Sherman County eNews #248


Editorial: Let’s Ask Our County Commissioner Candidates

Policy: Spiritual Matters for Sherman County Churches and Faith Groups

CASA Fun Run, Oct. 9

1. Editorial: Let’s Ask Our County Commissioner Candidates

question-markAs Election Day nears, we have some questions for the candidates for the position of County Commissioner. We’re sure you do, too.

We support a candidate who is ethical and transparent … a team player with an eagerness to learn and a broad range of interests … top qualities for a candidate!

Before we vote, let’s ask! It’s our responsibility to know what the candidates hope to accomplish on our behalf or what the candidate has accomplished and plans to accomplish.

Here’s what we’d like to know. 

Let’s ask the candidates!

  • Please tell us about yourself, your education, military service, work experience and family.
  • What inspired you to run for office?
  • How have you and your family participated in county activities, events and organizations?

We’re interested in the County’s goals and long-range plans.

  • What are the county’s public service obligations?
  • What are the county’s top three or four goals?
  • Is county government, as currently funded and staffed, sustainable?
  • How many people are employed by Sherman County?

The County has been fairly transparent in planning the new building next to the courthouse next year. We appreciate the information in the county newsletter.

  • How will this be funded? Are these local or state dollars or both?

The Wasco school building is owned by Sherman County.

  • What are your thoughts about its future?

We recognize the need for workforce housing. The County purchased housing lots in Wasco about 2011. We’re concerned about government competing with private enterprise.

  • What does the county plan to do with them?
  • Does the county own housing lots in the other towns?

What is your position about government competition with private enterprise?

  • Does the county compete with private entities for weed control?
  • For Internet services?
  • Housing?

Philippi Park on the Gilliam County side of the John Day River is in the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Access is by boat.

  • What are your thoughts about Sherman County’s support for Philippi Park?
  • How much money has the County provided?
  • Is that sustainable?
  • What are the results?

Giles French Park below the John Day Dam is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

  • How much money did the County spend while considering the management of this park?
  • What was decided and why?

According to a newspaper account, Commissioner Smith has an “enormous amount of projects” that he hasn’t finished.

  • What are they?
  • Are these projects already approved and funded?

The County has not been transparent in the development of the fiber optic telecommunications system. 

  • What is the Fiber Project?
  • When did the County Court decide to develop the fiber project?
  • What are the county’s plans?
  • Will additional employees be required for the fiber project?
  • Is there a map of the project?
  • How is it funded?
  • Strategic Investment Program (SIP) dollars (county) and/or State?
  • How much has been spent so far?
  • Are additional funds needed?
  • Is the work proceeding on schedule?
  • Is the Fiber Project comparable to the government building a road or highway that everyone can drive on?
  • Will this project serve everyone in the county? If so, how?
  • What, specifically, is in it for me?
  • Who owns the fiber?
  • Who owns the system?
  • Who will manage it?
  • Who will maintain it?
  • What will it cost to purchase fiber to distribute?
  • Who will provide services?
  • Will fiber use be competitive?
  • Is it a monopoly?
  • Is the school district connected?

How is our County Internet Network doing?

  • What is Rural Technology Group?
  • How many Sherman County residents subscribe to Rural Technology Group for Internet service?
  • How did Rural Technology Group win the Internet Services Provider?
  • How is that working out?

Sherman County is served by a 911 Dispatch Center in Condon, a successful collaborative tri-county project.

  • Who proposed a backup 911 call center in Sherman County? Why?
  • Who would pay for it?

Please briefly describe the Strategic Investment Program (SIP) wind energy dollars and changes we can expect in future funding for Sherman County.

 2. Policy: Spiritual Matters for Sherman County Churches and Faith Groups

A Friday eNews column, Spiritual Matters is intended to welcome, inform and inspire.  

First: Recognized/organized churches and faith groups in Sherman County are invited to participate.

Second: The Current Rotation (updated July 2016)

1st Friday: Wasco Church of Christ, Christian & Moro Community Presbyterian

2nd Friday: Grass Valley Baptist & Catholic

3rd Friday: Baha’i  & Kent Baptist

4th Friday: Wasco United Methodist, Rufus Baptist & Catholic

5th Friday [to be determined by the Editor or proposed by a participant]  

Third: Articles must be submitted by 5 p.m. Wednesday for Friday publication. Please limit messages to 300 words or less.

Fourth: Attacks on another faith, a previous Spiritual Matters article or author will not be published.

Fifth:   The subject matter should be spiritual and inspirational, calling people to faith, and may include doctrinal understandings.

Sixth:   The editor reserves the right to decline to publish articles.

Seventh: Please let us know if your group wishes to participate in this rotation.

~ The Editor

 3. CASA Fun Run, Oct. 9