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1. Spiritual Matters: Using Our Imaginations

When the Sherman County Public Jr/Sr High School Library advertised the theme for their next Art Show was to be “Imagine This,” I immediately thought of “World Peace.”

About that same time our grandson Knox’s short story was published in his school’s e-newsletter. His assignment had been to create a superhero.  His school had also been studying peace. Knox invented a superhero named “Friendship Man.”  Here is his story:

Friendship Man

“If I had a super power it would be to make sure everyone had a friend.  I’d find someone without a friend. I would find someone else without a friend and put them together.  I think that would be peaceful because then no one would be left out.  That would promote peace because people would feel good.  It would be awesome!” –Knox Carrato, age 9.

I was amazed that this young boy had figured this out!  I hope all of our children and grandchildren are thinking about bringing peace into the world.

The focus of the Baha’i Faith is to establish peace on earth, and provides divine guidance for how to make it happen.

The Founder of the Faith, Baha’u’llah, said God…

“…desire(s) but the good of the world and the happiness of the nations … that all bonds of affection and unity between the sons of men should be strengthened; that diversity of religion should cease and differences of race be annulled — and so it shall be; these fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away and the most great peace shall come. Is not this that which Christ foretold?”

I followed my instinctive response to the theme “Imagine This” by creating a painting about world peace.  It is currently on display at the Library in Moro if you’d care to see it.

I am reminded of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”…

“I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will live as one.”

The Baha’i Faith

Erling and Pat Jacobsen 1-800-22-UNITE


2. Classifieds (new or corrected)


THANK YOU, CENTRAL OREGON RANCHER for publishing Sherman County Fair photographs!




SERVER. Bob’s Texas T-Bone is looking for a professional and experienced server.

   -Must have reliable transportation and a flexible schedule.

   – Needs to have a current food handlers permit and OLCC permit.

   – Minimum wage plus tips

   – Excellent customer service skills

Please apply in person at Bob’s Texas T-Bone in Rufus. No phone please.   2/26

ASSISTANT PROVIDER. Immediate Assistant Provider position open at Little Wheats Day Care, Moro, Oregon. Flexible, part time hours 5-15 hours/week. Starting at $9.25/hr. For more information, requirements and application please call 541-565-3152, or stop by 409 Dewey Street between 7:30am and 12pm M-TH to pick up an application.  OPEN UNTIL FILLED. 2/26



CHINA HUTCH: China Hutch $250 OBO!! You haul for full price or decent offer we will bring it to you if you are in The Dalles, Goldendale, or Sherman County area. 55″ Long, 72.5″ Tall, 20″ Deep. One window has a small piece of glass broken out of the corner (which you can’t see at first glance). Decent condition, sturdy. Call Kara Lanthorn at 541-993-3012 or email at

SERVICES: [home, personal, appliance, landscape, fencing, cleaning, maintenance, janitorial, computer, construction, sewing, repairs, transportation, media, pre-school, day care]

BOOKKEEPER. There’s a new bookkeeper in town! Lisa Miranda is not new to the area. She lived in Sherman County as a teenager and she is back in Rufus and looking to fill a couple of available slots she has open for new clients. She is a professional bookkeeper with over 20 years of experience with A/P, A/R, Payroll, Spreadsheets, and Journal Entries, and she has several versions of QuickBooks. Lisa is a great organizer and problem solver so if you have a shoebox full of receipts and statements you need gone through, she’s definitely your Girl Friday! She has excellent references and a wonderful resume listing all of her experience, which includes construction, advertising, and medical, just to name a few. If you are in need of a bookkeeper or know of someone who does, please contact Lisa for a list of her references and her resume, as well as her fees, which include affordable hourly and monthly rates. ~ Lisa Miranda  2/19

SHERMAN COUNTY BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Sherman County businesses & services may be listed on the Sherman County website at under agri-business by town. Please contact Sherman County Administrative Assistant Lauren Hernandez



Agri-Times Northwest – twice-monthly

The Dalles Chronicle

The Goldendale Sentinel | 117 W. Main St., Goldendale, WA 98620 (509) 773-3777 | |

The Times-Journal – a weekly serving Wheeler, Gilliam & Sherman counties, P.O. Box 746, Condon, OR 97823 | 541-384-2411 $35/year

Wheeler County News. Print Newspaper & Online Advertising. PO Box 190, Spray, OR 97874. Out-of-County subscription: $30/year. In-County: $24/year.




Sherman County Fair Board Board Vacancy. Sherman County Fair Board is accepting letters of interest for board vacancy. Letters should include your experience with ours or other county fairs, (how you have been involved or have helped out at a fair, including your number of years), your other community involvement outside of the fair, and your area of strengths that can be added to our team. Some requirements include attending monthly board meetings, committing to extra time and work days in the month of August. Attendance of additional work days, meetings and trainings as they happen. One must be a resident of Sherman County. Board vacancy open until filled. Letters need to be mailed to Sherman County Fair, P.O. Box 45, Wasco, OR  97065 or e-mailed to Letters must be received by the first Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month. Further info can be obtained by contacting the Fair Board Secretary @ or 541-980-1821.


RENTAL HOUSE. Azure Standard employee looking for two-or-three bedroom rental house in Moro or Wasco. She has the cash in hand to get started. She needs at least 2 bedrooms but could also use three. Contact Andrea Henricksen, Warehouse Administrative Manager, Azure Standard, 500 Azure Ln | Moro OR 97039 | Ph. 971-200-8351 Ext. 126 |




HOUSE. For rent in Moro, 3 bedroom house. Approximate move in date, by/around February 1st. Rental references are required and will be checked. For additional information and to submit your name to the list, please e-mail or call 541-980-1821 or 541-993-4400 after 5:00 p.m.

3. Calendar (new or corrected)


2-March 31 Bi-Monthly Art Exhibition, Just Imagine, Sherman Library

19-20 Big Sky District Basketball | Madras High School

20 Theatre Presentation: Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe 11 Sherman Library

20 Bridal Show 11-4 Civic Auditorium, The Dalles

20 Wasco County Original Courthouse History Forum 1:30

20 OSU’s Small Farms Agricultural Conference

21 Weed and Disease Workshop for Cereal Producers 8-4:30 The Dalles

21 Sherman Little League Registration 2-2:30 Wasco Annex

22 Sherman Photography Club meeting at Sherman Public/School Library.

22-24 National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, Washington, DC

23 Winter Blues, Season Affective Disorder Workshop 5-6 Sherman Library

23 Sherman Booster Club Meeting 6:30 Sherman Public/School Library

24 Sherman Little League Registration 6:30-7:30 Wasco Annex

24 Business, Colleges & Universities Meeting re: Internships 6:30 Hood River

25 Happy Birthday, Gilliam County! February 25, 1885

25 Happy Birthday, Sherman County! February 25, 1889

25 Sherman County’s 127th Birthday Party 2-3 Circuit Court Room, Courthouse

25 Republican Debate | Texas – CNN

25 Sherman Fair Board Work Session 4:30 Burnet Extension & Research Building, Moro

27 Wasco County Original Courthouse History Forum 1:30

27 Great Electrifying Bonneville Lock and Dam 10-4 Washington Shore Visitor Center

27 Antique & Collectibles Auction, Prineville


1 Sherman County School District Surplus Sale

1 Oregon’s New Speed Limits Begin on Select Highways

1 Sherman County Court Planning Session 9-5

1-31 Bi-Monthly Art Exhibition, Just Imagine, Sherman Library

2 Sherman County Court & Compensation Board 9

3 Frontier Digital Budget Subcommittee Meeting 9 NCESD

5 Public Auction Farm & Ranch Collection – Powell Butte

8 Sherman School District Career/College Info Night 6 SJSHS Room 3

9 Democratic Debate | Miami, Florida – Univision/Washington Post

10 Republican Debate | Florida

13 Daylight Saving Time Begins

15 Frontier Digital Board Meeting 1 Condon

15-July 4 Maryhill Museum The Big Painting Show

15 – Nov. 15 Maryhill Museum George E. Muehleck, Jr. International Chess Sets Gallery

15 – Nov. 15 Maryhill Museum American Art Pottery from the Fred L. Mitchell Collection

15 – Nov. 15 Maryhill Museum Maryhill Favorites: Animal Kingdom

15 – Nov. 15 Sam Hill and the Columbia River Highway

17 St. Patrick’s Day

18 Deadline | Sherman County Uplands Restoration Project

19 Grass Valley Easter Egg Hunt & Skate Party 10

19 High Desert Friends of NRA Banquet & Auction | Bend

20 First Day of Spring

27 Easter

25 Good Friday


6 Sherman County Court 9

8 Wasco-Sherman Bull Tour, Wasco

12 Tri-County Mental Health Board Meeting 11-2 The Dalles

12 North Central Public Health District Board Meeting 3 The Dalles

13 Sherman County Senior & Community Center Advisory Group 12:30

13-14 Sherman County Budget Meetings

15 Earth Day

20 Sherman County Court 9


8 Mother’s Day

21 Armed Services Day

30 Memorial Day


14 Flag Day

18 Vada’s 90th Birthday Celebration TBA

19 Father’s Day

20 First Day of Summer


4 Independence Day

16 – Nov. 15 Maryhill Museum American Indian Trade Blankets 



5 Labor Day

22 First Day of Autumn


10 Columbus Day


6 Daylight Saving Time Ends

8 Election Day

11 Veterans Day

24 Thanksgiving


7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

21 First Day of Winter

24 Christmas Eve

25 Christmas

31 New Year’s Eve