Sherman County eNews #184


  1. Sherman County Court Notes, July 20

  2. Graduates of Firefighter One Academy

  3. Senator Ferrioli Responds to Governor Brown’s Gun Control Announcement

  4. Everyone Needs a Little Help

  5. History Tidbits: Stories about Kent

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“A republic … if you can keep it.” —Benjamin Franklin (1787)

1.Sherman County Court Notes, July 20

~ By Administrative Assistant Lauren Hernandez


(A brief summary of topics addressed – not official minutes. For details, please see the official approved minutes posted after the August 3rd Court session on the Sherman County website at

The Sherman County Court met in regular session on July 20th, 2016, and in conducting the business of the county,

  • heard quarterly reports from Jessica Metta, Mid-Columbia Economic Development District; Jan Byram, Senior Center Director; Shawn Payne, Emergency Services Director; Ron McDermid, Justice of the Peace; Dean Dark, Wildlife Services; Wes Owens, Sherman County School District Superintendent; Marnene Benson-Wood, Community Transit Coordinator; and Brian Hunt, Tri-County Veterans Service Officer;
  • met with Rod Asher, Weed District Director, and Paul Dornbirer, Lower Deschutes Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) Coordinator; Paul was the top candidate for the Lower Deschutes CWMA Coordinator and has accepted the full-time position; he would like to continue building the Lower Deschutes program and push for bio controls instead of only spraying herbicide; both the Weed Department and the Court would like a long-term plan for noxious weed control in the county;
  • heard a preschool transportation update from Amber DeGrange, Juvenile Director; a strong interest was shown in preschool transportation at open enrollment; of twenty students, fourteen were indicated as interested in using transportation; the preschool would like to use the bus from Community Transit to pilot a transportation program for students; the county will purchase the bus and lease it to the preschool; the Court authorized Judge Thompson to negotiate with Community Transit to purchase the bus for the preschool to use for one year contingent upon approval of this plan by the preschool;
  • approved the Transit Periodic Report for the 4th quarter for 2016;
  • approved the Wildlife Services Work and Financial Plan between Sherman County and the United States Department of Agriculture/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and authorized Judge Thompson to sign;
  • accepted the proposal in the amount of $6,870 for Wenaha Group to work with Sora Design Group to perform a feasibility study of the Wasco Annex remodel project to determine potential for reducing energy related operating costs for the renovated building and authorized Judge Thompson to sign;
  • appointed Brian Hulke to the Senior Center Advisory Committee for a term of three years to expire December 31, 2019;
  • discussed a comprehensive salary/personnel study and an Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement to provide administrative staff to serve as the coordinator for the Sherman County Local Community Advisory Council;
  • authorized hiring LGPI to proceed with a comprehensive salary/personnel study not to exceed $15,000;
  • heard reports from Court members about regional board activities.

2. Graduates of Firefighter One Academy

firetruck.redSouth Sherman Fire and Rescue is pleased to announce the graduation of the following firefighters from Firefighter One academy of 2016 –
John Herlocker III- Wamic Fire
Eric Hyatt- Wamic Fire
Ryce Ross- South Sherman Fire and Rescue
Scott Belshe- Moro Fire
Brendon Johnson- Wamic Fire
Amber Kuettel- South Sherman Fire and Rescue
Tyler Hubbard- Moro Fire
Ben Brooks- Wamic Fire
Zack Fluhr- South Sherman Fire and Rescue

The above firefighters endured 10 months of rigorous training both inside and outside the classroom. We are also proud to announce the graduation of Deanna Johnson from EMT Class of 2016. ~ Amber Kuettel

3. Senator Ferrioli Responds to Governor Brown’s Gun Control Announcement

Oregon.Flat.poleSalem, Ore. – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) released the following statement following Governor Kate Brown’s announcement Friday of her gun control plan that includes requiring Oregon State Police to retain firearms transaction data for five years:

“Kate Brown’s reckless attempt to politicize gun control while tension is significantly heightened across the country may propel us into a debate on the confiscation of private property and criminalization of law-abiding citizens and cause the kind of provocation almost guaranteed to produce more violence and anger.

“Instead of attacking the freedom and rights of law-abiding citizens through gun registries and bans, we should unite to address the real problem of inadequate mental health funding that leaves struggling individuals without the help they desperately need.

“The Governor will not mention that many mass shootings in Oregon have been by people who cannot legally own or possess a firearm, but obtained access to firearms illegally, including by theft. Treating the cause of the problems leading to hostility, including inadequate mental health care, is the only way to reduce incidents of random gun violence in Oregon and throughout the nation.”

4. Everyone Needs a Little Help

teamworkManyHandsWhat is a mentor? What is that mentors do? Can having a mentor help you succeed? Today we’re going to be answering these questions.

These days, there are many sophisticated tools available to help those who want to be successful. But one of the most valuable assets anyone can have is also one of the oldest. What we are talking about is a mentor – someone who can help you learn the ropes, find your way around obstacles, and chart a course that will get you where you want to go.

Just about every successful person you will read about, whether they are in business or one of the professions, sports, the arts, or any other field of endeavor, has had the benefit of at least one mentor. Very often, they’ve had many more than that. In many large corporations, one very successful way to get ahead is to be mentored by someone in a leadership position.

Mentors are people who have achieved success themselves and want to pass along what they’ve learned to others. (Many organizations have structured mentorship programs as a part of their leadership training.) Mentors don’t usually tell you what to do – that’s not their role – but they do help you weigh your options and think through decisions.

Mentors don’t only exist in large corporations, however. They exist in many areas of society, like the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. You, too, could be a mentor to someone looking for a little help in navigating the sometimes confusing paths of life. Everyone needs a little help, every once in a while.

So, who are you mentoring and who is mentoring you?  ~ The Pacific Institute

5. History Tidbits: Stories about Kent

Sherman County: For The Record is the twice-yearly historical anthology published by the Sherman County Historical Society 1983-2015. The many authors who contributed to For The Record provide a window into the past with memoirs, official records and wonderful photographs. Sherman County: For The Record may be purchased at the Sherman County Historical Museum, 200 Dewey Street, P.O. Box 173, Moro, OR 97039 or ordered by contacting the museum director, Patti Fields, at



Volume & Number

#1-2, 1983

Our County is Formed by Patty Moore

Excerpts from a World War I Diary by Frank von Borstel

#2-1, 1984

Kent from Early 1900 to 1983, Part One by Faye Howell Beyer

Sherman County Marriage Book A 1889-1895 compiled by Sherry Kaseberg (serial)

Sherman County Officers

#2-2, 1984

Kent from Early 1900 to 1983, Part Two by Faye Howell Beyer

 #3-1, 1985

Kent from Early 1900 to 1983 by Faye Howell Beyer

#3-2, 1985

The Kent Hotel, Kent and My Parents, Emma and Max Pluemke by Karl Pluemke

Pluemke Family by Karl Pluemke

Kent Additions and Corrections

More Kent Stories by Geraldine Tatum

#4-2, 1986

History of the Kent Community by Frank von Borstel, Jr.

A (McKay) Golden Wedding Tale by E.C. Cratty 

#7-1, 1989

Sherman County Centennial, 1889-1989

#7-2, 1989

The Bibby Family by Teresa Bibby

Legends of the Bibby Boys as told to Patty Moore

Eighty Years and Going Strong,

A Record of the Sherman County Fair by Patty Moore

#8-1, 1990

Friends & Neighbors 1989, Our Centennial Song by Mark Mobley & David Pshigoda 

#8-2, 1990

The Wilson Family by Pat Helyer

Jeremiah “Jerry” Wilson by Connie Wilson Peters

#9-1, 1991

As I Remember Grandma, Ruby B. Petteys and Her Siblings

by Dorothy Fairchild Francis 

#10-1, 1992

A Visit with Ted Kelly by Teresa Reeder Bibby

#12-2, 1994

The Fred Haynes Family by Rosaline Waldner Preston

#13-1, 1995

Six Years at Sea by Byron O. “Swede” Stark

Service Record by Clarence A. Young

#13-2, 1995

The World War II Home Front at Kent and Grass Valley by Dorothy Brown Benson

#14-1, 1996

Sherman County Connections in the

Wasco County Marriage Records 1859-1889 by Anita Kenny Drake (a series)

Sherman County Connections in the

Klickitat County Marriage Records 1871-1889 by Dorothy Brown Benson (a series)

#15-1, 1997

From England to Tasmania to Oregon to Sherman County

[Champion-Burton-Handley-Brown] by Dorothy Brown Benson

#15-2, 1997

Hans Bardenhagen by Terri Bibby

#16-2, 1998

Kent’s Flying Farmers by Patty Moore

Chisholm by Craig McRae Chisholm

Diary of Catherine McRae Chisholm

#18-2, 2000

Excerpts from Wasco and Sherman County Directory, 1898

Buck Hollow and the Deschutes River – Last Indian Fight from The Maupin Times

#19-1, 2001

Married Women’s Separate Property Register

Civil War Veterans – Sherman County, Oregon compiled by Sherry Kaseberg

Sherman County World War I Registration List of 1917 from Sherman County Observer, Moro, Oregon

#20-1, 2002

Trotter by Iva Viola Trotter Lane Manley

Sherman County Newspapers compiled by Sherry Kaseberg and Chris Sanders

#20-2, 2002

Sherman County Schools from the collections of Grace [May] Zevely

#21-1, 2003

Wasco, Hood River and Sherman County Directory, 1910

#21-2, 2003

Helyer by Pat Goodwin Helyer

Growing Up near Kent by Gordon D. “Don” Helyer

James E. Norton by Carole Norton Putman and Geraldine Norton Tatum

#22-1, 2004

Sherman County Red Cross Auxiliaries, Part One compiled by Chris Sanders

#22-2, 2004

The Liberty Telephone Company by George & Pat von Borstel

Sherman County Red Cross Auxiliaries, Part Two by Chris Sanders

#25-2 2007

Sherman County Pilots by Tom Eakin

#26-1 2008

Sherman County Pilots:

Kent’s Flying Farmers by Patty Moore

Donald von Borstel, OS2U Kingfisher compiled by Judy von Borstel

Don Mobley, P-3 Orion Pilot

#26-2 2008 [Sherman County & Rejneeshpuram]

#27-1 2009 [floods & freezes]

#27-2 2009 [floods]

December 1964

1964 Christmas Flood from The Sherman County Journal 24 December 1964

Grass Valley & Kent

The End of the Railroad: The Effects of Railroad Abandonment on Agricultural Areas by John F. Due

#28-1 2010 [fires]

#28-2 2010 [horses]

Fair Queens

#30-1 2012

Sherman County Journal & Rural Newspapers by McLaren Stinchfield

#30-2 2012

Old Barns in Sherman County by Carol MacKenzie

#31-1 2013

Lt. Commander Gordon D. Helyer, U. S. Navy by Pat (Goodwin) Helyer

Doc Sanders, Veterinarian by Chris Sanders

#31-2 2013

Sherman County Journal – 100 Years by Frederick K. Cramer

Kent Conservative Baptist Church by J.R. Keeney

#32-1 2014

The Adobe Point Kid: Part One by Harold Eugene Brown

O’Sullivan by Dwight Scheer

#32-2 2014

Muddy Boots & a Baby Shower by Rex Brown

The Adobe Point Kid: Part Two by Harold Eugene Brown

#33-1 2015

Waterproofing the Kids by Forest Peters

Red Cross Water Safety Program: Part One by Sherry Kaseberg & Chris Sanders

The Adobe Point Kid: Part Three by Harold Brown

#33-2 2015

Red Cross Water Safety Program: Part Two

Kent Light Plant

The Adobe Point Kid: Part Four by Harold Brown.


 6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“I suppose, indeed, that in public life, a man whose political principles have any decided character and who has energy enough to give them effect must always expect to encounter political hostility from those of adverse principles.” —Thomas Jefferson (1808)


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