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  1. Property Rights Research

  2. Letter to the Editor: Dental Services

  3. Counties Matter

  4. History Tidbits: Stories about Moro

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“I don’t believe you change hearts. I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate.” ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton

“I suppose, indeed, that in public life, a man whose political principles have any decided character and who has energy enough to give them effect must always expect to encounter political hostility from those of adverse principles.” —Thomas Jefferson (1808)

1.Property Rights Research

Welcome to! If God and Country and Family are your top priorities, you’ll like this site. If you believe that America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights are to be held inviolate and are NOT negotiable, you’ll feel right at home. If you cherish farmers, miners, ranchers, loggers, fishermen & recreationists, you’ve come to the right place. If you like to read truth, not fiction, please save to Favorites, and tell your freedom-loving family, friends and co-workers about — no matter where on earth they may live! This is a research, education and empowerment website. This effort does not dispense legal advice.” ~ Julie Smithson

2. Letter to the Editor: Dental Services

Greetings from Ashley Danielson with Advantage Dental!

Hello all,

I am a dental hygienist working for Advantage Dental. I live in Grass Valley and I am very excited for the opportunity to be providing preventative dental services in Sherman Co. I will be at the Senior Center in Moro on Aug 3rd from 10am – 4pm. I will be doing visual dental screenings, fluoride treatments, and sealants. I will also have toothbrush kits available. No appointment is necessary. This is friendly for ages 0-21 years old and pregnant women. There is NO charge for this service. I would love you see you so please come by! Also, I am happy to let you all know that I will be providing these same services during the school year. Please look for the Advantage Dental Consent form in your child’s school registration packet.

Your Child + Dental Services in the Community + Your Child’s Dentist =  A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles!

Ashley Danielson RDH, EPP

Regional Community Expanded Practice Permit Dental Hygienist

442 SW Umatilla Avenue Suite 200, Redmond, OR 97756 – 541-516-6929

3. Counties Matter

Shared State and County Services Serve the Same Oregonians!

~ Association of Oregon Counties

Oregon.Flat.poleThere have been counties in Oregon since before statehood.  Early county governments were limited in the services they provided, but since there was no state government, those services were vital to the well being of the residents of the Oregon territory.  The primary responsibilities for early county governments involved forest and farm to market roads, law enforcement, courts, care for the needy and tax collections.

In the 21st century, Oregon county governments face far more complex tasks because of the increasing demands of a growing population and diverse society. Today, Oregon counties are involved in a wide range of important public services like public health, mental health, community corrections, juvenile services, criminal prosecution, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, parks, libraries, land-use planning, building regulations, refuse disposal, elections, air-pollution control, veterans services, economic development, urban renewal, public housing, county fairs, museums, animal control, civil defense, senior services and many others.

Oregon counties team with the State of Oregon and the federal government to provide many of these vital public services in an efficient and cost effective manner.  With challenges facing government at all levels, Oregon counties are on the front line of making sure those vital public services continue and the people who need them receive them.

The State:

—general administrator

—state property manager

—state courts, patrol, prison

—child protection

—mental health hospital



—state parks.

Services Shared by County and State:


—assessment and taxation



—county jails

—community corrections

—court security

—district attorney


—juvenile services

—aging services

—alcohol/drug programs

—children and families

—developmental disabilities

—mental health services

—veterans’ services

—public health

—environmental health


—economic/community development




—Oregon Plan

—public forests

—federal land policy


—county fair




—property management


—county law library

—sheriff patrol

—medical examiner

—animal control

—solid waste


—capital projects

—county forests, parks


4. Solving Complex Problems

When you have a complex problem to solve, how do you go about solving it? Here is some information that might help you.

Sometimes, when we have complex or difficult problems to solve, our feelings of being under pressure cause us to push so hard for solutions that we wind up spinning our wheels. We study the problem from every possible angle, collect huge amounts of information, struggle hard and do lots of analysis. Still the answer evades us.

Some of this is because it’s hard for us to tolerate feeling confused for very long. We want certainty, and we want clear answers. However, sometimes it’s better not to push it. Dr. Peter Carruthers, one-time head of theoretical physics at Los Alamos National Laboratory, said that our unconscious is an important factor in solving complex problems.

This means that while you certainly need to collect all the information you can, and sometimes literally immerse yourself in the problem, at some point it’s important to back off and leave it alone for a while, trusting that creative, productive mental work will continue even if you’re not aware of it. Peak performers of all kinds demonstrate this and researchers confirm it: analysis and intuition are partners in creative work. They need each other to be truly effective.

People who won’t relax their dependence on concrete, countable information often just can’t see possibilities that don’t fit into what they already know. But, if you’re willing to let go for a while and let your creative subconscious have a turn, you may be surprised and pleased at the results. ~ The Pacific Institute

5. History Tidbits: Stories about Moro

Sherman County: For The Record is the twice-yearly historical anthology published by the Sherman County Historical Society 1983-2015. The many authors who contributed to For The Record provide a window into the past with memoirs, official records and wonderful photographs. Sherman County: For The Record may be purchased at the Sherman County Historical Museum, 200 Dewey Street, P.O. Box 173, Moro, OR 97039 or ordered by contacting the museum director, Patti Fields, at




Volume & Number

#1-1, 1983

History of the Sherman Co. Historical Society by Patty Moore

Me: An Autobiography by Giles French (a series)

#1-2, 1983

Our County is Formed by Patty Moore

My Cothran Family by Mabel Cothran White

#2-1, 1984

Will A. Raymond by Anita Kenny Drake

Sherman County Marriage Book A 1889-1895 compiled by Sherry Kaseberg (a series)

Sherman County Officers  

#3-1, 1985

Memories by Nancy Vie L. Sayrs Race

My McKean Family by Martha McKean Hastings

#4-1, 1986

A Journey to Old Mt. Hood 1896, from the DeMoss Family Diary

Memories by Eva Landry Ruggles Garlick

#4-2, 1986

Jay C. Freeman, Horse and Buggy Sheriff by Olga Samuelson Freeman

A Journey to Old Mt. Hood 1896, from the DeMoss Family Diary

#5-1, 1987

Civilian Conservation Corps, A History of Camp Moro by Patty Moore

Life as a CCC Enrollee, an Interview with Tex Irzyk

As an Army Officer in Charge by Karl Landstrom

#5-2, 1987

#6-1, 1988

Camp Sherman by Patty Moore

#6-2, 1988

A Tribute to Mama (Hattie Winebarger Miller) by Eva Miller Bear

Memories of Grandma (Hattie Winebarger Miller) by Debbie Miller Hagen

Starns Golden Wedding from The Observer, June 8, 1898

#7-1, 1989

Memories of a Bride in the Depression Years by Lucille McKinney May Loughrey

Sherman County Centennial, 1889-1989

J.B. Hosford, Journalist by Patty Moore 

#7-2, 1989

Eighty Years and Going Strong,

A Record of the Sherman County Fair by Patty Moore 

#8-1, 1990

Friends & Neighbors 1989, Our Centennial Song by Mark Mobley & David Pshigoda

#8-2, 1990

Our Hulse Family by Ivalou Peugh & Coramae Hulse

The Spirit of Yesterday (Josh and Emma Elliott) by Ernest S. Everett 

#9-1, 1991

The Moro Colony at Collins Hot Springs by Patty Moore

A Trip to the Beach in 1903 by E.H. Moore

#9-2, 1991

Reminiscence by Mary Elliott Everett

My Story by Ernest Sylvester Everett

Mary Anetta Elliott Everett by Mary Alice Kirk

The Robinson-Hockman Family by Mike Hockman

Our Family by Mollie Robinson McLachlan

#10-1, 1992

Growing Up, Part One:

Reatha (Sayrs) Coats

Charles Burnet

Althea (Powell) Burnet

Watch on the Rhine, WWI Letter from Loy Cochran to his father

#10-2, 1992

Claude J. Thompson, Founder of the Appaloosa Horse Club by Patty Moore

Poem: The Oregon Pioneers by Claude J. Thompson

Twelve Tractor Owners by Patty Moore

Growing Up, Part Two:

Marguerite Foss Kaseberg

#11-1, Spring 1993

My Military Experiences 1940-1946 by Paul A. Fraser 

#11-2 Fall 1993

The World War II Memories by Lloyd Henrichs 

#12-1, 1994

The Thomas B. Searcy Family,

Part One: Zebedee Shelton by Lena Shelton Searcy

The Searcy Family, Part Two by Helen Searcy Ruggles

#12-2, 1994

School, Sheep & Extension by Helen White Bruckert

WWII in the Air Force by Bob Boynton

#13-1, 1995

Army Experiences by Glenn Virtue with Patty Moore

#13-2, 1995

Home Front Memories by Nell Coats Melzer

#14-1, 1996

Frank Sayrs’ World War II Letters by Mary von Borstel Sayrs

Sherman County Connections in the

Wasco County Marriage Records 1859-1889 by Anita Kenny Drake (a series)

Sherman County Connections in the

Klickitat County Marriage Records 1871-1889 by Dorothy Brown Benson (a series)

#14-2, 1996

Lighter than a Feather: The Saga of a Balloonatic by Thomas Fraser, Jr. USAF

1916 Class Poem by Neale Freeman

Bomber Crewman in North Africa by Howard Conlee

#15-1, 1997

My Life in Moro with the Sherman Experiment Station by William “Bill” Hall

#16-1, 1998

The John Rusco Martin Family by Patty Moore

#16-2, 1998

Sherman County Folk Invited to Game, Barbecue

#17-1, 1999

Six Horses Hitched to the Moon: Tom Fraser’s Story Fraser by Tom Fraser, Jr.

Albert and Jessie Wright: Charlie and Eva Belshee by Beverly Martin Skinner

#18-1, 2000

Sherman County Poets’ Corner:

Sherman County’s Golden Grain by Effie Birks

Soldier by Paul Fraser

Eternity by Paul Fraser

What Did You Do In the War, Dad?

A tribute to Gordon Omar Fraser by Richard Fraser

Ink and Velvet: Anna Peetz’ Autograph Album

Milbra, Erskineville, Erskine by Anita Kenny Drake

Willie Powell’s Autograph Album

#18-2, 2000

Drs. Octave J. and Marie M. Goffin by Anita Kenny Drake

Excerpts from Wasco and Sherman County Directory, 1898

#19-1, 2001

Married Women’s Separate Property Register

Civil War Veterans – Sherman County, Oregon compiled by Sherry Kaseberg

A Short History of the First Presbyterian Church, Moro, Oregon

Sherman County World War I Registration List of 1917 from Sherman County Observer, Moro, Oregon

Bryant Family Reminiscences by Elva Whealdon Bryant

The William Cullen Bryant Family by Jeffrey W. Bryant

#19-2, 2001

Westward Ho! The Hampton Family by Laura Jean Hampton Hevel

#20-1, 2002

Ralph Edwin Eakin, 1910-2001 by Joan Eakin Jaeger

Growing Up in Sherman County by Wilma Gentry Gale

Sherman County Newspapers compiled by Sherry Kaseberg and Chris Sanders 

#20-2, 2002

Sherman County Schools from the collections of Grace [May] Zevely, compiled by Sherry Kaseberg      

#21-1, 2003

Moro, Oregon from The Moro Leader 1898

Poem: The Little Town of Moro from The Moro Leader 1898

#22-1, 2004

Sherman County Red Cross Auxiliaries, Part One compiled by Chris Sanders

Marcy Paull by Mary Lou Dennis

Hard Times in 1935 [Starnes and Reese] by Penny Higley Eakin

Ruth Bryant’s Letters, Part One compiled by Sherry Kaseberg

#22-2, 2004

Ruth Bryant’s Letters, Part Two compiled by Sherry Kaseberg

Sherman County Red Cross Auxiliaries, Part Two by Chris Sanders

#23-1, 2005

May, Coffey and Zevely by Grace [May] Zevely

with Jean Zevely Anderson, Mary Zevely Fraser, Grace Zevely Busse, Grace Busse Zeamer and Eric Knudsen, compiled by Sherry Kaseberg

I Remember Playing with the DeMoss Band by Grace M. [Zevely] Busse


Murray by Virginia Sammy Murray Reynolds

Ross and Thompson  by Frances Ross Thompson

#25-1 2007

Birds … Treasures of Sherman County by Kathy Thompson

Courtship in the 1920s by Myrna Melzer

Joseph Weber 1940-2006 by Sheila Weber 

#25-2 2007

Bomber Crewman in North Africa by Howard Conlee

World War II in the Air Force by Bob Boynton

Lighter Than a Feather, The Saga of a Balloonatik by Thomas H. Fraser, Jr.

Sherman County Pilots by Tom Eakin

#26-1 2008

Before Electricity, Wind Power by Curly and Vada DeMoss and Nell Melzer

Sherman Changes by Brian Simantel 2007

Wind Power by Melanie Belshe, 2007

#26-2 2008

The Sherman County Connection [Rajneeshees] by Julie Reynolds

Bill Hulse, Wasco County Judge by Bill Hulse

A Land of Sheltered Promise by Jane Kirkpatrick

Keith Mobley, Antelope Attorney by Keith Mobley

Verne Mobley, Sr., Mayor of Antelope, 1979-1980 by Krista Mobley Coelsch

Margaret Hill, Mayor of Antelope, 1981-1982 by Margaret Hill with Julie Reynolds

Sandy Macnab, Agricultural Extension Agent by Sandy Macnab with Julie Reynolds

Sherman County Court with Julie Reynolds

Short Takes on Rajneeshpuram 

#27-1 2009 (floods & freezes)

#27-2 2009 (1964 flood, Moro area)

December 1964 Flood

1964 Christmas Flood from The Sherman County Journal 24 December 1964

Wasco & Moro

The End of the Railroad: The Effects of Railroad Abandonment on Agricultural Areas by John F. Due 

#28-1 2010 (fires, Moro area)

Harvest Time Fires by Donald D. Thompson

Short Takes on Fires

Starving Out Flames on Starvation Lane by Jane Kirkpatrick

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas 1929 by Eva Miller Bear

 #28-2 2010 (horses, Moro area)

Six Horses Hitched to the Moon, Tom Fraser’s Story by Tom Fraser, Jr.

Appaloosa Horses by Donald Dean Thompson

Carrying on the Tradition by Karen Thompson Umemoto

Then and Now: Some Things Never Change by Amanda Perisho

Fair Queens

Eighty Years and Going Strong, A Record of the Sherman County Fair

By Patty Moore

129 Years of Horses by Sharon Spencer 

#29-2 2011

The Bulls of Oregon by Tom Bull

1949 Moro Grain Elevator Fire by Joe Harvey

#30-1 2012

Sherman County Journal & Rural Newspapers by McLaren Stinchfield

Memories of a Sherman County Pioneer by J.A. Elder 1928

Pioneer Church Days by Harriet Nish 1927 Sherman County Observer

#30-2 2012

The Making of an Exhibit: The Sherman County Journal by Sherry Kaseberg

Old Barns in Sherman County by Carol MacKenzie

Bill Raymond Dies after Long Illness by Susan R. Smith

#31-1 2013

Doc Sanders, Veterinarian by Chris Sanders

#31-2 2013

Sherman County Journal – 100 Years by Frederick K. Cramer

#32-1 2014

County Seat: Kenneth, Moro or Wasco? by Sherry Kaseberg

Moro, 1898 from The Dalles Times-Mountaineer

#32-2 2014 (1964 flood)

50 Years Ago: The 1964 Christmas Flood by Kathy McCullough and Julie Reynolds

Oregon’s Top 10 1900s Weather Events

An Aerial Survey from The Oregonian

The Slaughterhouse Gulch Project: Reducing Soil Erosion by Sandy Macnab

Roads, Bridges and the Railroad by Dewey Thomas with Mark Fields

Analysis and Abandonment from Rails to the Mid-Columbia Wheatlands

Sherman County Roads from Minutes of the Sherman County Court

A Favorite Christmas by Nell Coats Melzer

Girls are More Precious than Trucks by Nancy Henrichs Simpson

A Watershed Event by Dean Ruggles

Terrible Erosion and Washed Out Bridges by John Hilderbrand with Mark Fields

A Sad Christmas by Roy Fanning

Digging Out and Mopping Up by Larry Kaseberg

Hell, High Water and a Memorable Christmas by Christie Welk

An Emergency Landing by Vada DeMoss

New Bridges Don’t Collapse by Sherry Kaseberg

In the Care of Friends by Grace Zevely Busse

Muddy Boots & a Baby Shower by Rex Brown

#33-1 2015

Model Sherman County Home from Sherman County Observer

Waterproofing the Kids by Forest Peters

Red Cross Water Safety Program: Part One by Sherry Kaseberg & Chris Sanders

#33-2 2015

Red Cross Water Safety Program: Part Two

“Young Athletes Branded With Range Marks of Ancestors, Other Stockman”

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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