Sherman County eNews #296


  1. Sherman County Republican Precinct Committee Persons to Meet, Nov. 12

  2. Happy Birthday, Anne Sather Miller Wilson Franklin, Nov. 12

  3. Notice. Sherman County School District Board of Directors Meeting, Nov. 14

  4. Goldendale Library Fall Book Sale, Nov. 19

  5. Job Stress Caused by Others?

 1. Sherman County Republican Precinct Committee Persons to Meet, Nov. 12

The Sherman County Precinct Committee Persons will meet on November 12, 2016, 11:30 AM in Wasco, Oregon at the Lean-to Cafe.

The purpose of the meeting is to elect county party officers and delegates to the Oregon Republican Party Central Committee.

Only Sherman County elected precinct committee persons may vote for the officers and delegates.  Contact info:

2. Happy Birthday, Anne Sather Miller Wilson Franklin, Nov. 12

100th Birthday Party

Saturday November 12  2-5 p.m.

The Dalles Civic Auditorium


Anne Sather Miller Wilson Franklin.


Everyone is invited to join family and friends along with daughters Darla King and Mavis Olsen for an afternoon of celebrating her life!

3. Notice. Sherman County School District Board of Directors Meeting, Nov. 14

The Sherman County School District Board of Directors will hold a Regular Board Meeting, open to the public, on Monday, November 14, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the Sherman County School/Public Library in Moro, Oregon. This meeting will include an Executive Session under ORS 192.660(2)(f) for the purpose of considering records exempt by law from public inspection. 



4. Goldendale Library Fall Book Sale, Nov. 19

books.loveThe Friends of the Goldendale Library will be holding a one-day book sale on Saturday, November 19th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Used books of all sorts will be on sale, from gardening to crafts, mysteries to classic literature, children’s books, and much, much more.  Most books are priced under $1.00, and children’s picture books are just 10 cents.


Many books are in excellent condition, great for gifts for the holidays.  The Friends of the Library encourage everyone to come restock their bookshelves for winter at this fundraising sale, which supports the programs, collections, equipment and services of the Goldendale Community Library, a branch of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District.

The Friends of the Goldendale Library accept donations of books, videos and jigsaw puzzles for their book sales year-round.  Donations can be dropped off at the Goldendale Library any time.  The Friends and library cannot accept encyclopedias, magazines, textbooks or non-book items like games or notebooks.

The Goldendale Library is located at 131 W Burgen in Goldendale and open 6 days a week, Mondays through Saturdays.

5. Job Stress Caused by Others?

Compulsive behaviors and the negative costs we charge ourselves, in the way of extra tension and stress, can add up over time and cause physical as well as emotional distress. “Compulsive punctuals” are good examples, with their overwhelming need to be on time disrupting traffic with erratic driving and the ultimate distress – road rage. Today, let’s flip that around a bit because there are negative costs to going too far in the opposite direction.

Compulsively punctual people generally cause the extra stress and tension on themselves first, but there can also be a cost to those around them as they basically force others to adhere to their obsessive schedule. While some of us think that constantly being early is not a bad thing, nobody wants to be constantly forced into it, and the effect on work teams can be destructive. It’s not much fun, and when we feel pushed, we tend to push back.

So, what happens when a team member is constantly late? Interestingly enough, that same stress and tension plays out within the group, and the effect is equally destructive. Someone (or some-ones) winds up having to cover for the missing member, take up extra duties, and typically find themselves behind on their own work. If it happens often enough, the rest of the group begins to question the late arriver’s commitment to the job and the rest of the team.

If you are a constant “late arriver,” there is a balance to be found, and it begins with a little research. What gets in the way to a smooth on-time arrival? Do you find yourself pulled in too many directions as you get ready for work? If so, a little re-organization of priorities can make all the difference. If on-time arrival is a part of the job description, then assigning priorities to your morning becomes a little easier.

If arriving late is a lifelong pattern, why? Where does it come from? Identifying the source of the behavior puts you halfway toward changing it. And if you truly want to change the behavior, then start creating new pictures of yourself arriving on time (or maybe a little early?). Paint the picture of the benefits, focus on those pictures, and watch the behaviors – and those of your work team – change for the better. ~ The Pacific Institute