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  1. Meningococcal vaccinations to be offered

  2. Basketball Officials Needed in Columbia Basin

  3. Public Service

  4. P.S. eNews Friday Classifieds

  5. Editorial. Of Mutual Benefit

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1. Meningococcal vaccinations to be offered

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University and the Benton County Health Department continued Friday to identify and treat with preventive antibiotics OSU students who may have come into close contact with a second student diagnosed this week with meningococcal disease.

“It is important that students who have had close contact receive antibiotic treatment as soon as possible,” said Dr. Paul Cieslak, medical director for the communicable disease division at the Oregon Health Authority. “Other students are likely to be at much lower risk.”

Two undergraduate students attending Oregon State are being treated this week at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis for meningococcal disease.

One student is being treated for meningococcal disease strain B and is listed by the hospital to be in good condition. Test results for the second student, who also is listed in good condition, were inconclusive. More detailed laboratory analysis for the second student by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be available next week.

“For students under 25 years of age, a meningococcal-B vaccine is available at OSU Student Health Services,” said Dr. Jeff Mull, medical director for OSU Student Health Services.

OSU Student Health Services is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. The center is closed Sundays and is located in the Plageman Building, at 108 S.W. Memorial Place.

“Oregon State University continues to work closely with our partners in public health at the county and state,” said Steve Clark, vice president of University Relations at Oregon State University. “We continue to undertake every effort possible to inform, help treat, educate, and provide for our students and the public’s health.”

“We continue to emphasize what this disease is; who may be at risk; how a person may recognize symptoms of the disease; what a person should do if they recognize the symptoms; and how our students, faculty, staff and the public can prevent being affected.”

Approximately 160 people have been provided preventive antibiotics since Sunday. Symptoms of meningococcal disease are high fever, headache, stiff neck, exhaustion, nausea, rash, vomiting and diarrhea. Some people do not get meningitis, but they contract an infection of the bloodstream, which causes fever and a rash. Individuals who have spent at least four hours cumulatively in close, face-to-face association with a person suffering from meningococcal disease within seven days before the illness started are most at risk of catching meningococcal disease.

“It is important to continue to monitor your own health,” said Dr. Bruce Thomson, Benton County health officer. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should immediately visit their primary care physician or a nearby urgent care medical clinic or emergency room. OSU students experiencing these symptoms should visit OSU Student Health Services.

Meningococcal disease is not highly contagious and is transmitted through direct contact with droplets from an ill person coughing or sneezing; other discharges from the nose or throat; by sharing of eating and drinking utensils, smoking devices; or intimate contact.

More information on meningococcal disease is available by calling the OSU Student Health Services Nurse Advice line at 541-737-2724 or Benton County Health Department communicable disease nurses at 541-766-6835 or by visiting these websites: or 51

More information will be provided as available.

 2. Basketball Officials Needed in Columbia Basin

Mid-Columbia Basketball Officials Association is seeking people interested in serving their community by becoming a basketball

“Get back into the game you love, get some exercise, meet new people and earn some money,” entices Chris Kaseberg, Mid-Columbia Basketball Officials Association commissioner.

According to Kaseberg, the average age of officials currently in the association is 46 years, and the association is looking for “the next generation” of officials. Anyone interested in becoming a basketball official for local games may contact Chris Kaseberg by calling 541-980-9449, or go on-line,

3. Public Service

teamworkHandsIf you have something you don’t need, give it to someone who needs it. It will come back to you in one way or another.
You know by now how important it is to offer service freely to your community without expecting anything specific in return. You know as well how important the intangible personal benefits of self-respect and inspiration that accompany such action are. But it is also true that by rendering a public service you have an effect on the values in your community. Your actions are a quiet but steadfast signal to others of the importance of being involved, a sign that success does not require heartless devotion to a cause and a reminder to others of the personal satisfaction you gain from your labor. You will find that you inspire others to similar actions in different areas, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond what you alone can do. The community in which you live will become a better place, and you will be happier being a part of it. ~ Napoleon Hill

 4. P.S. eNews Friday Classifieds

newsletter2Late arriving ads have been posted to the blog. See FOR SALE and EMPLOYMENT.

Sherman County eNews publishes free classified ads on Fridays, deadline Wednesday at 5. Please submit ads by using the Submit News page. Include who, what, where, when, how, why… and, the final Friday date for posting your ad (shown by the date at the end of the ad, for example 10/18), contact information; under 50 words if possible, and limited to Sherman County. Links are welcome.

5. Editorial. Of Mutual Benefit

pencil.sharpWe’ve been thinking about the contributions that Sherman County area families and retail and farm businesses make to our communities. We ask a lot of them when we’re raising funds or need sponsors and support for our organizations’ events.

Do we support them?

We’re remembering our wise old friend Pat Macnab and his take on life in Sherman County. He believed it would make a significant difference if each family spent $100 more each month in the county. We think so, too.

We found this long list of contributors on the back of a Husky Football game flyer. It reminds us to support the businesses listed there: Bank of Eastern Oregon, RDO – John Deere, Morrow County Grain Growers, Three Rivers Inn, Tall Winds Motel, Richelderfer Air Field, Sherman Farm Chemical, Jeremy Lanthorn (photography), Wright Chevrolet, Vista Sanitation, Wasco House Bed & Breakfast, Griffith Motors, Wheatland Insurance, Hattenhauer Distributing Co., Bob’s Texas T-Bone, Dinty’s Market, Fritts Insurance, Gorge Outfitters Supply, Huskey’s 97 Market, JWR Trucking, CH Urness Motor Co., After Hours Gun Smith, NW Farm Credit Services, Fun Country, Big Jim’s Drive In, Pilot Travel Center, Lean To Café & Goose Pit Saloon, Bishop Sanitation, LCL Hughes Towing, State Farm Insurance, Mid Columbia Producers, Spooky’s Pizza, Sahara Pizza, JD Smith Jewelers, The Wedding Place, Maupin Stoves & Spas, MCMC Sports Medicine, Lindsay Vet Clinic and Mid-Columbia Vet Clinic.

It also reminds us to thank the families, individuals and organizations listed there, and others who contribute to our communities: Belshe, Bird, Burnet, Church, Coelsch, Coles, Devore, Fields, Hart, Justesen, Kaseberg, Kaser, Martin, McKinney, Oakley, Satoris, Spencer, Stutzman, Thomas and Zaniker families; a special district, Sherman County Medical Clinic; and the non-profits: Moro Community Presbyterian Church, Sherman County Athletic Foundation and Sherman County Historical Society.

Let’s shop with those who support us! Let’s start with our Christmas list!

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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