Sherman County eNews #15

Table of Contents

  1. Notice: Sherman County School District OSBA Training Update
  2. Senator Jeff Merkeley: What I thought of the State of the Union
  3. Harney County Coyote Classic This Weekend
  4. Congressman Greg Walden: EPA Rules, Waters of the United States
  5. Little Wheats’ Fundraiser: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Jan. 30
  6. Republican Debates, Jan. 14
  7. Links


“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” –Article II, Section 1, Constitution of the United States, 1787

1.  Notice: Sherman County School District OSBA Training Update

The Sherman County School District OSBA Board Training that was scheduled for January 14, 2016 has been cancelled and will be scheduled for a later date.

2. Senator Jeff Merkely: What I thought of the State of the Union

American flag2Last night, President Obama gave his final State of the Union address. During the President’s speech, he reminded us of what we can and should be: a country of political and economic opportunity for all. I share the President’s vision for growing our middle class, and protecting our planet. The American dream is built on expanding opportunity for the next generation. This means guaranteeing all students access to higher education without crushing debt, innovating with new savings opportunities to create a more secure retirement future for all working Americans, and building a political and financial system that responds to the needs of the many rather than the few. America must also continue to display global leadership in taking on the climate change challenge. It’s critical not only to protect our planet for generations to come, but to create jobs and economic growth as a worldwide leader in renewable energy. The President emphasized some key priorities that we need to focus on as a nation in 2016. One of my priorities this year will be working to ensure a better, more equal America for all Americans. I was honored to have Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case that extended marriage equality to all 50 states, as my guest at the State of the Union last night. As the President said, this ruling on marriage equality embodies our great, unique strengths as a nation, and it was a tremendous moment of progress. But the fight for full equality for the LGBT community is not complete. Last year, I introduced the Equality Act because it’s incomprehensibly wrong that in many states a couple can marry in the morning and be evicted from their apartment or kicked out of a restaurant in the afternoon. The time has come to right that wrong. Congress must act and pass the Equality Act to ensure that all LGBT Americans have full rights in every aspect of their lives, and to make our democracy better for all. We’ve come a long way, but there’s more to do. I look forward to working with the President and my colleagues on these critical issues and moving our country forward.

3. Harney County Coyote Classic This Weekend ~ Harney County Sheriff

The 3rd Annual Harney County Coyote Classic will take place near Burns and Crane this weekend. This competition hunt will include at least 150-160 people in one-, two- and three-person teams who will be hunting on mostly private land in areas around Burns and Crane. They will hunt for 48 hours, from 7 p.m. Friday (Jan. 15) through 6 p.m. Sunday (Jan. 17). Throughout the weekend, as the competition is taking place, folks may hear gunshots or see spotlights at night. We want to reassure you that these are part of the lawful coyote hunt. The competition organizers have asked participants to stay off Sodhouse Lane. If you have safety concerns or questions, please call 541-573-3162. This line is not monitored 24 hours a day. If you feel you are in immediate danger, call 911.

4. Congressman Greg Walden: EPA Rules, Waters of the United States

American flag2

5. Little Wheats’ Fundraiser: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Jan. 30

child.girl child.boy Come cheer on your Sherman County Huskies as they take on Horizon Christian! Little Wheats, Inc. will be selling slow smoked, authentic pulled pork sandwiches from the concessions stands at the Sherman High School Basketball games on Saturday, January 30th, 2016.  It is sure to be a fun filled day! $5 per sandwich, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. while supplies last! We promise you won’t be disappointed.  Interested in donating?? Please contact Little Wheats, Inc. at 541-565-3152, PO Box 71, Moro, OR 97039.  Thank you in advance for your support!!!

6. Republican Debates, Jan. 14

Flags StarsFOX Business Network

Republican presidential primary debates on Thursday, January 14

  • moderated by anchors Trish Regan and Sandra Smith 6 p.m. ET
  • Moderators: Neil Cavuto and Anchor/Global Markets Editor, Maria Bartiromo

9 p.m. ET.

The debates, which are sanctioned by the Republican National Committee, will take place at the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center in North Charleston, South Carolina. They will follow a similar format to the network’s inaugural debate, focusing on economic, domestic and international policy issues.



7. Links Bird.Black.Envelope

 New regulations

Why the Government Owns So Much Land in the West

Nuclear’s Normal: Comparing Air Travel to Nuclear Energy

The Caucus System in the U.S. Presidential Nominating Process



Sherman County eNews #14


Table of Contents

  1. Notice: Sherman County School District Special Board Meeting, Jan. 14
  2. Pipes to swirl at Condon when Scots toast Robert Burns, heritage, Jan. 23
  3. Original Wasco County Courthouse Regional History Forum, Feb, 6, 13, 20 & 27
  4. History Tidbits: The Observer 1917
  5. Sherman High School Jr. High Boys & Girls Basketball Schedule UPDATE
  6. Interested in becoming a Master Gardener?

1.Notice: Sherman County School District Special Board Meeting, Jan. 14

The Sherman County School District Board of Directors will hold a Special Board Meeting at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, January 14, 2016 for the purpose of conducting OSBA School Board Training. This meeting will be held in the meeting room of the Sherman Jr./Sr. High School/Public Library.

2. Pipes to swirl at Condon when Scots toast Robert Burns, heritage, Jan. 23

bagpiper3The 19th annual Robert Burns Supper will be celebrated at Condon Saturday, Jan. 23, at the Condon Elks Lodge on Main Street. The tradition of honoring the Scottish heritage of the Greater Condon Area dates back originally to the mid-1950s, when weekend-long celebrations feted the then-aging Scots, the first generation of immigrants who had come from the homeland and settled in and around Condon. The celebrations then drew Scottish families from miles around to honor those who had heralded from Scotland.

The celebrations, revived about 20 years ago, still draw a crowd of Scotsmen from region-wide to honor the past generations and the traditions of the old country, including the poetry and memory of Scotland’s beloved poet, Robert Burns. The celebration each year is planned on the Saturday nearest the poet’s Jan. 25 (1759) birth date.

Pipers, drummers, and other participants are anticipated to come from Pendleton, Arlington, Redmond, Portland, Vancouver and the Carson, Wash. area to help the Condon community celebrate its Scottish heritage on the 257th anniversary of the birth of ‘Rabbie’ Burns. The celebration is in its 19th year as an organized event, and has become a favorite wintertime diversion at Condon.

The event features lively music from the ‘Old Country’, a traditional Scottish meal of ‘haggis, neeps and tatties,’ and anecdotes from the annuls of Scottish families who settled in the Greater Gilliam County area in the mid-to late 1800s. Area families of Scottish heritage are encouraged to search through their family lore for diaries, notes, photographs and other memorabilia, and to share the information at the gathering.

Featured this year will be the Chase-Couture-Fatland families who are represented in the Condon area, and representatives of those families will provide brief histories of their lineage.

It is anticipated that Andrew Jamieson of Condon will rise to the occasion once again as ‘spokesman’ for the popular poet, deceased now two and a half centuries, in reciting Burns’ most recited works at Burns Suppers, ‘To a Haggis,’ and one of his most animated poems, ‘Tam O’Shanter.’

Others are welcomed to perform readings, recitations and musical renditions of Burns’ works.

A shortbread contest has become a popular part of the event, with the top three winners singled out, but with unique prizes made available at all who enter. Details of the shortbread contest may be obtained by calling Jannie Allen, 541-571-9507.

The afternoon event, which begins at 2 p.m. with the program ending about 5 p.m., generally continues on into the evening with continued music from the pipers. Admission is $17 per person, $30 per couple, and tickets are available at the Times-Journal on Condon’s historic Main Street and will be available at the door. A limited menu of soup, sandwiches and salad bar will be available at the Elks Lodge dining room until into the evening.

For additional information, call 541-384-2421.  

3. Original Wasco County Courthouse Regional History Forum, Feb, 6, 13, 20 & 27






Programs begin at 1:30 p.m. in the upstairs courtroom

of the 1859 courthouse, 410 West 2nd Place, The Dalles

behind the Chamber of Commerce / Visitors’ Center


Saturday, February 6 

Rev. Henry K.W. Perkins:  Forgotten Wascopam Missionary

Robert Boyd’s program was a hit at last June’s Discovery Center presentation and is well-worth a repeat.  Dr. Boyd is author of “People of The Dalles:  the Indians of the Wascopam Mission” and other titles

dealing with Northwest Indian heritage.

Saturday, February 13 

The Dufur Mattress Factory:  Cotton Mattresses to Make or Buy

The Department of Agriculture found several solutions to a bumper cotton crop without a market during World War II. Local historian Sandy Bisset has come across interesting information and photos about a humble but welcomed household item produced right here in Wasco County under the auspices of the local OSU Extension Service office and facilitated by the local Granges.

Saturday, February 20 

Becoming Oregon:  From the Lewis and Clark Expedition

to the Lewis and Clark Exposition

West Linn educator Robert Hamm is remembered for his 2006 Regional History Forum program Mapping the West.His new book and this PowerPoint presentation draw upon his personal collection of historic newspapers and trace Oregon’s formative years.


Saturday, February 27 

Fairs, Rodeos, and Fort Dalles Riders

Linda Wilson follows up her 2013 program on women in rodeo competition with a look at the history of local horsemanship, exercised in rodeos and promoted by the Riders.

Coffee and cookies will be served.

Become a member of Original Courthouse & help preserve local history!

4. History Tidbits: The Observer 1917

January Notes: Jack Gibson bought the John Dunn place on the John Day River & Mr. Dunn moved into Moro. Sherman & Gilliam counties making plans to replace steel bridge at the foot of Cottonwood and build a new steel bridge at McDonald. Members fenced the Monkland Presbyterian church property.

5. Sherman High School Jr. High Boys & Girls Basketball Schedule UPDATE

Added one 8th grade boys game vs. Horizon at the Elementary school starting at 5:00 on Tuesday Jan. 26th.


Dec. 1 Tues. St. Mary’s St. Mary’s No Game 3:30 No Game 4:30
Dec. 7 Mon. Arlington Sherman Elem. 5:00 4:00 4:00 5:00
Dec. 12 Sat. ‘A’ Tourney Dufur No Game No Game 10:00 10:00
Dec. 15 Tues. Lyle/Wishram Lyle No Game No Game 5:00 4:00
Jan. 4 Mon. St. Mary’s Sherman Elem. No Game 4:00 No Game 5:00
Jan. 5 Tues. Dufur Sherman Elem. 5:00 4:00 4:00 5:00
Jan. 7 Wed. Dufur Sherman Elem. 5:00 4:00 4:00 5:00
Jan. 11 Mon. Horizon Hood River Cancelled Cancelled No Game Cancelled
Jan. 13 Wed. Condon Sherman Elem. 5:00 4:00 4:00 5:00
Jan. 14 Thurs. South Wasco Sherman Elem. 5:00 4:00 4:00 5:00
Jan. 19 Tues. St. Mary’s Sherman Elem. No Game 4:00 No Game 5:00
Jan. 25 Mon. Arlington Arlington 4:00








Jan. 26 Tues. Horizon Sherman Elem. No Game No Game No Game 8th Grade Only @ 5:00
Jan. 28 Thurs. Dufur Dufur 5:00 4:00 4:00 5:00
Feb. 1 Mon. Horizon Sherman Elem. Cancelled Cancelled No Game Cancelled
Feb. 4 Fri. South Wasco Maupin 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00
Feb. 13 Sat. Condon Condon 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00

Recent Changes

Cancelled Games


5/6 Girls Coach:        Talese Slay                 5/6 Boys Coach:         Tom Martin

7/8 Girls Coach:        Britney Macnab          7/8 Boys Coach:         Tracy Fields

Principal/AD:                        Bill Blevins                 Superintendent:            Wes Owens

 6. Interested in becoming a Master Gardener?


food.grapes.purpleAre you interested in becoming a trained Oregon State University Master Gardener? What does it take to become a Master Gardener? Learn more about who the Master Gardeners are, what the training is like, and if becoming a Master Gardener may be right for you!


To help you decide whether you should apply for the Master Gardener Training, see what you think about these six statements:

  • Gardening and gardens have always been of interest to me.
  • Anything I learn about gardening I like to share with others.
  • I would enjoy having a learning community to talk with about gardening issues.
  • Mystery things grow in my garden that I can’t identify.
  • I think bugs can be fun!
  • Nothing I plant seems to grow. If you find yourself agreeing with some of these statements, the Master Gardener Program may be perfect for you! If you would like to become a Master Gardener, please call or write to:Michelle Sager, Education Program Assistant400 E. Scenic Dr. Suite     
  • Master Gardener training classes are taught by OSU Extension agents and horticultural specialists. The program offers a basic, practical course in plant science and horticulture. Classes usually include: basic botany and plant physiology; pest identification and control methods; soil management and plant nutrition; and diagnosis and control of plant problems. Other general interest classes on such topics as lawns, greenhouses, desert gardening, vegetables, trees, and shrubs may be included depending on class interest. The actual course content and sequence will vary from year to year and will depend on local needs and interests. In Wasco County, classes are held on Wednesdays in February and March.

food.peasMaster Gardener Training

  • Some of the activities of Master Gardeners in Wasco County include The Dalles Imagination Garden (in the port area), NORCOR Greenhouse Project with youth, Spring Fair and Plant Sale, The Dirt Sheet monthly newsletter, and Plant Clinics at Wasco County Extension Office and at Fred Meyer’s garden section.
  • What a Master Gardener does will vary according to the needs of the Extension Service and the desires, skills, and availability of the Master Gardener. Some Master Gardeners staff plant clinics and help their communities answer gardening questions. Others teach workshops on interesting gardening topics, or help out in after-school garden clubs. Master Gardeners may also write articles for their local newsletters, serve on advisory committees, or assist with statewide activities such as the Master Gardner Mini-College that is held annually.
  • Master Gardeners are people interested in learning more about the art and science of growing and caring for plants in the garden, the landscape, and the home. In exchange for classroom instruction, Master Gardeners extend garden information to their communities. The Master Gardener commitment is to act as a volunteer staff person for the OSU Extension Service. Master Gardeners are not only knowledgeable gardeners, but they are educators as well!

Who are the Master Gardeners?

  • Applications are due Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Classes in The Dalles begin Wednesday, February 17, 2016
  • 541-296-5494
  • The Dalles, OR 97058
  • OSU Extension Service, Wasco County