Sherman County eNews #147


  1. Celebrating the Columbia River Highway Centennial – Part Two
  2. Library Book Club, June 21 
  3. “Sticks in Stacks” at Sherman County Public/School Library Thursday, June 9.
  4. Author Talk: Building the Columbia River Highway – They Said it Couldn’t be Done
  5. When No One is Looking
  6. Strengthening Families Program to Start, Sept. 26
  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

The Observer, Moro, Oregon, reported, July 9, 1915, that the first party, H. A. Moore and wife and Harry Moore and wife and Gladra Watkins, to come to Sherman County over the Columbia River highway made the trip in 8 hours, 12 if counting for car troubles.

1.Celebrating the Columbia River Highway Centennial – Part Two

Car.PremierHere’s a great package put together by Ted Burney at ODOT: (Great shot of Thomas Lauderdale at the keyboards and everyone singing!) Feel free to share in your social media!

Check out this Bike Portland story – lots of photos! (Bike Portland has over 100K readers locally, regionally, nationally).

Outstanding Oregonian/Oregonlive story: (Nice callout to the Wyden/Merkley resolution.)

Oregonian/Oregonlive photos:

Portland Tribune:Happy 100th, Columbia River Highway!”

Portland Monthly:

Related by Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum:

WAAAM celebrates highway’s 100th

2. Library Book Club, June 21 

bookStackThe Library Book Club will be meeting at 6:00 p.m., June 21. Please join us for discussion of “The Lake House” by Kate Morton, even if you haven’t read the book! To request a hold on a copy, e-mail or call 541-565-3279.

3.  “Sticks in Stacks” at Sherman County Public/School Library Thursday, June 9.

books.boySocial crafting starts at 6:00 p.m. every Thursday. Instructional assistance for knit, crochet, and spinning will be available at 7:00 p.m. Bring your knitting, crochet, spinning, quilting, or cross-stitch projects. All fiber arts are welcome.
For further information about this program please contact Sherman County Public/School Library at (541) 565-3279 or email

4. Author Talk: Building the Columbia River Highway – They Said it Couldn’t be Done

WHO: Author Peg Willis

WHAT: Author Talk on the Historic Columbia River Highwy

WHERE: Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum, Hood River

WHEN: 2nd Saturday,  June 11, at 1 p.m. 


An Artist’s Dream, an Engineer’s Nightmare – Join Author Peg Willis at WAAAM June 11 for a Talk on the Historic Columbia River Highway.

When nine-hundred-foot ice age floods carved the Columbia River Gorge through the Cascade Mountains to the sea, little space was left for man to form a highway of his own. It took an artist-poet-engineer extraordinaire to conquer this reluctant piece of real estate and produce the nation’s first scenic highway. In addition to some lesser known heroes of the day, you’ll meet Sam Hill, the mover and shaker, and Samuel Lancaster, the polio survivor, who turned modern engineering on its ear to create a “poem in stone.” Today, Oregon’s historic Columbia River Highway is hidden among the trees, where it meanders past spectacular waterfalls and dramatic views. Ride along with Peg Willis as she explores the beginnings of this miracle highway and the men who created it.

5. When No One is Looking

How would you describe your own character? What do we mean when we use that particular word? Today, let’s talk briefly about “character.”

If someone was described to you as having a fine character, would you know what that meant? There is a good chance that you would. You would probably understand that the subject was moral or ethical strength – what some people call integrity.

But how do you know when someone – even yourself – has good character? Well, for one thing, you can see the evidence. Character is revealed in our actions, in the values that we live by. It begins building in early life, in our family. If we are loved and accepted, if we are consistently treated with respect, we grow up free from the burden of trying to prove our worth, free to develop integrity of character. Schools, churches and workplaces can help build character too – positively or negatively.

Some folks believe that people also shape their own character. If you would like to do this in a more conscious way, you can start by asking yourself: “What are some qualities I value?” Do they include honesty, compassion, discipline, perseverance, kindness, courage, forgiveness, and enthusiasm?  There are others you will think of, as well.  Now, what are some actions you could take which would demonstrate those qualities? What could you do to build these qualities into your own character, so that behaving in these ways becomes second nature?

Character could be defined as, “who you are when no one is looking.” As you think about these things, remember that there is a great deal of information available to help you. Search your local online bookseller and you will find hundreds of thousands of philosophy titles. Libraries of all kinds have whole sections devoted to philosophy.

And if you look deep enough, you will find a wealth of information inside you. ~ The Pacific Institute

6. Strengthening Families Program to Start, Sept. 26


7.  Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do


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