Sherman County eNews #385


  1. Sherman County School District Surplus Sale, Jan. 12
  2. Wasco Methodist Church Program, Dec. 20
  3. Moro Community Presbyterian Church Service, Dec. 24
  4. Democratic Debate, Dec. 19
  5. The Right to Choose Happiness
  6. Commentary: Legacy or bust
  7. Links

1. Public Notice: Sherman County School District Surplus Sale, Jan. 12


Sherman County School District Surplus Sale – Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sealed bidding will close at 2:00 p.m. with immediate announcement of bid results.

At the December 14, 2015 Regular Board Meeting of the Sherman County School District, the Board of Directors declared the following items to be offered as surplus:

1 – 1 ½ Horse Craftsmen woodshop bandsaw

1 – Delta dust collector 1 horse 120v

1 – Delta dust collector 3 horse 230v

2 – Smokeater air filtration system (please bid separately)

1 – Large metal axel grinder

The process of selling these surplus items will be done through a sealed bidding process. This allows for a fair and open sale for interested parties.  Bidders may view the items after January 4, 2016, by calling (541) 565-3500 or contacting Wes Owens at and making an appointment with Sherman County School District.

Sealed bids must be submitted using the official Bid Proposal Form that will be available at Sherman County School District office after Monday, January 4, 2016. Sealed bids must be received by Sherman County School District located at 65912 High School Loop, Moro, OR prior to 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. At 2:01 p.m. all bids will be read aloud in the meeting room of the Sherman County Public/School Library.

By bidding, a potential purchaser is confirming their acceptance of these terms and conditions;

  • All items are offered “As-Is” and “Where-Is” with no warranty or other guarantee as to its condition or fitness for any use or purpose;
  • Purchaser agrees to remove surplus items within seven (7) days of winning the bid;
  • Cash or checks will be accepted and must be made payable to Sherman County School District;
  • There shall be no refunds and all sales are final.

Sherman County School District reserves the right to reject any or all bids received, to award any or all of the various items to separate bidders, to waive any informalities in the bids, and to award as best serves the interest of the District and the Public.



2. Wasco United Methodist Church, Dec. 20


The Wasco United Methodist youth will perform their Christmas play on Sunday morning, December 20th.




3. Moro Community Presbyterian Church, Dec. 24

         CHRISTMAS  EVE                      


Thursday, December 24, 6:00 pm

Join Us for a Time of Celebration, Joy & Reflection!                                           

Enjoy the Carols, Special Music, Readings & Christmas Message!

Moro Community Presbyterian Church, 204 4th Street,  Moro, Oregon



4. Democratic Debate, Tonight, Dec. 19

The next Democratic debate is this Saturday at 8 pm Eastern. It will take place at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, and will air on ABC.  After this, there will be just one more debate before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries begin the actual voting in February 2016. So tune in now, before it’s too late.


How to watch

When: 8 pm Eastern – Saturday, December 19

Where: Saint Anselm College, Manchester, New Hampshire

TV: ABC Online: At, a free live stream will be available.



5. The Right to Choose Happiness


Has anyone ever told you it was wrong to feel proud of yourself or to be too happy?

What is bad about feeling good? Nothing at all. But there are some people who will try to get you to believe that you shouldn’t be too happy. They will tell you things like, “Pride goes before a fall,” or “Who are you to feel so good when there is so much misery in the world,” or even “If you show too much happiness, you are only tempting Fate to step in and slap you down.” They will say they are only telling you these things for your own good, and they will try to make you feel guilty if things go too well for you.


Now, they are not lying to you. They really believe that what they are telling you is the truth. But what you need to know that this is “their” truth, not “the” truth. You might even entertain the thought that it is a good idea to avoid people who try to rain on your parade.


You don’t have to live in a perfect world or be a perfect person to be happy. The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here, and the reasons to be happy are all around you. If you take a moment to look for them, they will make themselves known.

Happiness is a choice you make, not something that happens to you. When you choose to be happy, you become a light in the world and a source of comfort and inspiration. What is so good about feeling bad? Not a single thing. It is an unproductive “ripple” in the pond that is your life, and those ripples touch all you know and love. Why not choose happiness for yourself, and why not start today? ~ The Pacific Institute.

6. Commentary: Legacy or bust

By Charles Krauthammer


Last Saturday, Barack Obama gained the second jewel in his foreign policy triple crown: the Paris climate accord. It follows his Iran nuclear deal and awaits but the closing of Guantanamo to complete his glittering legacy.

To be sure, Obama will not be submitting the climate agreement for Senate ratification. It would have no chance of passing–as with the Iranian nuclear deal, also never submitted for the Senate ratification Obama knew he’d never get. And if he does close Guantanamo, it will be in defiance of overwhelming bipartisan congressional opposition.

You see, visionary thinkers like Obama cannot be bound by normal constitutional strictures. Indeed, the very unpopularity of his most cherished diplomatic goals is proof of their prophetic farsightedness.

Yet the climate deal brought back from Paris by Secretary of State John Kerry turns out to be no deal at all. It is, instead, a series of carbon-reducing promises made individually and unilaterally by the world’s nations.

No enforcement, no sanctions, nothing legally binding. No matter, explained Kerry on Fox News Sunday: “This mandatory reporting requirement . . . is a serious form of enforcement, if you will, of compliance, but there is no penalty for it, obviously.”

If you think that’s gibberish, you’re not alone. NASA scientist James Hansen, America’s leading carbon abolitionist, indelicately called the whole deal “bulls—.”

He’s right.


The great Paris achievement is supposed to be global “transparency.” But what can that possibly amount to when you can’t even trust the reporting? Just three months ago, the world’s greatest carbon emitter, China, admitted to having under-reported its burning of coal by 17 percent, a staggering error (assuming it wasn’t a deliberate deception) equal to the entire coal consumption of Germany.


I’m a climate-change agnostic. But I’m realistic enough to welcome prudent hedging against a possible worst-case scenario. I’ve long advocated for a multilateral agreement (unilateral U.S. actions being climatically useless and economically suicidal) negotiated with the most important players–say, India, China and the European Union–containing real limits, real numbers and real enforcement. That would be a genuine achievement.


What the climate-change conference produced instead was hot air, applauded by 196 well-fed participants. (Fourteen nights in Paris, after all.) China promises to begin reducing carbon emissions 15 years from now. India announced it will be tripling its coal-fired electricity capacity by 2030. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is effectively dismantling America’s entire coal industry.


Looking for guidance on how the U.S. will fare under this new environmental regime? Take a glance at Obama’s other great triumph, the Iran nuclear accord.

Does the American public know that the Iranian parliament has never approved it? And that the Iranian president has never signed it? Iran is not legally bound to anything. As the State Department freely admitted (in a letter to Rep. Mike Pompeo of the House Intelligence Committee), the deal “is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document.” But don’t worry. Its success “will depend not on whether it is legally binding or signed, but rather on the extensive verification measures” and our “capacity to reimpose–and ramp up–our sanctions if Iran does not meet its commitments.”


And how is that going?


On Nov. 21, Iran conducted its second test of a nuclear-capable ballistic missile in direct contravention of two UN Security Council prohibitions, including one that incorporates the current nuclear agreement–which bans such tests for eight years.


Our response? After Iran’s first illegal launch in October, the administration did nothing. A few words at the United Nations. Weren’t we repeatedly assured that any Iranian violation would be met with vigorous action?


It was obvious from the very beginning that the whole administration promise of “snapback” sanctions was a farce. The Iranians knew it. Hence their contempt for even the prospect of American pushback: two illegal missile launches conducted ostentatiously even before sanctions are lifted and before they receive their $150 billion in unfrozen assets early next year.


Why not? They know Obama will ignore, downplay and explain away any violation, lest it jeopardize his transformative foreign policy legacy.

It’s a legacy of fictional agreements. The proliferators and the polluters are not bound. By our own volition, we are.


Only Guantanamo remains. Within a month, one-sixth of the remaining prisoners will be released. Obama will not be denied.


Charles Krauthammer, who has won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary, writes for the Washington Post.


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