Sherman County eNews #97


  1. Sherman Athletic Schedules, Updated

  2. Notice: Sherman County Court Work Session, April 19

  3. Retired Educators Meeting & Program, April 19

  4. Sherman County Photography Club, April 25

  5. Sherman County Court Notes, April 6

  6. Sherman County Court (draft) Agenda, April 20

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Sherman Athletic Schedules Updated

  • Monday, April 11 Tennis at Stevenson 4
  • Tuesday, April 12 Baseball at Culver 4
  • Friday, April 15 Baseball vs. Culver (DH) at Sherman 2
  • Friday, April 15 High School Track at Pendleton 2

2. Notice: Sherman County Court Work Session, April 19

The Sherman County Court will hold a Work Session on April 19, 2016, from 9 a.m. – 12:00 noon in the Circuit Courtroom. The Court will be meeting with the Courthouse Facilities Advisory Committee and Hennebery Eddy Architects to review schematic design of the new and existing courthouse facilities.

3. Retired Educators Meeting & Program, April 19

Unit 20, Oregon Retired Educators, will meet at noon Tuesday, April 19th, at the Clock Tower Ales in The Dalles.  The program will be presented by Cal McDermid, Executive Director at Ft. Dalles Museum.  George Clark will offer the raffle basket, a fundraiser for our scholarship.  Merrijo Gredler is the hostess.  All persons interested in education are encouraged to attend.

4. Sherman County Photography Club, April 25

camera.35mm.blueThe Sherman County Photography Club will meet Monday, April 25 at the Sherman County Public/School Library. Come and learn tips for creating photo books with Shutterfly. Also, get ideas on how to frame your favorite photo.

5. Sherman County Court Notes, April 6

~ By Administrative Assistant Lauren Hernandez

(A brief summary of topics addressed – not official minutes. For details, please see the official approved minutes posted after the April 20th Court session on the Sherman County website at

The Sherman County met in regular session on April 6th, 2016, and in conducting the business of the county,

  • received quarterly reports from Amber DeGrange, Juvenile Director; Marylou Martin, Sherman County Public/School Library; Shandie Johnson, Prevention Coordinator; and Mark Coles, Road Master;
  • heard from Rod Asher, Weed District Director, a request for adding a full-time position to the Weed District; funding has been found through various grant and contribution sources to fund this position, and Rod reported Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife feels the grant will most likely be funded each year to continue supporting the position; the Court came to the consensus to support the establishment of a full time Lower Deschutes River Cooperative Weed Management Area Coordinator; this will be discussed during Budget Committee;
  • heard from Debbie Hayden, Finance Director, the county’s insurance provider recommended a program the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers to alert the county to any activity on an employee’s driving record including name and address changes; every quarter, employee driving records are already checked through the Law Enforcement Data System free of charge; the DMV system will cost an enrollment fee, $2 to add an employee, and $2 to remove an employee; the current system is adequate and the Court agreed to continue using it;
  • held a discussion about internet access; Commissioner Smith explained linking to fiber has improved internet speed, though not as much as hoped for due to many choke points identified in the system; Day Wireless is working to fix these; residential daytime usage of the system is higher than expected, so to help increase internet speed at the school during school time, residential data has been capped during the day when school is in session and is uncapped during the evening; data was capped at the current rate of usage, so the cap should have little to no impact on residents; this is only a temporary fix; a piece of equipment on the system is being replaced in the next few weeks that will open up even more speed; a back-up system will need to be created for fiber, and that system could be used now using the antennas the county upgraded with in order to increase internet speed to the school until fiber is in place; the Court clarified fiber will be run by the school regardless of if the school chooses to use it or not; discussion was held about Frontier Telenet and its relation to the school, E-Rate dollars, and the school district attempting to pull out of the North Central Education Service District;
  • heard a brief update from Joel Madsen, Mid-Columbia Housing Authority; toured the Wasco Annex building and site with Joel and discussed the future possibility of housing;
  • entered into Executive Session according to ORS 192.660 (2) (h) Legal Rights and ORS 192.660 (2) (i) Personnel;
  • accepted a letter of resignation from Shandie Johnson as Local Community Advisory Council Coordinator, effective immediately;
  • accepted a letter of resignation from Rene’ Moore as Biggs Service District Administrator, effective May 31, 2016;
  • approved the appointment of, as a new Director to the Sherman County Watershed Council, Josh Macnab (North Sherman Watershed) for a term of four years to expire December 31, 2019;
  • approved the Discretionary Bus Application Package Grant in the amount of $121,135.50 as submitted and recommended by the Transportation Coordinator;
  • recommended to the Budget Committee a contribution matching last year’s amount in support of the tourism activities of the John Day River Territory;
  • appointed Karl Richter and Delores Richter to the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization Community Advisory Council;
  • authorized the expenditure of up to $750, to be taken from the maintenance fund, to repair the grinder pump located east of the Highway 30 bridge in Biggs;
  • approved the Sherman County Oregon Youth Conservation Corps job descriptions for the Crew Supervisor, Jr. Crew Supervisor, and Corp Member, and the Student Contract, as updated;
  • accepted the bid for the surplus Bowflex Revolution Home Gym from Curtis Mason in

6. Sherman County Court (draft) Agenda, April 20

Agenda April 20 2016_Page_1

Agenda April 20 2016_Page_2

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do


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