Sherman County eNews #282


  1. ODOT Announces Sherman County Traffic Delays, Oct. 27, 28
  2. Italian Dinner for the Sherman County School Band, Nov. 10
  3. Maryhill Museum Family Fun and the Columbia River Highway, Nov. 5
  4. Congressman Greg Walden: Rising Obamacare Insurance Costs
  5. The Flexible Mindset  
  6. Letter to the Editor
  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.”  ― Elbert Hubbard

1.ODOT Announces Sherman County Traffic Delays, Oct. 27, 28

sign_slowOregon Department of Transportation expects traffic delays during overhead line work on OR206 Fulton Canyon on Thursday, October 27, and on US97 south of Biggs on Friday, October 28.

The work will be done by helicopter, but the highways will need to be protected with equipment and traffic control on the roadway. Consider choosing an alternate route to avoid being late to an appointment or work. 

2. Italian Dinner for the Sherman County School Band, Nov. 10

A Benefit For Sherman Jr/Sr Band Trip

Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 6 pm

Sherman Jr/Sr High School Cafeteria Tickets $15

Music * Raffle * Silent Auction

Pasta— marinara or meat sauce

Salad, Bread, Dessert & Appetizer

For more information contact: Jarek Bartels, Band Director 541-565-3500
Tickets available at your local Sherman County businesses
MCP—Moro Office and Farm Store Wasco
MCGG Wasco
OSU Ext Office Moro
Family Market Rufus

3. Maryhill Museum Family Fun and the Columbia River Highway, Nov. 5

Family Fun and the Columbia River Highway

Saturday, November 5 | 1 to 4 p.m.
Celebrate the historic dedication of Maryhill Museum of Art 90 years ago and the centennial of the opening of the Historic Columbia River Highway. Youth 18 and under receive free admission all day.

Learn About the Columbia River Highway with Sam Hill
and Queen Marie | 1:30 p.m.

Join Maryhill executive director Colleen Schafroth and special guests “Sam Hill” and “Queen Marie” for a 20-minute slide show about the Columbia River Highway. After Marie dedicated Maryhill in 1926, she and her royal entourage traveled the Columbia River Highway, receiving warm welcomes at The Dalles and Hood River, where excited children strained to see her. After the program, Sam Hill and Queen Marie will be available for photographs.

Make a Travel Journal | 2 to 4 p.m.
Create a personal travel journal with bookmaker and artist Maureen Lauran, and make your own crown with museum staff and volunteers.

Let’s Eat Cake | 4 p.m.
Enjoy a slice of cake with Queen Marie and Sam Hill, and view the display A Road Trip of Historic Proportions, developed by the Oregon Department of Transporation. Bring your camera and take a selfie behind a full-size cutout of John B. Yeon’s 1915 Franklin automobile.

Many thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts and JD Fulwiler & Co. Insurance, Inc., sponsors of our Columbia River Highway Centennial programs.

 4. Congressman Greg Walden: Rising Obamacare Insurance Costs    

American flag2Washington, DC — U.S. Rep. Greg Walden issued the following statement regarding reports that some insurance plans under Obamacare will see premiums rise by double digits next year:

“Around our region, I hear the same stories from Oregonians — the new health care law is simply not affordable. Consumers are losing access to their health care providers and plans, and deductibles and premiums continue to rise. Now the Administration has admitted that premiums for many plans under the new law will go up by double digits next year. Enough is enough. There is a better way to fix our health care system. I support a plan that would fix this mess with real, patient-centered reform that would lower costs, not raise them and give consumers more control over their health care, not less.”   For more on the House’s “Better Way” health plan supported by Walden, please visit

5. The Flexible Mindset

How flexible are you? Now, we’re not talking about your body, although that is important. What we want to consider is, how flexible is your thinking? 

Flexibility is something that all effective communicators have in common. They know how to change their behavior and their style until they get what they want. They know that they can’t pressure someone into understanding their point of view or hope, by forcibly repeating themselves, to get through to another person. They also realize that, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will continue getting what you’ve always gotten.” 

Now, flexibility doesn’t always come naturally. Many of us follow the same patterns with numbing regularity. The brain loves habits, because they are labor-savers. These habits can sometimes appear to be a combination of ego and inertia at work. But the problem is that it all works against us. 

If we are going to succeed in life and in our relationships, flexibility is a key. In this sense, flexibility means the willingness and ability to try new approaches if the old one isn’t working. It is a willingness to admit that there may be a better time, a better approach, a better argument, or a better appeal than the one we are using at the moment. And, it is the ability to look for that better way and use it. This flexibility is what growth mindset is all about.

Every organism is built to be efficient with its energy, from one-celled amoebae to complex human beings.  It is certainly easier to do what we have done before. However, the easiest is often the worst thing we can do. Besides, the easy way will stop us from growing and from developing the flexibility we need to succeed. ~ The Pacific Institute

6. Letter to the Editor

Sherman County Residents,

As our voter pamphlets and ballots have arrived in our mailboxes I am asking the voters to WRITE IN MIKE SMITH for Sherman County Commissioner. As I write this letter today in support of Mike Smith for Sherman County commission and are in hopes that when you go to mark your ballots we pause and ask ourselves what has our candidates done for Sherman County and where are they taking us in the future?

I have known Mike since he moved to the county 21 years ago. Mike has always been available to answer questions and is not afraid of taking on the difficult issues our county faces whether it’s the popular or unpopular decisions. As you have read on his flyer Mike sets on numerous boards that directly affect our county. His wisdom, ethics and knowledge is irreplaceable. Sherman county faces some great challenges in the near future. With our current judge and commissioner retiring in two years we need to keep an experienced member of the court in office. Mike is that proven leader. With Mike’s help and others from our community the rural citizens of this county would not have wireless Internet to their homes. Mike was instrumental in bringing a full-time mental health worker into our county, at no cost to our local taxpayer which helps serve the needs of the citizens. Mike is also brought in over $1 million in grants for our county in the past year. Mike has proven his loyalty over and over again for the all residents for Sherman County. Mike has no agenda except the pleasure to serve all the citizens of Sherman County with the upmost integrity. For these reasons as well as so many others, please join me in writing in Mike Smith for Sherman County Commissioner.

Thank you for the generosity of your time!


Sherman County Resident, Dorene Macnab

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do 

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