Sherman County eNews #42


  1. Pig Raffle | Preschool Fundraiser
  2. Hansell / Oregon Potato Commission to Celebrate Second Annual Spud Day
  3. Grass Valley 1st  Baptist Church Spring Fling, March 5
  4. Keith Danielson Horsemanship/Obstacle Clinic, May 7-8
  5. Meeting and Process Facilitation Workshop, Feb. 20, March 12
  6. Flagger Certification Course
  7. Links



1. Pig Raffle | Preschool Fundraiser

The North Sherman Preschool is putting on a fundraising raffle. $5.00 a ticket gives you the chance to win a whole hog for your freezer. The Pig donated by Williams Ranch, the cut-and-wrap donated by the Wasco Market, curing fees paid. Just win it and pick it up! Get your tickets at the Wasco Farm Store, the Wasco Market, the Goose Pit, Gorge Outfitters Supply, Bulldog Diner, Family Market, or  Huskey’s 97 Market. The drawing will be held February 16th at 12:00. Thanks for your support.         2/16

2. Hansell Partners with Oregon Potato Commission to Celebrate Second Annual Spud Day

Salem, OR – As part of the Governor’s Food Drive to raise food and money for the Oregon Food Bank, Senator Bill Hansell (R-Athena), in partnership with the Oregon Potato Commission and Farmers Ending Hunger, is pleased to sponsor the second annual Spud Day at the Capitol.


“Today, we celebrate the rich heritage of farming and agriculture throughout our great state,” Hansell said.  “Not only does Oregon agriculture feed Oregon citizens, it is our second largest export around the world.”


To honor this rich heritage, Senator Hansell spoke about the importance of agriculture in rural Oregon while on the Senate Floor, while also presenting every Senator with a bag of potatoes grown either in Malheur County or the Klamath Basin and a two pound bag of Hermiston onions.


While the Senate conducted its daily floor session, a semi-truck arrived at the Capitol carrying 61,000 pounds of potatoes.


“I find that if we are able to show legislators from the urban areas of our state the value of rural Oregon agriculture, they are better able to understand the issues when we speak about them on the Senate Floor,” Hansell said. “These potatoes, donated by Farmers Ending Hunger, will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank in Portland so they can be distributed statewide.”


At 11:30 the Oregon Potato Commission began serving Baked Potatoes to anyone in the Capitol as a way to promote agriculture and potato farming in the state.


“We really appreciate Senator Hansell’s advocacy for the Oregon potato industry and agriculture in general,” said Bill Brewer, Executive Director of the Oregon Potato Commission.  “It is a pleasure for us to be a part of the activities in the capitol with him.”


Senator Hansell and the Oregon Potato Commission plan to partner with Farmers Ending Hunger again next year for additional donations to the statewide Oregon Food Bank.

3. Grass Valley 1st  Baptist Church Spring Fling, March 5

Grass Valley First Baptist Church Annual Spring Fling on Saturday March 5 at 6:30 will feature music by the Pearson Family Band from Trout Lake, Washington. They play violins, fiddles, big bass, guitars, piano and more.  The music is a collection of Bluegrass and Southern Gospel Christian Music.  Everyone is welcome:  Come join us for an evening of fun, fellowship & food Meat, Potatoes and Beverages are provided Please bring a salad, dessert and or side dish Babysitting provided Questions call Ree Ella von Borstel at 541-980-8678


4. Keith Danielson Horsemanship/Obstacle Clinic, May 7-8

cowboys2May 7th and 8th

Two day clinic hosted by Equine Mania

69358 Wheatacres Road, Wasco, Oregon 97065


Keith is a talented trainer, breeder and clinician from Hooper, WA. He has won numerous trail competitions and challenges, including several Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Races, Ride the West, and most recently the “All Around” in the Cowboy Mtn. Trail Challenge for two consecutive years, to name a few. You can learn more about him, his ‘plumb good horses’ and his clinics at


Whether you are looking to advance your horsemanship, compete, or just enjoy your horse more on the trails, the goal is to come away with that seemingly effortless ability to put your horse’s feet where you want, when you want. Keith teaches with patience and humor resulting in a better partnership between you and your horse. These clinics fill up quickly, so don’t miss out! 12 rider limit.

~ $325 ~per rider Audit Fees ~ $20 day or $25 weekend.

$40 haul in fee ~ $10 night stall ~ free dry camping.

Contact Carrie Kaseberg 541-980-7394 for sign-up and details.

5. Meeting and Process Facilitation Workshop, Feb. 20, March 12

 Columbia Gorge Community College is offering a Meeting and Process Facilitation workshop. This course is for teams, community volunteers, managers, supervisors, and anyone who wants to contribute to or lead productive, participatory meetings and processes. Participants build skills to facilitate meetings, design purpose frameworks, and learn about convergent and divergent thinking, game-storming, and more.


Class meets two Saturdays, 2/20 and 3/12, from 9 to 2:30. Cost is $130 and advanced registration is required. Please call Student Services at (541)506-6011 or online at

6. Flagger Certification Course


Columbia Gorge Community College is offering a flagger certification course on Tuesday, March 1. This course covers the fundamental principles of traffic control. This course meets the requirement of the Oregon Department of Transportation construction specifications with reciprocity with Washington, Montana & Idaho.


Class meets from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30p.m. Cost is $89 and advanced registration is required. Please call Student Services at (541) 506-6011 or online at

7. Links



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