Sherman County eNews #69


  1. Sherman County Classified Employees Appreciation Week

  2. A Call for Entries | Sherman County Public/School Library Art Gallery

  3. Commentary: Last Chance for America? 

  4. Senator Ron Wyden | Opiods

  5. Spring Break at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, March 19-April 10

  6. Women’s Expo Postponed

  7.  Links

1. Sherman County Classified Employees Appreciation Week

2016 Classified Staff Appreciation Letter - Wes Owens.jpg

2. A Call for Entries | Sherman County Public/School Library Art Gallery

a call for entries

Sherman County Public/School Library


a bi-monthly art exhibition

(to be displayed on the gallery wall in the Library foyer).

April 6 – May 31

“Between the Lines”


Open to artists and residents of Sherman County.

Each artist may submit a maximum of 2 entries.



All 2-dimensional media will be considered (drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, collage, textile arts, etc.).

Entries must be recent, original works (no copies, patterns, etc.).

Artwork must be suitably prepared for display; framed, wired, ready for hanging as appropriate; (please, no easel-back props on frames).


Artwork is to be submitted April 4 – 6 during Library hours.

The show will be juried and hung on April 6.

The show will open on April 6 and close on May 31.

Artwork is to be picked up May 31 – June 4 during Library hours.


A juror will select the pieces to be included in the show using standard criteria (quality, adherence to the theme, space constraints, etc.).

While every precaution will be taken to protect entries from damage or loss, artwork is not insured by Sherman County Public/School Library.


Jeanney McArthur

Sherman County Public/School Library

65912 High School Loop

Moro, Oregon 97039


3. Commentary: Last Chance for America? 

~ Thomas Sowell, Town Hall March 3, 2016

The worst political blunder of all time, according to scientist Freeman Dyson, was the decision of the emperor of China in 1433 to cut off his country from the outside world. In the wake of that decision, China lost its position in the forefront of human achievements and fell behind, over the centuries, to become a Third World country.

Before the end of this month, the United States of America may break that record for the worst political blunder of all time. Professor Dyson attributed the Chinese emperor’s blunder to “powerful people pursuing partisan squabbles and neglecting the long-range interests of the empire.” That can be our path to disaster as well.

After the results of “Super Tuesday,” we find ourselves with front-runners in their respective parties who each could, as President of the United States, take the decline of America under the Obama administration, even further down, to a point of no return.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was in charge of the foreign policy that destroyed governments in Egypt and Libya that were no threat to America’s interests or allies, and plunged both countries into a turmoil from which only Egypt managed to rescue itself, while Libya has become another hotbed of terrorist activity.

Yet Secretary Clinton is running on her “experience” — even though it is an experience of unmitigated disasters for America, around the world. Her e-mail scandals and lies are important mainly as symptoms of her utter disregard of anything other than her own financial and political interests.

While Hillary Clinton seems, for all practical purposes, to be unstoppable in her quest for the Democrats’ nomination, Donald Trump is by no means inevitable on the Republican side. But he may become unstoppable after the next round of primaries, especially if he wins in winner-take-all states.

Most of Trump’s wins in various state primaries have been achieved without winning a majority of the votes. Yet these wins can create an impression of great victories, even when most Republican voters voted against Trump. The fracturing of the majority vote among numerous other candidates is the key.

What prevents the anti-Trump majority from coming together in support of one candidate who can defeat Trump? Only the kinds of narrow political squabbles that ruined China.

Senator Ted Cruz has the best track record against Trump, having beaten him in three states, even with the majority vote split among several candidates. But the Republican establishment would prefer Senator Marco Rubio, who has won only one state and is trailing in the polls in his home state of Florida.

Perhaps most important of all, there are signs that — if push comes to shove — the Republican establishment would prefer Trump himself to Ted Cruz.

Why? Because, despite Trump’s reckless rhetoric and shallow reasoning, he is a deal-maker who will not let principles stand in the way of anything that promotes the ego of Donald Trump.

Senator Cruz, on the other hand, has repeatedly defied the Republican leadership in the Senate. Whatever the merits or lack of merits of his actions in particular cases, he has clearly shown himself not to be one of those who go along to get along.

Former president Jimmy Carter has criticized Senator Cruz for not being “malleable.” No one was more “malleable” in the face of America’s enemies than Jimmy Carter, both when he was president and after he left office, and cozied up to Communist dictators in Cuba and North Korea. We don’t need that kind of malleability in a President of the United States.

Even if we accept the criticism of Senator Cruz’s political enemies and critics that he is “opportunistic,” that charge loses some of its sting if he becomes President of the United States. What greater opportunity is there for him at that point? Becoming a great president, which is certainly what this country needs.

Perhaps a political near-death experience thus far will sober up both Cruz and his opponents into a realization that their cooperation is the only thing that makes sense for the country.

But politicians do not always do things that make sense for the country, whether in 15th century China or 21st century America. But we will know the answer to that question by the end of this month. And generations yet unborn may have to live with the consequences of that answer.

4. Senator Ron Wyden | Opiods

American flag1

5. Spring Break at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, March 19-April 10

Kids receive free museum admission during Oregon and Washington Spring Break with paid adult admission from March 19 through April 10 at Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, 5000 Discovery Drive, The Dalles, Oregon. Enjoy the Kids Explorer room craft activities, and a fun scavenger hunt. See the new Frémont exhibit, and live raptor presentations. The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, phone (541) 296-8600 ext. 201, or visit

6. Women’s Expo Postponed

The Women’s Expo is being postponed until this fall. We did not have enough interest to warrant holding the event. We appreciate those who expressed interest in supporting the event. We’ll announce the date later this summer. Questions? Call 541-298-8533. Please pull any announcements that you may be running at this time. It would be great if you could change the announcement to being postponed until this fall. THANK YOU for your help!


7. Links

 The information and views expressed here are not necessarily those of the editor. Rather, we are sharing what is offered at this stage of the political decision-making process and a wide range of topics of interest.

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