Sherman County eNews #288


  1. November All County Prayer Meeting Tonight, Nov. 2

  2. North Central Public Health Executive Committee Meeting, Nov. 8

  3. History Tidbits: Wireless Telecommunications & 9-1-1 Dispatch

  4. Congressman Walden: H.R. 6100 Protecting family farms and small businesses

  5. Sherman County Senior & Community Center November Meal Menu

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. November All County Prayer Meeting Tonight, Nov. 2

church.family1Please join us this Wednesday evening (Nov 2) at 6:30 for the All County Prayer meeting at the Moro Presbyterian Church. We have changed the time of our gathering to begin and end 30 minutes earlier now. Refreshments and social time at 6:30, prayer from 7:00 to 8:30. There are so many things that we have to be thankful for, but also things that we really need to be praying about. Join us if you can, I’m sure you will be blessed if you do! Hope to see you there.

2. North Central Public Health Executive Committee Meeting, Nov. 8

The North Central Public Health District Executive Committee will be meeting Wednesday, November 8, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at North Central Public Health District, located at 419 E. 7th Street, in the Main Meeting Room (Annex A), in The Dalles, Oregon. This meeting is open to the general public.

3. History Tidbits: Wireless Telecommunications & 9-1-1 Dispatch

Notes from public records: Sherman County, Frontier TeleNet, Tri-County Communications (now Frontier Regional 911 Agency):

  • An Agreement, November 13, 2002: Sherman County, NOANET and Frontier TeleNet for telecommunications services.
  • A Resolution, May 22, 2003: Sherman County agreed to transfer funds to Frontier TeleNet through “TriCom” / Tri County Telecommunications Agency for construction of the TriCom tower system; stated that Tri County Communications Agency created by the three counties specifically to plan, develop, construct and operate a 9-1-1 Dispatch Center… the three counties had funding to do this, and TriCom would rent space from NCESD, the Dispatch Center is constructed and ready to open, will lease access to wireless telecommunications through a tower system constructed and operated by Frontier TeleNet… The Frontier TeleNet 190 organization created by the three counties and the NCESD to plan, develop, construct and operate a three-county telecommunications tower system, including towers and equipment… and NCESD as full partner with funding … each county will need to transfer all remaining 9-1-1 funds, reserving only $50,000, to Tri-Com  for further distribution to Frontier TeleNet for planning, development, construction, contracting and operation of the three-county wireless telecommunications system.. Approved & signed by County Judge McArthur, Commissioners Thompson and Kaseberg.
  • A Resolution, August 5, 2003, Sherman County agreed to support Frontier Telenet radio and equipment purchases.

4. Congressman Walden: H.R. 6100 Protecting family farms and small businesses

American flag2In Oregon, we know the important role that family owned lands, farms, and businesses play in providing jobs for our rural communities. These operations are passed on from generation to generation, helping drive local economies and deliver family wage jobs. However, the U.S. Treasury Department recently released a proposal that amounts to a veiled attempt to increase the death tax, threatening the ability of families to pass on their business without facing a considerably increased payment to the federal government.

Simply put, the Treasury Department’s proposal would hurt local businesses, farms and ranches and cause unnecessary financial hardship on hardworking families. That’s why

I’m proud to support the Protect Family Farms and Businesses Act (H.R. 6100), a bill that was recently introduced in the U.S. House to stop the Treasury Department’s plan from going into effect. 

The Treasury Department’s plan would prevent family businesses from appropriately valuing their businesses for estate and gift tax purposes. Specifically, the rule would remove the ability of businesses to apply proper valuation discounts for estate, gift, and generation skipping taxes. Current law allows family businesses to apply for “lack of control” and “lack of marketability” discounts that allow fair appraisal valuations when a family might only control a minority ownership stake in a business or when the nature of the business makes it difficult to convert the interest of a family businesses into cash. Under the proposed rule, the IRS would upend these appraisal practices, effectively increasing the death tax by 30% or more on family owned businesses who are eligible for these 25-year-old tax provisions.

At its core, the death tax prevents job growth and imposes significant burdens on hardworking American families. Last year, I was proud to support the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015 (H.R. 1105) which passed the House on a bipartisan vote and would permanently repeal the death tax, once and for all. While I will continue working to see full repeal of this tax, we must also ensure the Administration does not further increase this tax through executive fiat. I will be sure to keep you updated as these measures advance through the legislature.

It is an honor to represent you in the U.S. Congress.

Best regards,

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

5. Sherman County Senior & Community Center November Meal Menu

Sherman County Senior & Community Center

Meal Menu – November 2016

We serve lunch at 12:00 noon sharp.  First come, first served.  If you have a group of 2 or more, please let the Kitchen staff know at 541-565-3191 the day before to ensure that we make enough food!

MEAL PRICING: Under 60 Yrs. $7.00 ~~ 60 Yrs. & Up $4.00 suggested donation!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  1 2 3 4
Roast Pork Chicken Oriental Tamale Beef Pie Lentil Sausage Soup
Sweet Potatoes & Veggies Rice Pilaf & Green Salad Green Salad Green Salad
Green Salad & Fruit Veggies & Dessert Veggies & Fruit Veggies & Ice Cream
7 8 9 10 11
Quiche Lorraine Meatloaf Chicken Enchiladas Hamburger Gravy over CLOSED FOR VETERAN’S DAY **
Rolls & Green Salad Baked Potatoes & Veggies Spanish Rice & Veggies Mashed Potatoes
Veggies & Dessert Green Salad & Fruit Green Salad & Dessert Salad, Veggies & Fruit
14 15 16   Thanksgiving Lunch 17 18
Spaghetti w/Meat Chicken Strips Turkey & Stuffing Hot Turkey Sandwich Clam Chowder
Veggies Roasted Veggies Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Green Salad Cheesy Bread
Green Salad & Dessert Green Salad & Fruit Veggies, Rolls, Salad & Pumpkin Pie Veggies & Fruit Green Salad & Ice Cream
21 22 23 24 25
Beef & Bean Burrito Beef Bourgogne Oven Fried Chicken CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING
Tortilla Chips Noodles & Green Salad Potatoes w/gravy & Veggies
Veggies, Salad & Dessert Veggies & Fruit Green Salad & Dessert
28 29 30 31 ** REMINDER:

Veterans Appreciation dinner on November 11, 2016 at 4:30 PM

Baked Potato Bar Sweet & Sour Meatballs Baked Fish Pizza loaded w/meat
Veggies Green Salad Red Potatoes & Veggies Green Salad & Veggies
Green Salad & Dessert Veggies & Fruit Green Salad & Dessert Fruit

Menu subject to change due to availability

ATTENTION:  For those who have food allergies, be aware that a large variety of foods are prepared in the kitchen.  Therefore, meals may be prepared with ingredients and food service equipment may come in contact with ingredients to which you may have an allergic reaction, such as nuts.

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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