February 13, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.  An Executive Session Pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(i) will precede this meeting at 6:00 p.m. for the annual Evaluation of the Superintendent.  The meetings will be held in the Sherman County School/Public Library.




6. Genealogical Resources for Sherman County, Oregon 

Sherman County Clerk’s Office, 500 Court Street, Moro 97039 541-565-3606

8 to 5 Monday through Friday, except holidays

Birth records:   November 1904 to June 1940

Marriage records:   May 1889 to the present

Death records:   January 1909 to March 1952

Deeds:         1889 to the present

Probate:   1889 to the present.

Sherman County Historical Museum, 2nd and Dewey Streets, Box 173, Moro 97039. Open May through October, 10 to 5 daily. Off season by appointment.  The small research library includes:

  • A four-drawer file cabinet of family group sheets for Sherman County families comprising personal collections of county residents, information from printed histories, news clippings, vital statistics and contributed materials; open to the public for making copies, additions and corrections. Copies: 25 cents each.
  • Illustrated History of Central Oregon 1905
  • Yesterday’s Roll Call [Sherman County Cemetery Inscriptions compiled by Sherry Kaseberg, with a 1997 update for the Wasco Methodist and Wasco Sunrise Cemeteries by Mark Fields]
  • They Paved the Way by Bertha Belshe [out of print]
  • The Golden Land by Giles French [out of print]
  • 1913 Sherman County Atlas
  • 1934 Sherman County Atlas
  • Privately printed family records
  • Sherman County school notebooks
  • Sherman County: For The Record, a twice-yearly historical anthology since 1983 [a collection of personal reminiscences, accounts of events, marriages in Sherman, Wasco and Klickitat Counties, family records; rich in photographs.
  • Memorials, a collection of obituaries in three-ring binders.
  • Photograph collection available by written request and by appointment ONLY. Order forms for requesting photographs are available in the Museum lobby.
  • The Observer and The Sherman County Journal are available in larger libraries on microfilm.

Sherman County Public/School Library

  • 65912 High School Loop Road, Moro 97039
  • New in 1997, library facilities include a new book collection, computers and internet access.

Wasco City/Community Library

  • Call for hours and staff availability.
  • The collection includes county cemetery records up to 1964 in Yesterday’s Roll Call.

Church records are not known to be published with the exception of those of the Wasco Methodist Church, a small mimeographed publication called Gleanings.  Inquiries must be directed to each church individually.

The Illustrated History of Central Oregon is not available in a county public library. It contains biographical information and county history.

Sherman County, Oregon Message Board

Sherman County, Oregon Genealogy Guide


Sherman County, Oregon Genealogy Trails

Sherman County, Oregon

7. Accepting Authentic Compliments

Some people seem to have no trouble accepting criticism, but how about when it’s time to accept a compliment? Today, let’s talk a little about receiving compliments.

How well do you receive a compliment? People who have a healthy sense of self-esteem, and who are concerned about empowering themselves and others, know how to receive compliments that are well deserved and sincerely meant.

They do it in a way that is gracious and that enhances their own self-image, as well as that of the giver of the compliment. All too often, and you have seen this yourself, people turn away compliments with snappy comebacks that amount to self put-downs and self-sabotage.

For example, you tell them they’ve done a good job, and they say they were “just lucky.” Or you tell them they’re wearing a great looking outfit, and they say “This old thing? You’ve got to be kidding!” Perhaps they are confusing humility with self-denigration – denying they had anything to do with the situation at hand.

Let’s shift the perception a moment: When you reject someone’s compliment, you really are rejecting his or her loving support. Accepting a compliment is not only self-loving, but it also acknowledges the giver for her or his kindness. Believing in the giver’s intent, appreciating the compliment, shows respect not only for one’s self, but also for the giver’s opinion.

Finally, if you’re not sure how to respond, simply smile, maintain eye contact, and sincerely say, “Thank you!” That will do it every time. ~ The Pacific Institute

8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do 

bird.owl.limbSherman County, Oregon genealogy message board 

Western Waters Digital Library 

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