Sherman County eNews #198


  1. Sherman County Court Notes, Aug. 3

  2. Sherman County Senior & Community Center Meal Prices to Increase, Sept. 1

  3. Free Psychological First Aid (PFA) Courses in The Dalles, Sept. 14

  4. Ag Drone Rodeo, Aug. 18-19

  5. 100th Anniversary of Happy Canyon pageant; Saddle Bronc Rider Jackson Sundown

  6. Sherman County Fair Land Products – Division H

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1.Sherman County Court Notes, Aug. 3

~ By Administrative Assistant Lauren Hernandez

ShermanCoLogo(A brief summary of topics addressed – not official minutes. For details, please see the official approved minutes posted after the August 17 Court session on the Sherman County website at

The Sherman County Court met in regular session on August 3, 2016, and in conducting the business of the county,

  • met by phone with Marvin Pohl, Mid-Columbia Council of Governments, and Jan Byram, Senior Center Director, about the 2016 Senior Needs Assessment Survey; the purpose of the survey is to gain information about senior needs regarding housing, care giving, transportation, referrals, and more; the survey will help identify program needs; Jan expressed the concern that patrons may believe if they do not fill the survey out, they will no longer be eligible for meals; the survey is voluntary, and any questions may be skipped; when seniors fill out the survey, it is helpful in maintaining funding for current programs and allows for possible future funding options; the survey will be handed out; Jan informed the Court about the new hire for head cook; the Court approved the new hire for head cook pending passing a background check;
  • met with Dan Pehlke, City of Rufus Mayor, about downtown improvement funds; the funds are intended to improve the look of downtown in cities with a focus on businesses; if the program is successful, the Budget Committee may approve similar allocations in the future; currently, applications for the funds will go to the downtown improvement groups in each city and will then be taken to the city so the city can decide how to allocate the funds; the process for the best way to allocate the funds is still being explored; Dan explained Rufus doesn’t have a large downtown area and instead, Rufus collectively realizes an outdoor park would benefit the city; downtown improvement funds may be used as a match for grant dollars to support this project; the Court expressed a unified voice from the city about the use of the funds is the right approach; the park is in conceptual design and Rufus may apply for the funds next year; Jeff Holliday, Rufus City Administrator, gave a brief update about real estate sales at Gorge Vista and the Industrial Park;
  • heard concerns from Road Master Mark Coles about a raised crosswalk, a utility ditch, and the curb at the corner of the library on High School Loop; plowing snow will be difficult on the raised crosswalk, and the curb is close to the travel lane; the raised crosswalk will be used to slow traffic and will serve as a pedestrian crossing; when plowing, the crosswalk and/or the curb may sustain some damage from the grader; discussion was held about the possibility of markers to flag the curb’s location; the parking lot will be well lit; safety of students and pedestrians is priority, and the crosswalk creates a centralized corridor for pedestrians in an area with the least impact on traffic; the Road Department will adjust to using equipment in the new area with the understanding that some damage to the curb may occur and will be repaired; potential parking issues were discussed;
  • entered into executive session in accordance with ORS 192.660 (2) (i) Personnel;
  • approved a Declaration of Sherman County in Support of Plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgment and authorized Commissioner McCoy to sign pending approval by County counsel;
  • approved a Memorandum of Understanding between The Next Door, Inc. and Sherman County to provide parenting education classes and authorized Judge Thompson to sign;
  • approved an Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement to Provide Administrative Staff to Serve as the Coordinator for the Sherman County Local Community Advisory Council (LCAC) between North Central Public Health District and Sherman County and authorized Judge Thompson to sign pending amending the LCAC Coordinator Services Summary to include a bullet for Other duties as assigned;
  • authorized payment of a monthly fee of $27.25 for the repeater on the Grain Tower to provide internet service to several Sherman County citizens, authorized moving the payment of the bill from James McCullough to Sherman County, and authorized Commissioner Smith to sign;
  • accepted a proposal from Rural Development Initiatives to provide two Fair Board training retreats for a cost of $2,500;
  • approved the County Application for Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs Funds for fiscal year 2016-2017 with a budget of $118,980 and authorized Judge Thompson to sign;
  • authorized changing the second phase of the fiber project to Grass Valley and the third phase of the fiber project to Rufus and authorized Judge Thompson to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between Sherman County and Frontier Telenet once approved by County counsel;
  • approved the expenditure of purchasing and repairing the Community Transit bus for preschool transportation;
  • discussed a thank you letter from Little Wheats, Inc., a long-range planning resident survey, workforce housing, and an update about internet at the library;
  • heard reports from Court members about regional board activities.

2. Sherman County Senior & Community Center Meal Prices to Increase, Sept. 1

dollar.bills2Sherman County Senior & Community Center, after 10 years of serving lunch with the same price schedule, will increase meal prices effective September 1, 2016.

The suggested donation price for those 60 and over will be $4.00, for those from 13-60 years of age $7.00 and for those under 12 $3.00.

This increase is caused by the continuing rise in the cost of food and labor in the market today. The Senior Center staff thanks you for your continued patronage and support.

3. Free Psychological First Aid (PFA) Courses in The Dalles, Sept. 14

Wasco County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and North Central Public Health District are pleased to offer FREE Psychological First Aid (PFA) courses in The Dalles on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016.

The morning course (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) is intended to prepare all first responders to provide basic care, comfort and support to people who are experiencing disaster-related stress, and recognize signs of stress in clients, co-workers and themselves. First responders will learn and apply psychological first aid principles in providing immediate support; obtain mental health support for yourself, co-workers and clients.

The link to register for the morning course is:

The afternoon course (2 p.m. to 6 p.m.) is intended to teach community members to build their own resilience (ability to recover quickly after difficult times). If you are interested in learning to recognize stress and how to react to it, provide immediate support and introduce coping skill to members of your family/friends/neighbors, provide emotional support for one another in times of stress/crisis/disaster, and guidance on how and when to seek additional support and community resources, the link to Psychological First Aid and Resilience for Families, Friends and Neighbors is:

Both courses are taught by Red Cross Disaster Mental Health professionals and were made possible by Oregon Health Authority.

Location: Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue, 1400 West 8th St., The Dalles, OR

You MUST register to attend. Class size is limited and registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Classes usually fill quickly, so register TODAY!

(For more information, please contact North Central Public Health District at (541) 506-2600 or visit us on the web at

4. Ag Drone Rodeo, Aug. 18-19

Register for the Pendleton Ag Drone Rodeo on August 18-19 to learn first-hand … This event is FREE to attend. Visit to RSVP today.

5. 100th Anniversary of Happy Canyon pageant; Saddle Bronc Rider Jackson Sundown

cowboy.rodeoA new exhibit at Tamástslikt Cultural Institute, “Legend & Legacy: Jackson Sundown and Happy Canyon A Century Later”, opens Saturday, September 2, 2016, near Pendleton. Opening day is free to the public.

This year marks the official 100th anniversary of the Happy Canyon pageant, a nightly show presented during the Pendleton Round-Up each year. Roy Raley, the Pendleton Round-Up’s first president, believed that the community and visitors attending the Round-Up needed first-class community entertainment for their evenings. Working with local Tribal members and historians, Raley wrote the script for Happy Canyon, planned the scenery, and directed the first pageants. Today’s pageant begins with the portrayal of the early American Indian culture. Emigrants, seeking a new life, come to the frontier and soon the two cultures clash. Fighting breaks out, then peace comes and the scene changes to that of a wild frontier town. The show ends with a patriotic flourish that is unique and not seen anywhere else.

It is also the anniversary of the famous 1916 saddle bronc ride of Jackson Sundown for which he won the World Title in the Saddle Bronc Championship at the Pendleton Round-Up. Jackson, a well known horseman and a Nez Perce Tribal member, was a crowd favorite with his big sombrero and his hair in braids, tied under his chin held in place with a handkerchief, with bright colored shirt, and angora chaps. In 1911, Sundown made the Saddle Bronc Finals for the World Championship at the Pendleton Round-Up, which ended in controversy and protest. He competed against George Fletcher, an African American, and John Spain, a European American. In 1915, Sundown made the Saddle Bronc Finals for the World Championship at the Pendleton Round-Up, and again placed third. A friend paid his entry fee and convinced him to ride again in 1916 where he ultimately won the world championship over two European American cowboys.

The exhibition, created and curated by staff, historians, and collectors, includes artifacts, photos, and written stories. Visitors will learn about the history of the Happy Canyon Pageant and the Umatilla Confederated Tribes’ participation in its story and presentation as well as the championship ride of Jackson Sundown.

The exhibit will be open through October 29, 2016.

 6. Sherman County Fair Land Products – Division H


Read carefully the general rules in the front of the Premium Book and on our web page


Entry Fees:

  1. No Entry fees for this division

Entries Accepted:

  1. Entries will be accepted until 6:00 pm on  Wednesday August 24, 2016
  2. Entries for the Land Products Division are made in the Open Class building, located under the main grandstands.
  3. Entry form follows this section and can also be found on our website on the forms tab.
  4. Junior Class just add the letter “J” behind the class number.  You are junior if you are in the grades of 9-12.
  1. Entries must be made by 6:00 pm on Wednesday of Fair week and delivered at the time of entry.
  3. Specific number of items to bring are listed after each item

Release of Exhibits:

Exhibits will be released on Sunday August 28, at 4:00 p.m. this time is subject to change and will be posted in the Open Class Pavilion and announced during the fair week.

Premiums for Open Class land products

1st Place              $4.00

2nd Place              $2.00

3rd Place              $1.00

Class #

5001      Beans –‐ (4) (Green Bush, Pole, Wax)

5002      Beets, Table –‐ (4), trim to 2” tops

5003      Broccoli –‐ 2 heads or 3 side shoots, in water

5004      Cabbage, Green –‐ 1 head

5005      Cabbage, Red 1 head

5006      Carrots –‐ (4), trim tops to 2”

5007      Cauliflower –‐ 1 head

5008      Corn on cob, Sweet –‐ 4 ears

5009     Corn on cob, Other – 4 ears

5010      Cucumbers, slicing –‐ (4)

5011     Cucumbers, Lemon – (4)

5012     Cucumbers, pickling – (4)

Herbs 3 stems, display in water

5013      Basil

5014      Chives (bunch approx. 1/2 inch diameter)

5015      Cilantro

5016      Dill (1 stem)

5017      Lavender – 3 stems with blooms and foliage attached

5018      Lemon Balm

5019      Marjoram

5020      Mint

5021      Oregano

5022      Parsley, Curly

5023      Parsley, Italian

5024      Rosemary

5025      Sage

5026      Tarragon

5027      Thyme

5028      Other

From the Garden

50291   Eggplant – (2) (Classic)

50292  Eggplant – (2) Oriental or Other)

5030      Garlic, Elephant ‐ (2)

5031      Garlic, Small garlic – (4)

5032      Kohlrabi – (2)

5033      Lettuce, Head – 1 head

5034      Lettuce, Leaf (with root, in water)

5035      Onions, Dry, (4)  (cured for storage) (Yellow, White, Red, Green)

5036     Onions, Walla Walla  (4)

5037     Leeks, (4)

5038      Parsnips –‐ (4)

5039      Peppers, Bell –‐ (2)  ( Green, Red, Yellow, Other)

5040     Peppers, Other  -(2) ( Jalapeno, Cayenne, Hot Wax, Banana, Other)

5041      Peas, Snap –‐ 12 pods

5042     Peas, Sugar pod –12 pods

5043      Pumpkins, Standard pie, Jack O’ Lantern —  (1)

5044     Pumpkins, Miniature, decorative (2”x3”),  (4)

5045      Squash, Patty Pan, (2)

5046      Squash, Yellow, (2)

5047      Squash, Zucchini (10” long max) (1)

5048      Squash, Other Summer Squash (2)

5049      Squash, Banana, (1)

5050      Squash, Butternut,( 2)

5051      Squash, Danish,( 2)

5052      Squash, Hubbard, (1)

5053      Squash, Spaghetti, (2)

5054      Squash. Other Winter Squash

5055      Tomatoes, Slicing, (4)  (can be green or ripe)

5056      Tomatoes, Cherry (10)

5057      Tomatoes, Pear, (10)

5058      Tomatoes, Roma, (4)

5059      Turnips –‐ (4)

5060      Potatoes, White, (4)

5061      Potatoes, Russet, (4)

5062      Potatoes, Red, (4)

5063      Potatoes, Yellow, (4)

5064      Potatoes, Other (4)

5065      Ground Cherries –‐ (10)

5066      Radishes , Red table, (4) with 2” tops

5067      Radishes, White Icicle, (4) with 2” tops

5068      Radishes, Red Icicle (4) with 2” tops

5069      Gourds, Large, (1)

5070      Gourds, Small, (4)

5071      Other (any thing not listed above)

Garden Oddities – Bring 1

Largest in size, or interesting shape

5072      Cabbage

5073      Potato

5074      Pumpkin or Squash

5075      Onion

5076      Watermelon

5077      Turnip

5078      Any Other



5079      Tallest stalk of corn

5080      Tallest sunflower

5081      Tallest Holly Hock

5082      Any Other Tallest

Fruits & Nuts

5083      Apples –‐ plate of 4, any variety

5084      Apricots –‐ plate of 4

5085      Pears –‐ plate of 4, any variety

5086      Peaches –‐ plate of 4, any variety

5087      Prunes –‐ plate of 4, any variety

5088      Plums –‐ plate of 4, any variety

5089      Grapes —‐ 2 bunches, any variety

5090      Berries, Blackberries, up to 3 cups

5091      Berries, Blueberries, up to 3 cups

5092      Berries, Raspberries, red or black, up to 3 cups

5093      Berries, Strawberries, up to 3 cups

5094      Berries, Other, up to 3 cups

5095      Nuts –‐ Any Variety, (1/2 in shells, 1/2 shelled)

5096      Melon, – Cantaloupe (1)

5097      Melon, Honeydew (1)

5098      Melon, Watermelon (1)

5099      Melon, Other (1)

5100      Rhubarb –‐ 4 stalks

5101      Other

General Fruit and Garden Exhibit

5102      Best General Exhibit of Vegetable and/or Fruit. Overall size of display should not exceed three feet in length. Width approximate 2 feet


5103      White, 1 dozen

5104      Brown, 1 dozen

5105      Colored, 1 dozen

5106      Smallest, 1 egg

5107      Largest, 1 egg (must be blown if old)

5108      Other, 1 dozen

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