Sherman County eNews #196


  1. Sherman County Sheriff’s Office July Incident Report

  2. Gorge Night Sky Symposium, Registration Deadline Aug. 5

  3. OP-ED: “A ‘Better Way’ forward for Oregon and America”

  4. Sherman County Fair Kid’s Corner – Division N

  5. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

 1.Sherman County Sheriff’s Office July Incident Report



2. Gorge Night Sky Symposium, Registration by Aug. 5

StarYellowFriends of the Goldendale Observatory, Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, and the Goldendale Chamber of Commerce invite you to the Gorge Night Sky Symposium, August 18-19, 2016. Registration deadline is August 5, 2016, and space is limited, so reserve your spot soon! We hope you can join us!

The Symposium, part of the larger Gorge Night Sky < > project, is taking aim at light pollution by focusing on community education of Dark-Sky standards and energy efficient LED options. With the increase of highly efficient LED lighting options, homeowners, businesses, and cities are upgrading their outdoor lights. While the efficiencies in lighting are increasing, the amount of light pollution is also rising. This increase in light pollution poses a risk to the rural dark sky in the Columbia River Gorge and Goldendale Observatory State Park, only one of only twenty International Dark-Sky Association certified observatories on earth.

The Gorge Night Sky Symposium will be hosted at Goldendale Observatory State Park in Goldendale, WA, on the evening of August 18, and at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in The Dalles, OR, all day on August 19. The event will focus on bringing together lighting professionals, astronomy experts, lighting vendors and large end-users, utilities, and city and county decision-makers to discuss light pollution issues, Dark-Sky standards and possible solutions in the Columbia River Gorge, such as stocking energy efficient LED options that meet standards, point of sale rebate programs, and developing local lighting ordinances.

3. OP-ED: “A ‘Better Way’ forward for Oregon and America”

By Rep. Greg Walden

American flag1As I listen to people during meetings throughout our state (I recently held my 51st town hall since the beginning of last year), Oregonians too often voice the same concerns: an overreaching federal government that ignores our pleas, overregulates our lives and depresses job growth in our communities.

That’s why I put forward legislation that positively addresses the problems we face.  Seven of my proposals have passed the U.S. House so far this term—most with unanimous support—including my bills to help bring commercial air service back to Klamath Falls, provide needed funding for bridges in the Columbia Gorge, and to improve rural internet service for consumers.

Within the past year, Congress has given law enforcement and drug prevention advocates new tools to help fight addiction in our communities. We’ve passed plans to help veterans get better health care in the communities where they live. Seniors no longer face a planned drastic spike in Medicare premiums or a cut for Social Security disability recipients. A long-term transportation funding plan and a major education reform proposal have also become law.

While I’m proud of these successes, there is still much to be done to push back against an overreaching federal government. That’s why House Republicans have proposed a new agenda—called “A Better Way”—to offer solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face in Oregon and America. I encourage you to go read it yourself on my website: Some highlights of our plan include:

Growing jobs and the economy: Too many small businesses, farmers, and ranchers in Oregon face overbearing federal regulations that are often written by agencies far away in Washington, D.C. Last year alone, federal regulations cost the national economy about $1.89 trillion in lost growth and productivity. Our plan makes sure the regulatory regime works for us—not against us. For instance, we’d require that the Congress, accountable to the people, approve all major regulations. Our plan would also help boost affordable, reliable energy and preserve internet innovation so that jobs can flourish.

Combating poverty: Fifty years ago, the U.S. government launched the “War on Poverty.”  American taxpayers have invested $22 trillion since then, yet you are just as likely to stay poor if you were born poor today as you were then. And according to a state report last year, Oregon’s poverty rate is higher than the national average (and the rate is even higher in many rural counties). The current system too often replaces work, instead of encouraging it. There’s a better way to help the over 46 million Americans who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. Our plan offers solutions to expand opportunity and reward work.

Implementing real health reform: The new health care law, known as Obamacare, is driving up insurance costs and reducing choices for too many Oregonians. The state wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on Cover Oregon and now is mired in costly litigation.  Meanwhile, people are left to cope with more insurers leaving the market, and two new health “co-ops” set up by the law have already folded. There’s a better way to give everyone access to quality, affordable health care. Our plan would replace Obamacare with a new one that provides consumers more choices, lowers costs, focuses on curing deadly diseases like cancer, and strengthens and preserves Medicare.

Our “Better Way” plan upholds our Constitution rights and makes government more accountable and transparent to the people. We have ideas to boost our national security, combat terrorism, and ensure our troops and veterans have what they need. And we propose reforming the nation’s tax code to make it simpler and fairer for Oregon families and small businesses.

I’d encourage you to go read the entire plan, with hundreds of ideas to solve problems in our communities, on my website at There, you can let me know what you think of these ideas or offer some of your own. Together, there’s a better way to get Oregon and America back on track.

Greg Walden represents Oregon’s Second Congressional District, which covers 20 counties in southern, central, and eastern Oregon.

4. Sherman County Fair Kid’s Corner – Division N

teamworkManyHandsKid’s CORNER – DIVISION N_

Read carefully the general rules in the front of the Premium Book and on our web page

Age Groups: Determined by grade just completed.

N-1 Kindergarten & under

N-2 Grades 1 & 2

N-3 Grades 3, 4 & 5

N-4 Grades 6, 7 & 8

Entry Fees:

  1.    No Entry fees for this division 

Entries Accepted:

  1. Entries will be accepted until 6:00 pm on  Wednesday August 24, 2016
  2. Entries for the Kids Corner Division are made in the Open Class building, located under the main grandstands.
  3. Entry form follows this section and can also be found on our website on the forms tab.
  4. Entries must be made by 6:00 pm on Wednesday of Fair week however the baked goods can be delivered Thursday morning by 8:15 before judging.  (They must be entered on Wednesday)
  5. All paintings and drawings must be matted or framed
  1. Cooking classes NO shared batches, please!
  2. Cooking classes must be made from scratch and have recipe attached. All items must be on a paper plate and covered with plastic wrap or a zip-lock bag.
  3. Please bring cakes on cardboard or board covered with foil, no plates, and covered with plastic wrap. You may submit ½ of the cake if you prefer.

Release of Exhibits:

Exhibits will be released on Sunday August 28, at 4:00 p.m. this time is subject to change and will be posted in the Open Class Pavilion and announced during the fair week.

Premiums for Kid’s Korner

1st Place              $4.00

2nd Place              $2.00

3rd Place              $1.00


Cooking    Recipe attached, items on a paper plate and covered with plastic wrap or a zip-lock                                           bag.

Class #

900        Drop Cookies (plate of 6)

901        Rolled/molded Cookies (plate of 6)

902        Bar Cookies (plate of 6)

903        No bake Cookies (plate of 6)

904        Candy, (plate of 6 pieces)

905        Cake, layer (may bring only 1/2 of cake if you prefer)

906        Cake, sheet (may only bring 1/2 of cake if you prefer)

973        Jam

974        Bread, 1 loaf any flavor

990        Other


907        Garden Vegetable Display (must have at least 3 veggies up to 7 veggies) bringing your own           display container is encouraged but not required.

908        Fruit Display (must have at least 3 fruits up to 7 fruits) bringing your own display container             is encouraged but not required.

909        Your favorite vegetable from the garden (just 1 please)

910        Your favorite fruit or berry from the garden (up to 2 cups)

911        Houseplants – 1 specimen

912        Sunflower Large variety, (1 entire head)

913        Garden Giant, (1 item please)

971        Herbs, any variety

972        Gladiolus

975        Snap Dragon

976        Flower Arrangement,

977        Pumpkin, 1 specimen

978        Pumpkin, white, 1 specimen

979        Potatoes, plate of 4 any variety

980        Eggs, white1 dozen

9801      Eggs, Brown 1 dozen

9802      Eggs, colored 1 dozen

9803      Egg, smallest 1 egg

9804      Egg, largest 1 egg

981        Squash, 1 specimen any variety

982        Tomatoes, plate of 4, slicing

983        Tomatoes, plate of 10, pear or cherry

984        Daisy, single or cone flower

Sewing & knitting

914        Clothing

915        Quilt Patch (12” x 12”)

916        Pillow

917        Cross Stitch

918        No Sew blanket

919        Needlepoint

920        Quilt

921        Other

922     Creative Collection (stabilized please)

Collections (must have at least 5 pieces)

985        Stuffed Animals

986        Dolls

987        Dishes/glassware

988        Stamps/sports cards

989        Any Other

923     Do-It-Yourself Kit – Stabilized please

Holiday Decoration  (please bring at least one)

924        Christmas

925        Halloween

926        Easter

927        Other

928     Pumpkin Painting  (bring pumpkin painted to exhibit)

929     Art from Recycled Materials

Other Mediums

930        Woodworking

931        Puff Paint

932        Tye Dye

933        Jewelry

934        Leather

935        Clay, Modeling

936        Play Dough

937        Ceramics

938        Craft Foam

939        Other


940        Poem (matted)

941        Book

942        1  page story (matted)

943        Scrapbook (whole book/ album)

Drawing-original (must be matted or framed)

944        Crayon

945        Color pencil

946        Pencil

947        Ink

948        Marker

949        Chalk

950        Watercolor

951        Other

Printed Drawing   ( Ages N-1, N-2 only) (must be matted or framed)

952        Crayon

953        Color pencil

954        Marker

955        Coloring Book Page

956        Other

Painting-Original  (must be matted or framed)

957        Oil

958        Watercolor

959        Acrylic

960        Tempera

961        Tempera/oil

962        Other

Painting – Printed   (must be matted or framed)

963        Oil

964        Watercolor

965        Tempera

966        Other

967     Legos _(must be stabilized on cardboard or wood please)

968     K-Nex    (must be stabilized on cardboard or wood please)

969     Erector Set   (must be stabilized on cardboard or wood please)

970     Fair Theme, (be creative)  “country pride county wide”


Sherman County Fair Open Class Entry Form

Name: ______________________________________________________

Mailing Address:  _____________________________________________


(Complete mailing address, please)

Please circle you’re age  (determined by grade just completed)

N 1  Kindergarten & under

N 2  Grades 1 & 2

N 3  Grades 3,4 & 5

N 4  Grades 6,7, & 8

  Class # Age Description of item


5. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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