Sherman County eNews #4


  1. U.S. Senator Ron Wyden Town Hall, Jan. 6
  2. Sherman Jr. High Basketball Updates!
  3. CORRECTION: Jump Start Healthy Living, Tuesday, Jan. 5
  4. Oregon Ranchers Report to Federal Prison
  5. Oregon Farm Bureau
  6. Links

1. U.S. Senator Ron Wyden Town Hall, Jan. 6


Please join your

United States Senator

Ron Wyden

for a

Town Hall Meeting


Sherman Junior/Senior High School

65912 High School Loop, Moro

Wednesday, January 6

at 10:00 a.m.

 If you have any questions, please call

Senator Wyden’s La Grande Office: (541) 962-7691

2. Sherman Varsity & Jr. High Basketball Updates!

  • Varsity Girls & Boys: Jan. 5th – Varsity girls at 5:00 and Varsity boys at 7:00.
  • Jr. High: St. Mary’s game is rescheduled for Jan. 19th for the same times.

3. CORRECTION: Jump Start Healthy Living, Tuesday, Jan. 5

Get together with others to encourage your healthy living goals!  Sign up for “Jump Start Healthy Living”, a free course held this month Tuesday evenings at the Sherman Extension office.  First gathering is Tuesday, January 4 at 6pm.  Learn research-based tips for weight loss and healthy eating…understand the stages of behavior change…set up your environment for healthy eating & an active lifestyle…and get cooking tips & healthy food samples.  Call Extension Office to save your spot 541-565-3230.

4. Oregon Ranchers Report to Federal Prison

SALEM,Ore., (01/04/2016) — Today, January 4, 2016 Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steve Hammond have left their homes to report to a federal prison. Both ranchers are faithful, long term Oregon Cattlemen’s Association members. Many have asked where the association stands on the Hammond’s predicament. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association has declared that they do not support illegal activity taken against the government but has, and will continue, to support the Hammonds via avenues that are in accordance with the law. John O’Keeffe, current president of the OCA, said the ranchers in Burns strive to work together with surrounding agencies. “The community of Burns and the ranchers there have been very resourceful in working together with agencies on many wildlife issues,” he said. “Furthermore, OCA does not support illegal activity taken against the government. This includes militia takeover of government property, such as the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.” OCA’s Executive Director, Jerome Rosa, pointed out that the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association has supported the Hammonds for some time and does not agree with their current re-sentencing. “OCA feels the Hammond’s situation is a classic case of double jeopardy. The Hammonds were tried and convicted by a jury of their peers and have already served their sentence,” Rosa said. Although the Hammonds have already been sentenced to additional prison time, OCA is continuing to work to find ways to support them. O’Keeffe mentioned several legal ways the organization is working to provide assistance. “We are circulating an online petition asking the White House to review the Hammonds case.” A link to the petition can be found the OCA website or on their social media channels. “In addition to clemency efforts, we are working through legal avenues to help the Hammonds get their BLM grazing permits restored,” said O’Keeffe. While the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association does not agree with the current legal action being taken against the Hammonds, OCA will continue to assist and represent the Hammonds solely through avenues that are in accordance with the law. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association was founded in 1913 and works to promote environmentally and socially sound industry practices, improve and strengthen the economics of the industry, and protect its industry communities and private property rights.

5. Oregon Farm Bureau



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