Sherman County eNews #188


  1. Volunteer Opportunities at the Sherman County Fair!

  2. Why should your business support the local 4-H (& FFA) Livestock Auction?

  3. Sherman County Court Agenda, Aug. 3

  4. OregoniansGive Builds on National GivingTuesday Uniting Nonprofits

  5. A Clean Sheet of Paper

  6. History Tidbits. Measure 5 Makes School Consolidation Inevitable

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Volunteer Opportunities at the Sherman County Fair!

teamworkManyHandsThe Sherman County Fair offers opportunities for volunteers will contribute to success and meet and greet new and old friends!

  1. Open Class Building, several volunteers are needed to assist with entry check-in August 24 and exhibit display and ribbon placement August 25.
  2. Open Class Building, one person or teams of two, one-hour shifts, August 26, 27 & 28.
  3. One volunteer or a team of two to water plants on the fairgrounds during fair week, August 22-28.
  4. Up to 8 Ticket Takers, Saturday evening, August 27, and Sunday afternoon, August 28th; will not be handling any cash.
  5. Roll up your sleeves for other opportunities before the county fair opens!
  6. Contact Beth at to let her know what you would like to do and when!

2. Why should your business support the local 4-H (& FFA) Livestock Auction?

~ By Natalie Nicole Harris

4-H clover1Before you read this please know it is coming from my point of view as a past 10 year 4-H member, current 4-H volunteer and parent of a current 4-H’er! My thoughts are based on my experience and love for this organization! As a successful business woman I have supported and purchased many animals on behalf of my employers in the past. I have seen the return of my investment personally and would like to spread the word of this great organization, 4-H.

Your local County Fair auction is the culmination of a year of hard work and dedication by these young entrepreneurs. Yes, I think of each 4-H’er as a young business person because they invest their love, time and energy into their livestock project. It is up to us as professionals to invest in the youth of 4-H by purchasing their animals. In many cases this is their first real transaction in the business world, selling a product for a profit.  I would guess that over 80% of these kids will then invest their hard earned money into a savings account to go toward college tuition! It’s also about so much more than money! They are thinking long term, not focused on an X-Box! I feel that says a lot in today’s world of gaming and digital use.  These children will learn professionalism and pride while displaying their livestock or other projects at the fair!

The dedication you have to your livestock is of the utmost responsibility. My 4-H’er (Lane, 9 years old) has been a part of his project since the animals were bred! He witnessed the birth and has been in contact daily with his animals, feeding, grooming, training, etc. Yes. I am bragging on my son, but really all 4-H’ers because it is not just about him. These kids are learning real life lessons that will prepare them for the future!

Through these projects, 4-H’ers learn numerous valuable life skills and lessons, including: the value of time management skills to meet their goals and responsibilities ; the importance of managing their own financial resources and making business decisions; proper animal care and livestock production practices; the value of leadership, teamwork, good sportsmanship and competition (New Mexico University).

Think of it this way, by going to the local 4-H auction you will not only support your local community but also be investing in some of the future top professionals and leaders! Children who were a part of 4-H are statistically more likely to go to college, have better work ethic and over all, be more successful! You could potentially be investing in the future leaders of your company! Many top entertainers, CEOs and politicians got their start in 4-H! Here are a few successful people who started in 4-H:

    • Norman Brown – President and CEO of W.K. Kellogg Foundation
    • Zoe Coulson – Vice President of Campbell Soup Company
    • James Glass – Executive Vice President of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
    • Karol Nickell – Vice President and Editor in Chief of Better Homes & Gardens Mag
    • Harold Poling – CEO Ford Motor Company

I think we are on to something here! 4-H teaches youth so many valuable life lessons that will prepare them for their chosen careers and not just in agriculture! Many might even seek employment with those organizations that supported them in 4-H. I did, and I am proud of it!

Maybe you’re asking yourself “what am I going to do with all that meat?” Well, my first suggestion would be to eat it! This will be some of the highest quality meat you can buy!  If that is not an option for you then I have the solution, donate the meat to the local food pantry! Problem solved! Now for the animal rights activists who are against the slaughter of animals, I can’t change your mindset and I value your opinions but I will argue that the majority of these animals have been treated with tender loving care, fed the best grains and hay, provided clean water and kept under fans, washed and brushed daily in many cases. I would even linger to say and it hurts my heart to even mention it, but I know that most of these animals are treated better then some children in our country! So by supporting 4-H you are also supporting the growth of future caring, community minded individuals who will give back to the world and help be a better steward of the environment!

I promise that you will be amazed by our 4-H youth! I challenge you to get to know them, stop and chat for awhile, ask them questions and I know you will see the value in this organization! Think of it as an investment in the future, with a high return!

I geared this toward the livestock auction portion of 4-H but 4-H offers so many project choices for our youth; clothing, crafts, gardening, woodworking, welding, research projects, bicycle, shooting sports, livestock judging, pubic speaking, cooking, etc.  I could go on and on! Even if livestock isn’t your thing 4-H has something for all walks of life. Check out the project buildings at your local fair! If you are interested in more information on 4-H go to their website at Thanks for reading and please share!

3. Sherman County Court Agenda, Aug. 3

SCCourt.Agenda August 3 2016


4. OregoniansGive Builds on National GivingTuesday Uniting Nonprofits

The team behind #OregoniansGive announced plans for the 2016 campaign this week, opening registration for every nonprofit across the state of Oregon and setting ambitious goals for the annual day of giving which will take place on November 29.

Launched in 2015, #OregoniansGive builds on the national #GivingTuesday message by uniting nonprofits throughout the state of Oregon to celebrate the positive work underway by these organizations. The campaign encourages all citizens to play a role in developing a brighter future for our community.

“In our first year, we helped raise more than $1.8 million for nonprofits in almost every corner of the state,” said Agnes Zach, #OregoniansGive Chair and Executive Director, Willamette Valley Development Officers. “In 2016, we want to reach every single Oregonian. If every person in the state gives just one dollar to a nonprofit they believe in on #GivingTuesday, we can double our results and provide all of these worthy organizations with an incredible boost to start 2017.”

It’s About Community, Not Competition

A rising tide lifts all boats. As a collective of existing organizations, #OregoniansGive is not a new nonprofit seeking funds for its own cause. Instead, it is a platform to promote and celebrate the positive work underway by nonprofits around the state and the generosity of every Oregonian. Its goal is to create an environment that promotes even more giving, volunteering and community engagement.

“Nonprofits often feel like they have to compete with one another for resources,” said Zach. “#OregoniansGive wants to eliminate that approach. If we work together, we can raise awareness on an exponential level. We can help shine a brighter light on more organizations and encourage more donors to contribute more time and money to help create a brighter future for our communities.”

More than 700 nonprofits took part in the inaugural campaign in 2015 and organizers aim to push that figure over 1,000 for 2016. There is no cost to any organization to take part in the #OregoniansGive campaign. Individuals donate to the organization of their choosing and 100% of all contributions made go directly to the organization.

How to Sign Up Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits interested in joining #OregoniansGive are encouraged to sign up at where they will receive more information on the campaign, as well as valuable resources to help incorporate #OregoniansGive and #GivingTuesday into their end-of-year giving plans.

Organizations that are signed on for the 2016 campaign will have access to ongoing support throughout the coming months, including training opportunities, promotion across a variety of channels and community support from fellow nonprofits.

About #GivingTuesday

Started in 2012, #GivingTuesday is a global movement that lends balance to the focus on shopping and buying fueled by the deals offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The social media-driven event encourages charities, families, businesses, students and individuals to celebrate generosity and give to the organizations that make an impact in their community. Since its launch, #GivingTuesday has raised millions of dollars for tens-of-thousands of organizations.

About #OregoniansGive

#OregoniansGive celebrates all contributions from every resident — from born and bred natives to recent transplants — that make the state of Oregon what it is today and open the door for a brighter future. Following a rousing success in 2014, organizers of #PDXGives expanded their efforts to connect all nonprofits across the state of Oregon for the annual #GivingTuesday day of generosity. In 2015, the #OregoniansGive movement raised more than $1.8 million for organizations in every corner of the state. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

5. A Clean Sheet of Paper

pencil.sharpToday, imagine yourself as a business, one that manufacturers several lines of product. Imagine that this organization is creating a new product line, and for the first time in your industry’s history, you are approaching this new product with “a clean sheet of paper.” In fact, you are approaching it from an entirely new perspective.

How many times have we gone about doing a job or a task the same way because, “We always do it this way”? How many times, because of rushed time schedules or convenience, have we fallen into old patterns? While they may be tried and true, and one can have confidence in some process that we know works, what are we potentially giving up? What might we be missing?

The history books are riddled with people who have come up with new ways of looking at the status quo, and revolutionized an industry. Henry Ford, commonly accredited with the assembly line, switched perspectives and simply moved the car and not the workers. Perhaps without knowing exactly what he was doing, Ford gave up the problem to his subconscious and reticular activating system to solve the challenge.

So, what do you have coming up that might benefit from “a clean sheet of paper”? It could be a challenge in your business, or in your personal or professional life. Give your reticular activating system the goal of finding a new way to accomplish a challenge. You may find yourself doing something as simple as finding a different way home from work, looking up, and finding your own revolutionary new way of looking at the future.  ~ The Pacific Institute

6. History Tidbits. Measure 5 Makes School Consolidation Inevitable

From The Dalles Chronicle, May 2, 1991: “Measure 5 makes school consolidation inevitable. School district consolidation is a perennially hot issue in the local area, with voters in recent years facing measures in The Dalles, southern Wasco County and Sherman County. The most recent attempt by proponents of school consolidation is in Sherman County, where voters will begin deciding Monday whether to change the county’s four school districts into one.

“Thanks to Ballot Measure 5 local voters within a few years probably will not have the luxury of deciding their local school boundaries. Even if Sherman County voters decide this month to retain their local elementary school districts, the decision for a county-wide school district will be made for them by the Legislature. One such consolidation bill already has passed the Senate, and passage appears likely in the House.

“While Measure 5 was passed by voters because it offered the promise of a cap on property taxes, the measure also includes a provision that received less publicity. It requires that any reduction in revenue from property taxes be made up by the Legislature, and that requirement is a clear transfer of economic authority from the local voters to the state government.

“If the state had a huge budget surplus, that transfer of authority might not affect school district boundaries. But Measure 5 did not itself provide the state with an additional source of revenue to make up for the property tax losses, so the state finds itself in the position of having to look for every practical way of keeping costs down.

“One of those ways is to reduce the number of school districts. The Senate has taken a ‘quick and dirty’ approach to that, requiring g the unification of districts which don’t provide complete K-12 education.

“There is little doubt that school consolidation can save money, although it is a debatable issue how much and whether the savings are worth and the possible necessity of longer pupil transport distances and the loss of intangible factors such as community pride. But the state doesn’t have the luxury of looking at such issues in depth; without a sales tax, an income tax increase or some other form of new revenue, budgetary factors become the prime, and perhaps the only, consideration.

“In the past, voters in Sherman County have indicated that they believe the benefits of having several school districts outweighed the disadvantages. This month’s election could make the last time they have that choice.”

 7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do


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