Sherman County eNews #171

July 6, 2016


  1. John Day Dam’s Roosevelt Park: camping and boat ramp restricted during Yakama Indian Nation Pow-Wow July 15-17

  2. Weekly Unemployment Benefit Payments Increase

  3. Sherman County Emergency Services June Activity Report

  4. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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1.John Day Dam’s Roosevelt Park: camping and boat ramp restricted during Yakama Indian Nation Pow-Wow July 15-17

campingPORTLAND, ORE. — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will temporarily prohibit public camping and alcohol use at Roosevelt Park between July 15 and July 17 during the Roosevelt Pow-Wow. Officials stress that day-use areas will be congested during the annual Native American event.

During the event, the park and the boat ramp will be restricted to day-use only between 6 a.m. July 14 and 6 a.m. July 18, meaning no public camping will be permitted. During this time, the Corps recommends visitors seek alternative camping locations at the following sites:

Crow Butte Campground
PO Box 67, Paterson, Wash.

Plymouth Park
Christie Road, Plymouth, Wash.
877-444-6777 or Gatehouse 509-783-1270

Maryhill State Park
50 Hwy 97, Goldendale, Wash
Reservations: 888-226-7866

Peach Beach Campark, 89 Maryhill Hwy
Goldendale, Wash.

Boaters may use alternate boat ramps at Plymouth Park near McNary Dam, Umatilla Marina Park, Umatilla, Ore., and Crow Butte Park, Benton County, Wash., during those times when the Roosevelt dock and boat ramps are congested.

Members of the public are invited to attend the pow-wow as guests of the Yakama Indian Nation, however guests are asked to not display or consume alcohol at this event. For more information call the John Day-Willow Creek Project Natural Resource Management Office at 541-506-4807.

2. Weekly Unemployment Benefit Payments Increase

teamwork.gearsThe amount paid to people filing for unemployment insurance benefits has increased. The maximum weekly benefit amount someone can receive will increase from $567 to $590, while the minimum amount will increase from $133 to $138.

The change affects new unemployment insurance claims filed on or after July 3, 2016. Those with existing unemployment claims will continue to receive the same weekly amount they have been receiving.

Under Oregon law, each year the Oregon Employment Department recalculates the maximum and minimum amounts of unemployment insurance benefits people can receive each week. The amounts are set as percentages of the average weekly wage earned by Oregonians. The minimum benefit amount is 15% of average weekly wage, and the maximum amount is 64%. Both dollar amounts are rounded down to the nearest dollar as required by law.

Higher wage growth in 2015 resulted in a 3.8% increase to the minimum weekly benefit and a 4.1% increase in the maximum weekly benefit compared to a year ago.

3. Sherman County Emergency Services June Activity Report

emergencydial911red~ Shawn Payne, Sherman County Emergency Services

Sherman County Ambulance

June 2016 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
6/02 11:42 AM Bleeding From Mouth Wasco
6/02 10:21 PM Suicidal Male Rufus
6/03 8:19 AM Dislocated Jaw Rufus
6/06 3:57 PM Motor Vehicle Crash I-84  MP#101
6/09 7:27 AM Diabetic Emergency – Life Flight Rufus
6/10 2:14 PM Unknown Illness Rufus
6/11 12:40 PM Motor Vehicle Crash Semi vs. SUV US 97  MP#19
6/14 6:27 AM Motor Vehicle Crash Hwy 206  MP# 11
6/16 4:16 PM Agency Assist-Possible Diabetic Issue US 97  MP# 12
6/16 6:13 PM Choking Infant Pilot Station in Biggs
6/16 9:38 PM Chest Pain Moro Fire Station
6/17 6:34 PM Capsized Boat John Day River
6/20 10:02 PM Fall Victim Grass Valley
6/21 11:45 AM Fall Victim Rufus
6/22 7:02 AM Possible Kidney Stones Rufus
6/23 9:36 PM Structure Fire Standby Grass Valley
6/25 11:02 PM Chest Pain Grass Valley
6/26 12:57 PM Fall Victim Rufus
6/26 10:02 PM Severe Nose Bleed Giles French Park
6/27 6:40 PM Motor Vehicle Crash I-84  MP# 109
6/28 5:30 PM Chest Pain I-84  MP# 109
6/28 6:40 PM Heat Exposure Biggs Jct.
6/29 8:54 AM Abdominal Pain Rufus
6/29 9:35 PM Laceration to thigh Grass Valley

Moro Fire Department

June 2016 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
6-08 3:38 AM Lightening caused grass fire East of Higley Loop  Grass Valley
6-11 12:48 PM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 19
6-12   Water Standby for BLM Backburn East of Higley Loop  Grass Valley
6-14 6:25 AM Motor Vehicle Crash over 200 foot embankment Hwy 206  MP#12
6-14 12:20 PM Assist Tow Company with Vehicle Retrieval Hwy 206  MP#12
6-22 3:04 AM Grass Fire Hwy 206  MP# 13
6-23 10:06 PM Structure Fire 62529 Blagg Ln.  Grass Valley
6-30 8:02 PM Mutual Aid for Celilo Fire Celilo & Moody Road

4. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do


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